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Cebu Blue Pothos scientific name is Epipremnum pinnatum. This flowering plant is a member of the Araceae family and comes from the Epipremnum genus like other Pothos variations. However, you may have also seen its name as Cebu Blue Pothos Philippines Epipremnum pinnatum ceba blue is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Araceae. These are evergreen, perennial vines native to Cebu Island of the Philippines and commonly found in Asian, North Australian, and European countries. The Cebu Blue plant has two different forms Cebu Blue Pothos One of the most unusual types of pothos is the 'Cebu Blue' cultivar. The distinctive feature of this Epipremnum variety is its elongated heart-shaped leaves. Rather than having a rounded shape, the leaves have a lanceolate shape

Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue' Cebu Blue pothos is a distinctive selection that offers silvery-blue foliage. It's an easy-care houseplant that grows well with other pothos varieties Cebu Blue Pothos Scientific Name: Epipremnum Pinnatum The arrow-shaped leaves with bluish-green hues make it stand apart from other pothos varieties, hence the name Blue pothos. Its eye catchy foliage acts as a great conversation starter and emits a metallic glow at certain angles and lighting Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue' - Pothos 'Cebu Blue' Big thank you to Nikki from Lipstick Latitude for the pictures and help with this post. For more houseplants content check our plants & garden section or visit the homepage. Tags : Epipremnum aureum Golden Pothos Neon Pothos Pothos Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue' Indoor Length: 4-8 feet. Unlike other pothos, it has solid leaves. Although it does make up for it with the distinct glow of metallic sheen in the right lighting. Large blue-green leaves are arrow-shaped with natural splits Monogram & Name Necklaces Silver Pothos, Njoy, Cebu Blue, Neon, Tradescantia, Pick and Choose PlantVers 5 out of 5 stars (1,226) $ 2.50. Bestseller Add to Favorites Cebu Blue Epipremnum GreenHomeandGarden 5 out of 5 stars (168) $ 12.00.

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Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum If you are a novice gardener, this one is for you, as it's forgiving in nature. It's one of the most popular philodendrons with signature heart-shaped leaves. It can reach a length of around 4-6 feet indoors, and allowed to grow freely Cebu Blue Care — House Plant Hobbyist. Cebu Blue Care. Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu blue' is a pretty and popular variety of pothos with shiny, silvery-blue leaves that seem to sparkle in the right light. Trailing or climbing, Cebu blue is a beautiful addition to any indoor jungle, and it gets bonus points for being such an easy-care plant Take a look at the stunning form and color of 'Cebu Blue.' There is one type of Pothos that many people call Silver Pothos, but it actually is not a Pothos (Epipremnum genus). The plant commonly known as Silver Pothos is in the Scindapsus genus and there is such a striking difference in the foliage that I won't even comment on it Buy CEBU BLUE POTHOS (JUVENILE) in Quezon City,Philippines. CEBU BLUE POTHOS well rooted LUSH and trailing (6 stems) Grown in bright indirect sunlight Good soil medium Slow release Osmocote for fertilizer Chat to Bu

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  1. Its scientific name is Epipremnum Aureum, and it belongs to the family of Araceae. In the woods, Neon Pothos grows in subtropical forests, mostly in Asia and Australia. It proliferates because it can flourish in pretty dark places hence one of its famous nicknames, Devil's Ivy
  2. Purchased item: Philodendron and Pothos CUTTINGS Bundle - Micans, Cebu Blue, Exotica, Lemon Lime, Brazil, N'joy, Golden, Snow Queen, Neon, Marble Queen +. Heather Marie Nov 11, 2020. 5 out of 5 stars. Fast response and shipping. Cuttings were carefully packaged, and all seemed to have arial roots starting. They are sitting in water and fingers.
  3. Jade Pothos Totem. About Jade Pothos Totem My botanical name is Epipremnum aureum 'Jade' but I am more commonly known as J ade Pothos. I am native to Asia but I was grown in Florida and am so happy to be going to my new home. I have shiny, dark green heart-shaped leaves that are happily climbing up on on a six foot wood totem..
  4. This plant is related more to pothos, than it is to Monstera. Pothos is under Epipremnum genus just like the pinnatum. How to Take Care of Epipremnum Pinnatum. These tips are from my personal experience. I recommend that you also search for more info about the dragon tail plant. If you get cuttings, make sure each cutting has at least 2.
  5. A Pothos plant can also be trained to grow on a pole or trellis. Pothos plants are very efficient in cleaning the air of harmful chemicals. They are living air purifiers, removing common household toxins from the air, making it a healthy and beautiful addition for your space. Fun Fact. The leaves of a Pothos plant resemble a heart shape

Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue & Silvery Anne. PHP 975. Up for sale!!! EP Cebu Blue @ P475 + DF Trailing Silvery Anne @ P975 + DF Both plants are well rooted and stable. Planted in medium plastic pots with moss pole LOCATION: Batasan Hills QC MOP: Gcash/BDO/BPI. Ne Step 6: Planting and Growing the Pothos Cuttings. Fill a pot about 2/3 full with fresh potting soil and start placing the cuttings around the edges of the pot, adding soil as necessary to keep the cuttings in the right place. Then fill in the middle of the pot with cuttings and add more soil as needed. Water slowly and thoroughly, until the. Tropical philodendron birkins come from the Araceae family. Philodendron is a subcategory of this family. According to the University of Hawaii the Araceae family consists of 110 genera and 1800 species!. Other Philodendron are the Hearleaf Philodendron, Philodendron Gloriosum, Philodendron Selloum, Philodendron Pink Princess and the very rare Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

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  1. g back to a joint. To avoid legginess, regularly pinch back the stems by at least 25 percent
  2. A fun flowering houseplant, this variegated hoya has cream-splashed leaves and reddish-purple stems. Note: It's also sometimes called 'Krimson Princess'. One of the most unusual hoyas, this variety has tight, curled and twisted leaves that are variegated with golden yellow. It's also sometimes called Hindu rope plant

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