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  1. The PARAS'10 is a gruelling 10 mile endurance race based on the 10 miler from The Parachute Regiment's P Company test week. There are 2 main races: the PARAS'10 TAB (complete the course in boots and carrying a 35lb pack), or the PARAS'10 Run (same course without bergen and boots). We also have a 2-mile fun run for children aged 8-15.
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  4. or admission - I don't have a training plan as such. What with full-time work and a family things can get a tad chaotic. My ad-hoc training is therefore focused on the following
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The PARAS' 10 is an authentic military challenge run over the same 10-mile course used in Paratrooper selection. PARAS' 10 takes place at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. Competitors can choose to run 'clean fatigue', in shorts and trainers, or 'tabbed', the Para way, wearing boots and carrying a 35lb Bergen military rucksack The Paras 10 (Catterick Garrison) - Intro. For those who don't know much about this gentle little race across the North Yorks moors, I've borrowed the following from the official Paras 10 website (www.paras10.com): RACE HISTORY: Founded by WO1 JJ Wilson The PARAS'10 was hosted by The Parachute Regiment in Aldershot 1982 - 1993. Since.

The race is 10 miles, run over the actual Parachute Regiment course at Catterick Garrison. There is the P Company race, done with a 35lb bergen & boots, & the runners race, with no bergen. The pass time for the Paras is 1 hour 50, so this is the time I'm aiming for next year GoPro footage at 32x playback from my first Paras'10 experience. I imagine setting YT to slow playback will allow detailed enjoyment of some sections if you.

Para 10 Catterick Hello all, Some of you may know, but on September 19th there is a charity event at Catterick. The Paras' 10 - P Company Challenge. The Parachute Regiment challenges you to attempt the 10 Mile 'P' Company Cross Country Route, carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food water) and wearing military style boots The Paras 10 (Catterick Garrison) - The Route. Posted by tattooedhr. 0. As I already mentioned in my previous post the Paras 10 is in fact two races. The first race is a traditional 10 mile multi-terrain foot-race, with participants wearing running/trail footwear and standard running gear. A few minutes later the second race begins, the P Coy. the paras'10 route is only available on the day of the race At Catterick it is an active military training area used to prepare troops and vehicles for operations across the world. This training is affected when runners use the area without correct authority and for safety reasons, training will stop until runners are removed The Paras` 10 The Ultimate in 10 Mile Endurance Races. After entering this years P Coy Challenge at Catterick I can wholeheartedly agree. It is the ultimate in 10 mile endurance races. To say it handed me by rear end on a plate was an understatement. The race is split into two categories: Running race. P Coy Challeng

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I too took part in todays paras 10 event at catterick , thought course was really good challenging in some bits .and well marshalled.absolute loads of people there taking part to add to the excitment . i been doing lot of running with my rucksack and some with my running club (york acorn) midweek , I managed to come in under 1.20min (N.B. The route was very well marked out and manned by very friendly and helpful marshalls. I had enjoyed a brilliant time doing this, and not only will I be back next year, but I have also entered the Paras' 10 at Catterick on 31 August. You can see more of the photographs I took on the day here PARAS' 10 Endurance Race PARAS' 10 - The Ultimate 10-Mile Endurance Race. Now in its fourth year, the PARAS' 10 event is well established as one of the UK's 'must do' endurance challenges, as indicated by the fact that over 5,000 runners and 'tabbers' have attempted it over the last 3 years.. Founded by WO1 JJ Wilson, the PARA'S 10 was hosted by The Parachute Regiment in Aldershot between.

Takes place this Sunday 9th September 2013 at the Infantry Training Depot Catterick Garrison. I will be dragging Jon round the Pre Parachute Selection route (P Company) 10 mile route that is the PARAS 10. We completed this last year in time of 1hr 35 mins with the last time Jon doing this event before this was back in 1990 when it was in Aldershot PARAS'10 is the ultimate 10 mile endurance race for Charity. Join us in Colchester on 20 May 2018 and in Catterick on 16 September 2018. PARAS'10 is jointly run by SUPPORT OUR PARAS (charity number 1131977) and local managers who are serving in The Parachute Regiment. It is a non-profit event with all proceeds going to the charity which benefits our soldiers and their families

