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  1. Zoysia Grass has been traditionally grown from vegetative or hybrid (no seed) varieties. Now that the seeded versions of Zoysia Grass are available people are planting these quality seeded Zoysia varieties in droves
  2. Mowing a Zeon Zoysia Lawn. Mow at 1.5 inches cutting height. Mow no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one mowing. Use sharp mower blades and catch and remove clippings. Can be mowed with rotary or reel mower. Less frequent mowing requirements (second only to Centipede) - mowing may be required on a 7-to-10-day interval
  3. Growing Zeon Zoysia. Time has come for me to start growing some ZEON !!! I have ordered some sprigs from Coosa Valley Sod Farm here in Alabama. Here is where I need some help. For anyone who has grown plugs from sprigs, What was your soil mix. I have been leaning towards 50% topsoil/ 10% sand/ 40% potting mix

Zoysia - Plant From Seed Zoysiagrass seed is usually planted in May or June. Keep in mind that it is typical to get only 75 percent coverage in the first year in full sun. Establishing zoysiagrass from seed in shade is fruitless Zeon can be easily maintained using a standard rotary type lawnmower All herbicides and fertilizers necessary for the maintenance of Zeon can be purchased at your local nursery or hardware store All herbicides used on other zoysia cultivars can be safely applied to Zeon Zoysia Certified Purity & Uniformit Zeon zoysia can be planted by sprigs or sod or seed. If you are planning to install either one, insist that the sod be Blue Tag Certified by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association (certifiedseed.org). This assures that you're getting the exact genetic grass you want, not something that looks similar

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Zeon ZoysiaBenefits It has a beautiful dark green color and soft leaf texture making it a true barefoot lawn grass. Zeon Zoysia's extensive root system allows it to quickly recover from drought, it can handle full sun, and has excellent shade tolerance only requiring as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight Because Zoysia grass seed can take a long time to germinate and establish itself, a cost-effective alternative to laying sod is to order and plant Zoysia grass plugs. These small (typically 2″ x 2″ or 3″ x 3″ blocks of soil with established Zoysia grass) sod plugs can be planted in bare spots in your yard the same way you'd plant any. Grassy weed postemergence* kills grassy weeds like crabgrass, dallisgrass, etc. Do not apply to drought-stressed zoysiagrass. Winter preemergence* prevents chickweed and other winter weed seeds from sprouting

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Zeon Zoysia is an improved zoysia grass cultivator developed to provide the landscape industry with a superior fine-bladed zoysia, with increased shade tolerance, low incidence of thatch production and an accelerated rate of spread. Zion is extremely low maintenance and can be mowed using a standard rotary type machine While most Z. japonica cultivars can only be propagated vegetatively, there are some cultivars that can be grown from seed. However, zoysia grows best from sprigs, plugs, or sod, even if seed is an option. Z. japonica is coarse and dense, so it can be difficult to mow Half Inch Tall Zeon Zoysia Ready For Install - (Photo Courtesy Bladerunner Farms) In fact here is a Zoysia video of one of the sod harvesting crews filling an order. When you order a new lawn from ZoysiaSod.com you will have fresh sod harvested, palletized and trucked to your house within 48 hours Zoysia (Zoysia spp.) is a warm-season grass, meaning it stays green during the summer and tends to lose its color in winter. While you can lay Zoysia sod any time of year, it takes longer to root than other grass sods so it's best to give it plenty of time to get established before cold weather arrives in autumn

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  1. Dig up zoysia from your lawn, removing as much of the root system as possible. Zoysia can regrow from small roots left in the soil, so pulling out the grass may compound the issue. Mow at a taller height to help shade out zoysia. Fescues can be mowed from 3-3.5, while zoysia should be mowed at 1-2
  2. If you can't get enough sunlight for zoysia, we will show you the honest evidence that our grass is not right for the location. We will also show you which trees could be pruned so that you are strategic when removing part or all of a tree. We try to save trees. There is nothing worse than removing entire trees on a guess
  3. When to Plant Zoysia Sod. Zoysia grass (Zoysia spp.) originally hails from Asia, but today it is one of the most popular lawn grasses in North America. It comes in dozens of different cultivars.

