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As there were no Indian Kings before Vikramaditya who conquered the Arabs,Vikramaditya's Inscription being found in Kaaba and the Idol was there before the advent of Prophet,Vikramaditya it was, who installed the idol of Shiva in the form of Linga. King Vikramaditya was an ardent devotee of MahaDeva of Ujjain How unfair and satanic is this while the Quran (Surah Talaq) says clearly: Thou, male and female, have the same time space to re-think about your choice to divorce; the best is to take 3 months; than you will know the best''. According to the Qur'an prophet Muhamad married Aisha when she was at least 25 years old Now let us see what a a surreptitiously taken video and an article in a web site run by Pakistani Defense Think Tank say. Video is below. One can see an Idol resembling Shiv Linga there. And watch the Video, and look at the clock for the time of opening the Room. 5.20 to 5.45

Religious fundamentalists are on the rise and that is bad for our societies. Most people will agree on this. Yet few examine who religious fundamentalists are. Obviously, such persons would want to stick to the fundamentals of their religion. They want to live a life that is advocated in their holy books and would pleas 28 votes, 11 comments. 5.4k members in the Lal_Salaam community. 100 % സാക്ഷരതയും, 200 % തറവാട്ടുമഹിമയുമുള്ള. Daijiworld Media Network - Dammam. Dammam, Dec 22: A man from Kundapur working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is reportedly in trouble for uploading a blasphemous and provocative post on Facebook. Harish Bangera from Kundapur, working as an air-conditioning technician for a company in Dammam, on Saturday December 21 uploaded a blasphemous post about the Kaaba in Mecca, the holy site for Muslims.

Truth about Mecceshwar Mahadev

Many hindus refer Mecca as Makkeshwara Mahadev and pray it as shivalingam. The Hindu sacred book Bhavishya puran also states in his one para that one day a Person name MUHAMMAD will come and do all opposite of what we did in Hinduism. This was predicted much before the advent of prophet Muhammad Chola Mandala Mahasamsthaanam Without Letter Head - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document consists of the works of Chola dynast Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers Mosheswara Shiva is Makkeshwara and Araba Shiva is Arabia. Araba means silent Shiva. Pareshthan Shiva is Palestine, Parasyanath Shiva is Persia, Baraniya Shiva is Berlin, Ramaniya Shiva is Rome, Paramrita Pith is Pyramid. Pyramid is built in the shape of Guru paduka located in the brain. Please see Guru Paduka Dhyana in Shaktivad volumes The estimated metro population in 2020 is 2.042 million, making it the third-most populated city in the kingdom. Abu al-Qasim says that Yathrib ibn Qaniya ibn Mahlael ibn Irum ibn Abeel ibn Awz ibn Irum ibn Saam ibn Noah was pioneer in residing Madina. The exhibition falls into three sections, the first focusing on the journey to Mecca, particularly along the major routes used through history.

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