PARAS'10, Colchester, Essex. 13,806 likes · 32 talking about this · 1,014 were here. PARAS'10 is the ultimate 10 mile endurance race for CHARITY Support our Paras. VIRTUAL Brecon 15-22 May VIRTUAL.. Catterick Virtual (04-11 Sep 2021) Colchester Live (02 Oct 2021) Colchester Virtual (02-09 Oct 2021) The Races Having done and taken 10 milers in both Catterick & Aldershot i wouldn't say the terrain is harder in the shot, Long Valley might be harder in the rain but thats about it and the 10 miler on P Company has never been 1:30. If anyone has any questions on the route etc ask away as i have done it more than anyone and i am the 1:50 pace man on the day PARAS 10 Challenge Catterick On Sunday 9th September saw the Para's 10 Challenge at Vimme Barracks ITC Catterick. The challenge is to cover the P Company 10 miles with a 35lbs Bergan in boots in less than 3 hours. The route was a mix of range roads and tracks. The tab was going well and I got to the 4 mile water point in good time and not.

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Race Date: Sunday 3rd September 2017. 10 Mile Endurance Run: The Parachute Regiment challenges you to complete this gruelling running course in the fastest possible time. These are not PB courses nor suitable for spikes - trainers are advised. The Route: A multi-terrain endurance event, the race is held over undulating military land. Jordan Moat decided this was the race for him to make his. Hello all, Some of you may know, but on September 19th there is a charity event at Catterick. The Paras' 10 - P Company Challenge. The Parachute Regiment challenges you to attempt the 10 Mile 'P' Company Cross Country Route, carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food water) and wearing military style boots

The route took them through Merville Barracks and Friday Woods over the same hills and water obstacles crossed by soldiers on training runs. The PARAS' 10 has been run at Catterick, where. The gruelling Paras' 10 at the Infantry Training Centre will hit an outstanding landmark next weekend when it celebrates its 10th anniversary. In that time more than 10,000 runners have taken part over the course which is the same one that recruits must TAB (fast march) with a 35lb Bergen plus helmet and weapon in under one hour 50 minutes in. I first got into tabbing through an event called the Paras' 10, which is currently held over the 10 mile Parachute Regiment courses in Colchester and Catterick. You can read about my first attempt at Colchester here (and at Catterick here ), and this weekend I was expecting to be returning to Colchester to give it another go, despite not.

What I'd like if any one can help is the original 10 miler route round Hardwick Hall. Did it once may years ago and would like to try it again. Reply. The Paras 10 is really just a fun run for most competitors. When it was first moved up to Catterick back in circa 93, I believe a few people wanted to compare the 'new route' with the. I had a go at the Paras 10 TAB and although my time was nothing special I actually found it quite enjoyable. Yet if 30 years ago someone had told me to put on a 16kg bergen and tab around Catterick for ten miles I'd have probably headed over the med centre for a biff chit immediatel Pegasus Company (P COY) - Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) Potential Parachute Regiment soldiers and all arms wishing to join 16 Air Assault Brigade (16 AA Bde) must got through Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) run by Pegasus Company (P Coy) at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire

The PARAS'10, long a feature of life at the old Para depot in Aldershot, was revived at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire in 2008 and first came to Colchester in 2012. The race, sponsored by YDS Boots, sets off from Abbey Field at 11.00am. The Red Devils, the freefall display team of The Parachute Regiment, are. Through thick mud and machine gun fire and under a beating sun, some 800 runners took part in the PARAS' 10 charity challenge in Colchester The PARAS' 10 has been run at Catterick, where Parachute Regiment recruits train, since 2008, and this year's event takes place on Sunday 9 September. The route goes from Abbey Field to. Run (home) - 1 mile. Regiment Fitness - 1 hour. Positives from this week - I got back into things straight away and enjoyed my Regiment Fitness sessions. There is a lot to build on from this week. This entry was posted in Paras' 10 Colchester May 2014, Summer Fan Dance 2014. Bookmark the permalink

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July Summer Fan Dance Woodhouse Route. August Murder Mile - 2 mile hill race, 1mile up and 1mile back down. September Paras'10 Catterick. MY PERSONAL PROMISE. I will finish the Black Sheep Marathon and all my other events for no other reason than it will improve me as a person and hopefully make me a more rounded human being Getting at least near that time or better will the goal in Catterick on the next Paras'10. The Winter Fan Dance is coming, with a new challenge that is the Woodhouse route. Named after Major Woodhouse, one of the architects of what SAS Selection has become Congratulations to all those who completed the PARAS' 10 in Catterick this morning. A fantastic event bringing together serving personnel, veterans and civilians to challenge themselves on the 10 mile P Coy route

10 more hard miles in September 2017, this time the Catterick Barracks Paras10. I did it - 2hrs 16mins - a wee bit slower than Colchester but a few more hills. I enjoyed it and enjoyed the challenge. As ever, I met some amazing people - including one old Para who was 70 odd and said he always gave it a go every year, fully loaded!! Paras' 10 Catterick August 2014; Paras' 10 Colchester May 2014; Paras'10; Peru; Point To Point; Point To Point 2014; Pukka Races; Ricochet; Ricochet 2015; Run With The Wolf; Sardinia; Shineback; Silverstone Half-Marathon; Silverstone Half-Marathon 2013; Spartan Race; St Albans Half-Marathon; St Albans Half-Marathon 2013; Summer Fan Dance 2014.