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  1. Planting Zoysia Grass for a New Lawn. Zoysia grass can be grown from seed, sod, or plugs. Zoysia is a slow grower so sod or plugs are most commonly used. However, there are innovative seed products on the market, such as Scotts® Turf Builder® Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch that make seeding zoysia a good option
  2. Zoysia is picky. Zoysia needs a lot of water, regular mowing, and special selective herbicides just to be slightly more shade tolerant. This is why most people (who want what you want ie. low input/high yield) in this area will suggest Bermuda. The only downside is Bermuda is not shade tolerant
  3. The seed of Zoysia grass is difficult to grow. The Zoysia grass and Bermuda grass are similar in appearance but the difference between the two can be easily spotted by walking on them, where the Zoysia grass gives a spongy feeling while walking on them, the Bermuda grass is a bit harder
  4. e answers that question in this video. For more information about the best variety for your project and location, please call our office at 281-431-7441
  5. https://zoysiasod.com Have you ever wondered how Zoysia can be sold by the pallet? In the old days you could only buy Zoysia in plugs but that is no longer.
  6. Apply Round-Up carefully to the Bermuda runners. You can repeat this a couple of months when you lay zoysia seed down. You can see the results that the dead Bermuda runners among the Zoysia. Step: 6. Ornamac removes Bermuda grass from zoysia. It kills quite several grassy weeds. Step: 7. Amazoy help to choke out wild grasses, including Bermuda
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Hello I just purchased a house in July in Atlanta, Ga. The house was empty for about 2yrs so lawn was not taken care of. I am planning on planting Zeon Zoysia in April maybe May. Currently the yard has a lot of weeds, crabgrass and Centipede grass. I am thinking of tilling the yard since the g.. The reason you can plant plugs and not have to seed the lawn is because zoysia grass will crowd out all other species in the lawn. Then when it has taken over your lawn, it will start in on your flower beds and your neighbor's lawn. If you decide to plant zoysia grass, you are making the decision to grow it for life Zeon® Zoysia. Zeon Zoysia is an improved zoysia grass cultivar developed to provide the landscape industry with a superior fine-bladed zoysia, with increased shade tolerance, low incidence of thatch production and an accelerated rate of spread. Zeon is extremely low maintenance and can be mowed using a standard rotary type machine Zoysia's hardiness isn't a great feature if your non-zoysia lawn is suffering from a zoysia grass invasion. But there are ways to kill zoysia grass . It can be killed using many of the same herbicides that kill other grasses

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Seed zoysia at 2 Lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. after the last frost in the spring. You need to seed warm season grass (zoysia) in the spring. Expect slow germination, very slow without water. Winter weed's in dormant zoysia can be unsightly. I do not recommend overseeding warm season grass with cool season grass (fescue,rye) in the winter Zeon Zoysia Delivery. You can now depend on the best prices for zeon zoysia here in the metro Atlanta market. We deal only with Georgia sod farms, with whom we have extensive working relationships with. Here at AthensGrass.Com, you are sure to get top notch customer service and the information you need about laying sod A: Both of these grasses are fine-bladed and look very similar in summer. The only visible difference will be in spring and fall: zoysiagrass will green up before bermudagrass and bermudagrass will go dormant before the zoysiagrass does. Note from Clint Waltz: Typically zoysiagrass is more cold tolerant than bermudagrass and will hold green. Zeon is a warm-season turfgrass, hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to 11. 1 Remove any debris from a full-sun planting site to prepare the area for Zeon Zoysiagrass Schedule your delivery so that the sod can be laid within 24 to 72 hours after it is harvested. One type of grass that is always high quality no matter what time of year you place it in your yard is Zeon Zoysia grass. Zeon is only available through certified growers, however. To learn more about Zeon Zoysia grass, click here

