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The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust have published their Early February 2021 update on new build London and North Eastern Railway B17 Class No.61673 Spirit of Sandringham As the builders of new main line steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has therefore decided to set itself a new challenge: to develop, build and operate an improved Gresley class P2 Mikado steam locomotive for main line and preserved railway use A listing of all standard gauge steam locumotives in preservation in the UK. Including those on permanent static display and those that are operational (highlighted), being overhauled or being restored. The new-build engines show the present situation in 2021

The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust is in the process of building the next member of the extinct Riddles BR 3MT 2‑6‑2 82000 tank class. Unlike many of the current new build projects, which are aiming to recreate larger main-line types, the new loco is intended specifically for heritage line use We are a group of like-minded people from all walks of life, who having seen the successes of recent new builds of steam locomotives in the UK, had an idea of recreating a diesel locomotive in the same way. Established in March 2014, Project 22 is a volunteer group dedicated to building a full-size working locomotive We're building an exceptional early twentieth century express passenger 4-4-0 steam locomotive. Charles Bowen Cooke's compact George the Fifth 4-4-0 express locomotives were brilliant performers, on a par with much larger examples such as Great Western 4-6-0's of the time The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust have released their March 2021 update on the construction of new build British Railways Standard Class 3 Tank No. 82045

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THE 'CLAN' PROJECT is a Volunteer led Charitable Organisation and Limited Company, building a brand new B.R. Class 6MT 'Clan' Pacific Steam Locomotive, for the 21st Century railway, utilising the original B.R. design drawings and incorporating many improvements necessary for the modern railway in addition to those planned in the original Lot. At its Silver Jubilee Convention in October 2015, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust announced that it would follow its Peppercorn class A1 4-6-2 No. 60163 Tornado and Gresley class P2 2-8-2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales with the construction of further extinct LNER steam locomotives - a Gresley class V4 2-6-2, a Gresley class V3 2-6-2T and a Gresley class K3 2-6-0 The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT), the registered charity behind famous new 100mph steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado and Britain's most powerful steam locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales, today announced that Cleardata, a leading document management company, has started the scanning of 366 of the original Doncaster Works drawings which will enable the construction of the yet-to-be named third Gresley class V4 No. 3403

A number of small, specialized engineering firms regularly build steam locomotives for narrow gauge and miniature railways, but the construction of an all new, main line steam passenger locomotive is a major project. It is pleasing to note, therefore, that there are a number of such projects in progress in the UK, with one already completed Engines listed on the Locomotives and Traction Engines pages are all supplied with a 90 day written no quibble warranty unless otherwise stated. Most have tested boilers - hydraulic test, steam test or both - and expiry dates are listed under the item's details tab New Build Locomotives. Designed and built in the workshop here, we originally conceived our first locomotive, Stafford, as a robustly-engineered, easy to drive locomotive - something equally at home on a garden railway or public running at the local club. With more than 100 locomotives built, the design has proved a powerful, reliable. Steve Davies MBE, chairman, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, commented: We are in the pre-launch phase of the project to build our third new main line steam locomotive, the yet-to-be-named Gresley class V4 No. 3403 - Sir Nigel Gresley's final design. With the order for construction now placed on Darlington Locomotive Works, the scanning of.

It may not be a bullet train, but a steam locomotive made history this week as it became the first steam-driven train clocking 100 mph (161 km/h) on a British mainline track in over 50 years. On. The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust is part way through building a brand new example of the 3MT tank engine, currently under construction at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway. The 'Clan' Project is constructing a new-build 6MT 4-6-2, to be numbered No.72010 Plans to build the first steam locomotive in Scotland for more than 60 years are taking shape in the latest sign of a revival of classic railway traction. By Alastair Dalton Sunday, 6th June 2021.

The replica (or perhaps it might be more accurate to say lookalike) was built by Alan Keef, a firm that normally specialises in narrow gauge or miniature rolling stock (indeed, it has built over 80 locomotives since 1968 - steam, diesel and electric - which illustrates how the concept of 'new build' does not apply neatly in the world of. We aim to build and operate the Great Eastern Railways legendary 4-4-0 D16/2 Claud Hamilton steam locomotive, No.8783 to be named Phoenix. The Claud Hamilton group is now linked to the Whitwell and Reepham Railway, Providing expert help and a home base for the locomotive in the future In 2013, the Trust launched its project to build a second new main line steam locomotive, Gresley class P2 2-8-2 'Mikado' No. 2007 Prince of Wales. The Gresley class P2s were the most powerful express passenger locomotives to operate in the UK, but sadly the design was never fully developed, and they were rebuilt as 'Pacifics' in 1943/4.