PARAS'10 is the ultimate 10 mile endurance race for CHARITY Support our Paras. VIRTUAL Brecon 15-22 May VIRTUAL Arnhem 24-31 July LIVE Catterick 4 September VIRTUAL Catterick 4-11 September LIVE Colchester 2 October VIRTUAL Colchester 2-9 Octobe Also on Sunday 11th September David and Maureen BARTRUM tackled the rather gruelling Paras 10 Endurance Run at Catterick. This 10 mile multi terrain course follows the same route as used in paratrooper selection, and sounds pretty hard! David finished 138th in 1.23.22, whilst Maureen was not far behind in 181st of the 529 finishers in 1.26.30

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The Paras' 10 is an internationally-recognised annual endurance event that will host 4,000 athletes this year (this year's event takes place on 11 September). For us, it was just another day on P Company. The 10-miler on the final day of beat-up takes you up all the big hills in Catterick in 1 hour 50 minutes The Paras' 10 has been run at Catterick, where Para recruits train, since 2008 and runners have so far raised £1m for a wide range of charities. The route will take runners through Merville. The PARAS'10 running race will start at 1100hrs. The P Company Challenge 'TAB' and Canicross dogs will start minutes later and follow the same route. Much of the event is on military land - there is no chance to run the whole route prior to 18 May. There will be 3 water stops on route and rehydratio

PARAS'10 Catterick. The original PARAS'10 race, now firmly established as one of the UK's must do endurance challenges. Located at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. The Vitality British 10K London Run is staged on the world's greatest road race route through the heart of Central London, passing many of the capital's. PARAS'10, Colchester, Essex. 13,822 likes · 248 talking about this · 1,014 were here. PARAS'10 is the ultimate 10 mile endurance race for CHARITY Support our Paras. VIRTUAL Brecon 15-22 May VIRTUAL.. The PARAS'10 at Colchester will take place on Saturday the 2nd of October 2021. This is the 9th year of the Colchester event and will showcase 16 Air Assault Brigade and is a testing 10 mile route on the local training area, watch out for the obstacles and stream crossing. Located at Colchester Garrison in Essex. Open to civilians and military

The event is a testing 10 mile route on the local training area, watch out for the obstacles/stream crossing. Located at Colchester Garrison in Essex. Open to civilians and military. All Canicross entrants must use a body harness/waist belt; this is more comfortable for you and your dog, and will enable hands free running 11th September 2021 12:30 pm. ABN Cocktail Party - 2021. London. 12th September 2021 9:45 am. The Somerby Commemoration of Operation Market Garden 2021. 14th November 2021 12:00 am. Remembrance Day - Cenotaph Parade 2021. Whitehall. 9th July 2022 9:00 am Then we turned left and were back on the Icknield Way Trail and a familiar route over the grass past the Visitors' Centre and down the slope to the car park, picking up the pace and running it in to finish things properly. ← Paras' 10 Catterick 2014 training : Week 8 Normally the Paras' Ten is held at Colchester and Catterick, but for obvious reasons has had to go virtual for the first time. This means that participants up and down the country can choose their own route, record their times on Strava any day this week and then send them off to the organisers If you have been following ITV's Paras - Men of War, then the Paras' 10 is just the tonic you need! Be a 'Joe' for a day and enter the Catterick Paras' 10 on Saturday 7th September 2019 to run for ABF The Soldiers' Charity - and get a £5.00-off voucher code. To receive your voucher code and fundraising pack, please contact the NE Regional Office

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Any company that may wish to sponsor the PARAS'10 event or a corporate challenge team trophy should contact Stephen Cooper on plansdir@supportourparas.org. Upcoming Events - Don't miss out! In 2016 the PARAS'10 will be taking place in Colchester on 15th May and Catterick 04th September. There is an Early Bird offer on until 16h December. Colchester Paras'10 Summer Fan Dance Double Tap (meaning doing the Fan Dance TAB on both Saturday and Sunday) Hulten (NL) Run 'n Gun - Summer Edition Catterick Paras'10 Winter Fan Dance '19 Double Tap (Woodhouse) The last one not 2018 obviously.true, but it will be the test to see if all the training was enough