Planting a zoysia grass lawn is one of the easiest things you can do. This is largely due to the fact that this grass is so hardy that you are only required to plant plugs with no need to seed the lawn. The zoysia grass will have no problem at all crowding out any other grasses you may have already growing in your yard Zoysia grass (Zoysia spp.) produces a dense lawn with a and good heat and drought tolerance. It generally grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. An application. For example, if you are planting a 1 plug about a foot apart, it can take about 2-3 growing seasons for the Zoysia to fill-in. In another instance, a 1 plug planted 6 apart can reduce the timing to 1 ½ to 2 growing seasons. Lastly, if you plant a 1 plug about 4 apart, you should notice the plugs filling in within 1 to 1 ½. Planting Zoysia Grass for a New Lawn. Zoysia grass can be grown from seed, sod, or plugs. Zoysia is a slow grower so sod or plugs are most commonly used. However, there are innovative seed products on the market, such as Scotts® Turf Builder® Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch that make seeding zoysia a good option

Edit: Since some of you are making attempts to ID this monster, here are some more pics I've taken over the years. I'm in 8a. A long one. Blue tips are my attempts to paint on glyphosate. Closer in. Plant top. For you advanced folks, here are a couple I sent to the guys at Clemson: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3. I'm afraid I deleted most of these and. The basic fact about zoysia grass is that, unless it is grown in the right climate, it will cause more headaches than not. Zoysia Grass Problems. Invasive - Zoysia grass is a very invasive grass. The reason you can plant plugs and not have to seed the lawn is because zoysia grass will crowd out all other species in the lawn Zeon ® Zoysia cannot be grown from seed and is a Certified Blue Tag Sod available only by Licensed Producers. Zeon ® Zoysia produces less thatch than other varieties, and exhibits late season color retention. If you want the wow factor, Zeon ® Zoysia is the choice for instant beauty and a lush barefoot yard Zeon vs Zorro vs Palisades Zoysia - Have to decide today Post by ckeck » Mon May 10, 2021 6:43 pm Hello everyone, I'm hoping a few folks can chime in with their personal experiences, especially if you've planted more than one of these varieties of Zoysia in the past Can I add Zoysia seeds to the thin spots, or is there a frertilizer that will make it grow and cover the thin spots? I'm in The Villages, in Florida. Answered by Heather on March 2, 2011 Certified Expert . A. You can reseed, but if zoysia is getting thin, than either it is overshaded or it may have a fungus. I would check the grass in those.

Zoysia - General Notes. Zoysiagrass is a slow-growing but extremely thick and durable turfgrass. The grass is well adapted throughout the lower two-thirds of the state. It spreads by above-ground stolons and by rhizomes beneath the ground. Although thick and carpet-like, zoysiagrass is slow to establish from seed or plugs The addition of fertilizer which can supply nitrogen but not more than 15 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. Removal of thatch with vertical mower. Control of pests, weeds, and nematodes . Hope this article was helpful and the next time you plan to lay the Zoysia grass in your lawn or garden, you will be able to do it successfully Q: My zoysia sod was put down in mid-August. I have looked for a simple watering information but they all talk about inches of water instead of time. I'd have to put cups in random places, try to assess how much water is collected during watering, etc. Can you suggest a watering schedule that's not..