Paras' 10 September 2009 Report by Kay Farrow of Beverley Athletic Club 22 September 2009 Kay Farrow Charlie Culpan, Jayne Dale and Andy Tate from Beverley Athletic Club travelled to Catterick Garrison recently to compete in the 2009 Paras' 10 challenge. Described as the ultimate ten mile endurance event, the race follows the same route as th Weeks 1 to 10 at Catterick include endurance and speed marches, as well as many fieldcraft exercises. Marksmanship training moves from the range to field firing and covers all weapons used by the infantry. Week 10/11, lasting ten days, is the P Company test phase, in which recruits must pass the same tests as the All Arms Course The first challenge involved a quick drive up to Catterick to take part in the Paras' 10, a multi-terrain endurance event run by the Parachute regiment that involves a 10 Mile cross country route, carrying a Bergen weighing 35Ibs and wearing boots. As a guide the Paratroopers P Company selection cut off time is 1 hr 50 minutes Para 10 Catterick. Gym Joey . March 2017 in General running. Not been on the site for a while..in fact been out of running for a while. ( 2 years) decided to try and get up to speed to take part in the Para 10 in sept.. currently doing 4 miles cross country but stepping it up from next week...looking for a bit of inspiration. moral support.

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The Paras: Men of War: Location. The series opens at the Catterick barracks in Richmond, North Yorkshire. The Catterick Garrison is a famous garrison and the largest in Britain, spanning over 2,400 acres with a population of 13,000. By 2020, the population of the military town is expected to reach 25,000 I for one will definitely return to Catterick for the Paras' 10 Race (www.paras10.com) The 2 Miler route on P Company is harder than any route at Sandhurst or Brecon but the first mile or so is squadded. some of whom I know from my time training in Catterick. The 10-Miler is the first event and it was far easier than our previous tabs Recruits train to join the paras The course is run by members of the Parachute Regiment at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. Over the three weeks of the course, a steady flow of people, hoping to become airbourne soldiers, give up and leave the course, starting from day one. Making his way along a 10 mile run with a 16kg (35lb.

Theres the small matter of Catterick Paras' 10 in August. I've booked a place on the Aviemore Half and Glencoe Marathon in October and am looking at a few local Hill Runs to keep me focused. The Coire head wall route from the SMC guide was a mass of decaying cornice and unstable slabs of snow so Plan B was an airy scrabble down off. Ok it's official, just missed my 2h15 target by seconds at the Paras 10 in Catterick today. Back held up ok, need to work on the legs for the additional hills, despite hill running, tabbing with a full pack and boots showed up the cracks. First time running with full pack and boots in 8 months, so still pleased with progress

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Life at the Last Post: Rare pictures from 1960s Aden reveal the real-life gunfire, bombings and revolts that inspired BBC's hit new drama. Marking 50 years since Britain returned control of Aden. Gary Wane took on his long anticipated Paras 10 Challenge at Catterick barracks. The Challenge involves tackling the P Company 10 mile selection course wearing a 35lb Bergen and full pair of boots. Whilst most of the country welcomed the sudden arrival of summer temperatures this weekend, Gary could probably have done without 28 degree heat.

I was never big and muscly, never a macho type, and never super fit. I passed my parachute selection (P Company) when I was 19. I passed it not because I was a budding Rambo - I got the living daylights beaten out of me during the milling (a sort. Paras 10, Catterick Garrison, 11th september. This is now an annual event on the running calendar based on the 10 mile route used during the first event of P - Company (Pre-Parachute selection for Airborne forces). Its a hard undulating course, one that I have tabbed and run on numerous occasions as a recruit and an Instructor in the Depot..