How To Plant Zoysia. Zoysia is a resilient grass, but it can take a while for it to fill in and establish a thick lawn. One major benefit to planting zoysia rather than St. Augustine is that zoysia has viable seed options, which is by far the cheapest way to establish a new lawn. You can also establish zoysia from sprigs, plugs, or sod Trinity ® Zoysia (formerly known as L1F) takes its new name from the Trinity Forest Golf Club, home of the PGA's prestigious AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament, where the course is grassed with it. This very-fine-bladed, deep green Zoysiagrass was developed for golf courses and high-end sports fields. It is drought resistant and requires very little fertilizer, Trinity Zoysiagrass should be. Prepare the planting site. Remove any rocks, existing grass or weeds, or debris from the area. If the soil is very compacted, use a tiller to loosen it and increase aeration. Then, pass over the area with a garden rake to even out the bare soil and avoid mounds or low areas in your lawn. Amend the soil You can apply any soil fertilizer according to the labeled instructions on them. For the application of nitrogen fertilizers on it, there are two conditions that either the grass height must be at least 4 inches, or the temperature of the soil should be 65oF. Contrary to it, Zeon zoysia sod grasses require specific fertilizers labeled only for. After the first initial mow of the spring has taken place, you can begin to keep your zoysia between 0.5-2 inches in height. Keep fine bladed zoysias mowed between 0.5-2 inches. Keep coarse bladed zoysiagrass mowed between one and two inches. These heights slightly vary for different brand names of zoysia. For example, EMPIRE and Innovation.

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The seeds can take up to 3 weeks to germinate, but Zoysia seeds can germinate in as little as 14 days. If you plant the Zoysia as plugs, then it will be at least 2 years before you see the entire yard or pasture covered. Once Zoysia seeds are planting, you can see some form of growth by the 21-day mark if properly cared for Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, 5 lb. - Full Sun and Light Shade - Thrives in Heat & Drought - Grows a Tough, Durable, Low-Maintenance Lawn - Seeds up to 2,000 sq. ft. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 2,053. $42.27 Now that you know everything about overseeding Zoysia lawn, you can consider making sure the lawn is going to look great and beautiful using the method. Make sure the process is well-considered in advanced, so you can plan to overseed the lawn in details. The process of overseeding Zoysia is going to take some times and it needs to be well-planned Post-Emergent Weed Control in Zoysia Grass. In comparison to pre-emergent herbicides that prevent weeds from appearing, post-emergent herbicides control any currently existing weeds. After you've identified the type of weeds that are appearing in your zoysia grass, you can begin researching the best herbicide for that weed Zoysiagrass needs 0.5 to 1 inch of water a week. If you don't get enough rain, water your lawn. A dark bluish-gray appearance, footprinting, or wilted, folded, or curled leaves indicate that it is time to water. Irrigate the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches; this can be determined by probing the soil with a screwdriver or similar tool

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How to care for Zoysia grass. Soil; rooZoysia grass can tolerate a wide variety of soils, even acidic soils, but if the soil pH is below 6.0, you may need to add lime.. Soil with good drainage will help to create a deep root system that will help Zoysia to be more drought tolerant For example, warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and zoysia grasses, need 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of water as infrequently as every one to three weeks. Too much water interferes with healthy grass growth and makes the lawn susceptible to pests and diseases With our superior blend of zoysia, Amazoy®, you can plant a network of plugs in a new or existing lawn and it will grow into a lush, even, weed-free lawn within several growing seasons. The key reasons zoysia is so attractive for homeowners: Cuts water bills This way you can ensure a thick, lush lawn and maintain it for years to come. Zoysia FAQs. Now that you know how to prepare and care for your Zoysia lawn, here are some answers to your most frequently asked Zoysia questions. Is Zoysia better than Bermuda? It depends on your property and your needs A common complaint is that zoysia is how slow it is to establish and spread. If you are planting a lawn by seed it can take a long time. Some seeds will not even germinate the first year. If started by plugs or sprigs planted 6 inches apart, it will take up to two years to fill in

A common complaint is that zoysia is how slow it is to establish and spread.If you are planting a lawn by seed it can take a long time. Some seeds will not even germinate the first year. If started by plugs or sprigs planted 6 inches apart, it will take up to two years to fill in Zoysia can withstand foot traffic: For a warm-season turfgrass species, Zoysia grass has relatively good cold-tolerance, and can also withstand regular foot traffic without wear. Stolons and rhizomes are present: You can always identify Zoysia turfgrass on your lawn by uprooting a single plant to inspect whether it has both above-ground shoots. Now that you've gone through Zoysia vs Bermuda difference, you know which one suits your lawn best. You can read Bermuda grass vs St. Augustine for more options. You can grow both the grass types satisfactorily by proper watering, sunlight exposure, fertilization and soil requirements Mowing. You will not need to mow nearly as often because zoysia doesn't grow tall quickly. A healthy zoysia lawn should be mowed to a height of 1 1/2 to 3. A golden rule when mowing any turf is never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf height Zorro zoysia is a variety of zoysia grass that was developed by Texas A&M University in 2002. The company King Ranch Turfgrass, which helped to develop Zorro zoysia in conjunction with Texas A&M University, has a turfgrass selector on its website which can help you determine if Zorro zoysia is right for you

As zoysia is a slow-growing grass, it is nearly always planted by plugs, sprigs or sod. The Bermuda grass must be controlled until the zoysia can establish itself. Plant the zoysia sprigs in the late spring to early summer and allow at least two years for the new grass to begin to knit in Zoysia is difficult to start from seed. Seeds are difficult to find, expensive to buy, and are not as easy to plant as cool-season grasses like tall fescue. Seeds are not recommended for zoysia. If you want zoysia this late in the season, sod is expensive but the best option. You will have to do it now Zeon Zoysia Variety Description . Plant Patent Protected . Zeon is absolutely the most beautiful turfgrass available! Zeon is a fine-bladed, dark green color zoysia grass that is drought tolerant and can handle full sun and has excellent shade tolerance. Zeon is a luxury turfgrass superior to Emerald in its rich beautiful look and lush dense turf Zoysia seed should be planted in late spring / early summer after soil temperatures are 70+ degrees (day time 80+ consistent) AND all danger of freeze / frost is past. Plugs should also be planted in late spring / early summer for best growth and establishment. Zoysia is a warm season grass that grows best when temperatures are between 80 and 100

Additionally, Zeon grasses can also grow very quickly. Mutually, Zeon and Emerald types of grass establish from sods or sprigs. Their prominent trademarks have to be their high-quality markings. Insect, Weed And Disease Resistance - Zeon Zoysia's roots penetrate deep within the soil, thus absorbing maximum nutrients and moisture Description. If you're looking for a lawn that can handle the unrelenting Texas sun, but still provide good ground cover in the shade, Zeon Zoysia is what you need. It's the most shade tolerant of ALL known commercially produced warm season zoysias and isn't picky about soil type. Low maintenance requirements give you time to actually. Zeon Zoysia is a beautiful, deep green & fine-bladed Zoysia grass. Coined the barefoot grass it was develped as an upgrade to earlier fine blade Zoysia grasses like Cavalier and Emerald. Zeon Zoysia's extensive root system allows it to quickly recover from drought. Zeon can handle full sun and normally exhibits good shade tolerance This includes replacing my existing bermuda grass that I grew from seeds with some type of Zoysia grass. The two types of zoysia grass that I am interested are Zeon and JaMur. I have seen the Zeon and really like it. No place that I have called seems to have JaMur for me to go and look at so does anyone have a good picute of JaMur grass that I.

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Zoysia is a lawn to be appreciated from afar or walked through on stepping stones or decking. If you or a pet routinely walks through the grass, it will develop a low spot (in the grass, not the soil) along the path. It might go all the way to bare dirt if the pet is causing it. 2 Jan 10, 2011 at 6:11 AM. Tom Rogers, who is the proud owner of a Zeon zoysia lawn in Williamsburg, recently spray painted his lawn green so it looks lush and alive during winter. Zoysia, a warm. Begin mowing at 2 inches (50mm) height as soon as grass or weeds can be cut. If using a rotary mower you may want to continue cutting at 2 inch height. Reel mowers can be gradually reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 inch over time. Zoysia generally requires 10 fewer mowings per growing season than the average Bermuda grass lawn Zoysia grass lawns can be started from seeds, sod, sprigs, or plugs. Zoysia grass forms a deep root system that is harmless to septic tanks and such but it does not tolerate poorly drained soils. It is adapted to seashores, needs full sun in the north, and sun to medium shade in the southern areas of the USA