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Para 10, thanks for all donations,+pics: 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. « previous next. Day 12 (Wednesday) is the 10-miler, the final test which is a pass or fail. It is sort of an introduction to the P Company 10-miler and a final Pre-Para test at the same time. 10-miles in 1 hours 50 minutes. 3.4 Training Units. Units that typically deliver the above training packages include I was doing the paras 10 in Catterick garrison so this hotel was close by to travel to . All the staff were welcoming and couldn't do enough for us . The food in the restaurant was 5 star and all the other customers there were very friendly and pointed us in the right direction for walking trails So, the final time of 2 hrs 29 (by the clock) will be my 'official' time until the real ones are released by Para's 10, Mrs J managed a credible 2 hours 6 which was impressive enough as she had an injury so early into the race. It was a tough event, harder than the one at Catterick but hugely enjoyable none the less The Paras'10 is a 10 mile endurance race based on The Parachute Regiment's 10 mile march from selection at the end of training. During test week, recruits are assessed and scored across 8 separate events, the 10 mile march is the first event and is conducted over undulating terrain

The 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), is a battalion sized formation of the British Army's Parachute Regiment and is a subordinate unit within 16 Air Assault Brigade.. Roled as an Airborne light infantry unit, the battalion is capable of a wide range of operational taskings. Based at Merville Barracks, Colchester Garrison, their barracks in England, personnel regularly deploy outside. The veteran completed the ten-base tour just over a week after beginning at Catterick (Picture: RAF Benevolent Fund/Twitter). A former paratrooper has completed a 100-mile tour of 10 RAF bases to raise money for military charities. Eighty-six-year-old Jeffrey Long conducted the journey to commemorate the RAF's centenary and finishing at RAF Odiham The Parachute Regiment, colloquially known as the Paras, is an elite airborne infantry regiment of the British Army. The regiment is one of the most elite units in the world. The first battalion is permanently under the command of the Director Special Forces in the Special Forces Support Group. The other battalions are the parachute infantry component of the British Army's rapid response. (Army) mainly used by instructors and recruits of the Infantry Training Centre Catterick, in referral to the DPM/MTP baseball caps the recruits wear in their first 9-10 weeks of training. Also an officers' side-hat, which is said to resemble.... Cabbie (Army) To get a ride in a piece of equipment you don't normally use ie Helicopter, tank etc. 'The event emulates what the Parachute Regiment do in the UK with their PARAS' 10 fundraising run. We normally go away to take part in it in Colchester or Catterick, but because of Covid we.

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The PARAS'10 race is now firmly established as one of the UK's must do endurance challenges. Located at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. The 'P' Company Cross Country Route requires you to carry a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food water) and wear long trousers with 'military style' boots Troy suggested that I do the Paras 10 Event this year, in honour of my nephew's 10 th anniversary and donate to Support our Paras and The Pegasus Appreciation Group, an organisation that have inspired me hugely over the past couple of years with their work in the direct support of veterans in need Pegasus Company (also known as P Coy) is the rigorous training and selection British military organisation based at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, North Yorkshire.P Coy run the 'pre-parachute selection' courses for trainee Parachute Regiment soldiers and officers as well as an all-arms course for Regular and Territorial Army (TA) troops. P Coy is also responsible for delivery of.

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Travel up to Catterick. Drink gin and eat terrible Brewers Fayre food. Day 2 - Paras 10. 10 mile HILLY race with 16kg bergen and boots. Travel back to Bedford. We have travelled 560 miles on the road and many more on foot(/hands and knees!) this weekend and completed 2 tough races! Well done team BFB - until next year Parachute Regiment The Paras are open to civilian applications. To begin their 28weeks Basic Training (which boasts a 70%-80% attrition rate) the hopeful applicants have to pass the Parachute Regiment Assessment Course (PRAC). PRAC is a 3 day cour..

Category Archives: 10M. Guy Fawkes 10, Ripley, Sunday, November 2, 2014. 2nd November 2014 10M, Kirsty Steed Guy Fawkes 10 Striders' Web 10M, Kirsty Steed Guy Fawkes 10 Striders' We Paras' 10 (Catterick) Catterick, North Yorkshire. 10 grant from The Soldiers' Charity enabled a ramp to be fitted outside the front door as well as a whole new access route created for. A small but select field tackled the 5 mile out and back route, no doubt hoping to improve on their WAVA scores from Beacon Hill a couple of months back. 5 Harriers tackled the route with Graham SIMPSON finishing a splendid 3rd not far behind the leading pair. Golden Ball 20 Mile Road Race/Catterick Paras 10/Derwentwater 15k Trail Challenge. British paratroops of the 6th Airborne Division aboard an aircraft en route to their drop site during the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, World War II, June 6th 1944. the paras, the maroon machine, the reg, 1 para, 2 para, 3 para, 4 para, 10 para, colchester, aldershot, catterick, pathfinders, paratrooper, parachutist, parachute regiment, para. York, UK. 6th February 2014. Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band from Catterick marching through York passing Banks Music Room on route to Museum Gardens prior to 21 gun salute marking 62 years of the Queen's reign. Salute carried out with three 105mm light guns by soldiers from the 4th Regiment Royal Artillery