Your zoysia grass seed lawn is a truly versatile species. It can grow in almost any type of soil from clay to sandy. The one thing you should be concerned about is the drainage of the soil. Lawns planted with zoysia grass seeds will not respond well to either soils that drain too quickly or soils that do not drain enough. Both sandy and clay. If you want an exact match to existing sod, you must know what variety was installed. Many types are now discontinued but here are a few. North Georgia turf NGturf in Whites burg currently carries Zeon, Marvel II, and El Toro Zoysia. Atlanta sod company carries 6 different types of Zoysia, including Zenith, Zeon and Zorro Hello,I made this video series in hopes of helping other people interested in trying to seed Zoysia grass. When I investigated it, there was little to nothi.. A Visual Guide to Lawn Problems: Zoysia Grass Many factors can result in dead or thin spots in a warm-season lawn. Resist the first reaction many gardeners have of wanting to spray for a disease. Before you make this mistake, consider the many other causes. Following are the most common causes

Crown, Palisades, and Zeon Zoysia. Next, we have Crown Zoysia. Crown Zoysia is another medium blade grass. And you can see Palisades, this is what we usually buy. So Crown and Palisades you can't even tell the difference. I'll have to look at the specifics on the specs of why the two different kinds of grass Zeon® is a fine-bladed Zoysiagrass. It has a beautiful dark green color and soft leaf texture making it a true barefoot lawn grass. Zeon is highly drought tolerant and has low fertilizer requirements. It is considered a lower maintenance grass here in Hawaii. Zeon was developed in Texas by Bladerunner Farms and has the unique distinction of being the grass used on the fairways of the Olympic. Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) has been hand selected from over 10,000 different varieties of turf, with its superior qualities making it stand out from the crowd. Available exclusively from Lawn Solutions Australia members, you can be sure Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) has been tried and tested to stand up to whatever the Aussie climate can throw at it

You will get little to no Fescue sprouts from overseeding a Zoysia lawn, meaning your expenses on Fescue seed will go to waste. If you're determined to replace a Zoysia lawn with Fescue, you will have to use a systemic herbicide to kill all the Zoysia over the course of an entire summer. Then, in fall, you can seed Fescue on bare ground This can be difficult in hot, sunny, dry, and windy conditions. Keeping the seeds moist is critical to Zoysia seed success in the early stages. Amazoy Zoysia grass plugs with their established roots only need light daily watering for 10-15 minutes for the first three weeks and because they already have roots are stronger and more successful

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http://ZoysiaSod.com We install the best looking Zeon Zoysia Lawns in DFW. If you are thinking about what type of grass is good for both sun and shade or wh.. The top-selling product within Grass Seed is the Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch. What are the shipping options for Grass Seed? All Grass Seed can be shipped to your home, even delivered to you from your local Home Depot Zoysiagrass will grow best at a pH of 6 to 6.5. If a soil test shows a higher pH, sulfur can be applied to lower it. Apply 5 pounds of pelletized sulfur per 1000 square feet of turf. Apply sulfur only when the air temperatures are below 75 °F. In 3 months, recheck the soil pH to see what change was made

Zoysia grass seed needs light to germinate, so the seed should be at or very near the surface of the soil for the best germination results. A planting depth of 5mm or shallower gives the best germination results, a deeper planting depth will prolong the germination and establishment time Add to List Create a New List. This item is not stocked nearby. If you need this item now, you can Check In Stock items at Other Stores in your expanded area, or contact your branch at 425-644-5577 to place a special order. Item. DE-ANZA-ZOYSIA Zeon Zoysia sod is so adaptable that it thrives in the heat of the lower South and cold winters of the upper South. It boasts a higher disease & insect resistance than some varieties of warm season grasses. Due to it's dense growth patterns, Zeon Zoysia also resists weeds and even requires less fertilization that some Bermudagrasses Zoysiagrass was introduced into the United States from Korea about 1900. A Zoysia japonica seedling with improved winter hardiness was selected from early plant collections and was released in 1951 under the name 'Meyer'. This variety has better low-temperature tolerance than most other zoysiagrass varieties and is still the best choice for the Midwest transition zone. Zoysiagrass is adapted. I removed the seed cover from the original photo. In the third photo, you can see so called super plugs from Amazoy (Maryland company) Meyer Zoysia product. Never again. I'll keep buying the Zenith Zoysia from Zoysiaplug.com. Great place. June 13th 2017 Update: I planted my plugs close and even sewed Zoysia seed in between, I didn't want to.

You may find it takes too long to fill in damaged areas. Bermuda Sod or another grass may be a better choice in those situations. Disadvantages: A common complaint is that zoysia is slow to establish and spread. If you are planning to establish a lawn by seed, it can take a long time. Some seeds will not germinate the first year Zoysia is a tolerant lawn grass, but it takes some care if you want to maximize its potential. Here are our top eight weed and feed options for Zoysia in 2019. Zoysia Overview Zoysia is an Asian grass that's been in America for over 100 years. It's a warm-season grass with impressive cold tolerance, which [

If you want Zoysia sod pallets for your Atlanta lawn, NG Turf can help. We provide premium quality turfgrass to homeowners, professionals, and golf course superintendents across North Georgia. Zoysia sod is low maintenance and grows well in shade, heat, and drought conditions. At NG Turf we grow a variety of Zoysiagrasses, including: Zeon Zoysia You will need about 2 pounds of Zoysia seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. You can stretch this to as much as 2,000 square feet, but the initial growth will not be very dense. The main difference between plugs and seed is the need for a seed bed If you are looking for a dark, thick, and lush lawn, look no further than Cavalier Zoysia as your new grass option. Due to the density of its growth, Cavalier can block out most weeds, insects, and other diseases better than different Zoysia and grass species. Its ability to absorb and retain water helps it tolerate shade

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Example: If you've let your Bermuda or Zoysia grow much too high and reach 3 inches, set your cutting height to 2 inches, wait a couple of days, then mow to 1.5 inches. The growing point gets higher as the grass grows taller. If your cut height is too low, you'll mow the growing point off. This is called scalping, and it can damage your lawn But in order to have a top-tier lawn, you need top-tier sod. That's where the professionals at Zoysia Sod would love to help. While the Zeon and Palisades sod varieties are our favorites, we do carry a many different sod options so you can find the solution that works for you! Expert Sod Installation in Frisco, Texa The guidelines below will help you fertilize the right amount at the right time. Mid-Spring: Zoysia grass lawns begin to green when soil temperatures reach a consistent 60 - 65 degrees. The best time to apply fertilizer is after the danger of frost has passed and when your zoysia grass is at least 50% green CALL US. 855-806-4763. A fine-bladed zoysia grass with a deep green color, Geo™ Zoysia is one of the most beautiful turfgrasses you will find in a landscape. Geo has good to excellent shade tolerance, compared to other zoysia, and is extremely wear tolerant, making this a top choice for golf courses as well as residential lawns You cannot place sod on top of any type of soil and expect it to grow or take roots immediately. The ground where you are about to roll sod must be prepared first. Zeon Zoysia. Emerald Zoysia. Meyer Zoysia. Empire Zoysia. Jamur Zoysia. Palmetto / St. Augustine. Celebration® Bermudagrass. Call Us: (404) 631-7610 Send an Email.

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