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The locomotive operated alongside the visiting steam navvy (from Statfold Barn), recreating scenes of work that this class of locomotive was built for - temporary railways alongside new construction works such as roads and railway lines, water pipelines and infrastructure improvements A Gresley class V4 2-6-2 - The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust's next project. At its Silver Jubilee Convention in October 2015, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust announced that it would follow its Peppercorn class A1 4-6-2 No. 60163 Tornado and Gresley class P2 2-8-2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales with the construction of further extinct LNER steam locomotives - a Gresley class V4 2-6-2, a Gresley. Bruce, like many people, thought this was a tragic loss of an important part of railway heritage. So a few years ago he started a campaign to construct a new-build George the Fifth class locomotive - a beautiful, compact and very powerful 4-4-0 first built in 1910 that would be relatively cheap to build and run

DARLINGTON, England — The Brits are at it again. The British group behind the Tornado — the first main line steam locomotive built in the United Kingdom since the end of steam — announced this week that they were officially forming a subsidiary to build its third brand new steam locomotive: a Gresley class V4 2-6-2 locomotive.. In 2008, the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust completed locomotive. December - new post on 'New Build Steam': 2013 Prince George The LNWR George the Fifth Trust has sent through some interesting updates to New Build Steam. They have recently taken delivery of the coupling rods, plus the chimney cap, with the chimney base and stem now on order. A drawing for the machining of the coupling rods has been. media caption Work to build a new £5m steam locomotive starts at a steel works in Scunthorpe. Work to build what will be only the second mainline steam locomotive to be constructed in Britain. Welcome to the Betton Grange Society website where you will find information about the Ex Great Western 'Grange' Class locomotive and our project to build No. 6880 - the 81st 'Grange'. From a Class of 80 locomotives, no 'Granges' survived the cutters torch, a glaring omission in the ranks of preserved locomotives Steam on the Main Line The End of Steam The Return of Steam; Thomas Muir - The Saved & The Forgotten Four. Heritage Railways. Photograph Credits and how to contribute. Type locomotive class, number or any details into search box

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  1. The steam locomotives of British Railways were used by British Railways over the period 1948-1968. The vast majority of these were inherited from its four constituent companies, the Big Four.In addition, BR built 2,537 steam locomotives in the period 1948-1960, 1,538 to pre-nationalisation designs and 999 to its own standard designs. These locomotives had short working lives, some as.
  2. The Duke is currently based at Tyseley and is currently undergoing a Heavy General overhaul in order to return it to mainline operational condition. A number of modifications will also be required in order to maintain compatibility with the latest developments in railway technology. It is the objective of the Trust to have The Duke available.
  3. Rocker Sir Rod Stewart is backing a £3.4m scheme to build a working replica of a class of famous steam locomotives that used to pull 90mph crack express trains between London and East Anglia some.
  4. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, also the builders, owners and operators of 100mph famous new steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado, will be holding a number of presentations in 2021 and 2022 on the project to build new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 Prince of Wales
  5. al book The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam, aimed to build the first new steam locomotive incorporating all the proven technical advances developed since the 1960s, and was aimed at delivering the level of range, power, speed and reliability that will one day be needed to.

The purchase of new-build steam locomotives by the DR ended in 1960 with 50 4088, the last standard-gauge steam locomotive built in Germany. No locomotive of the classes 25.10 and 83.10 was in service for more than 17 years. The last engines of the classes 23.10, 65.10 and 50.40 were retired in the late 1970s, with some units older than 25 years The new build could have been from existing steam locomotive designs. As prototype diesels were being built, full scale dieselisation should have been the choice. The counter argument was that diesel engineering in the UK was still at an early stage and the importing of American technology was politically undesirable Mar 29, 2016 - The 'V499 Project' as it is known was launched in July 2011. The aim is to build a compound cylinder V class locomotive. 16 of the class were built between 1900-1902 and were the largest locomotives ever built by the Victorian Railways at the time. The class were very powerful and highly successful and traveled all over Victoria. . See more ideas about steam locomotive. Rail Thing - New Build Steam Locomotives has 858 members. A place where all new build steam loco projects can share updates, ideas and good practices. This is not a group for sharing opinions on the progress (or lack of) that a project is making. Or whether the group is able to raise sufficient funds to complete the build Second hand live steam model locomotives from gauge 1 to 15 inch gaug

In 1947 Sentinel offered to extend the agreement for diesel vehicles to include the steam locomotives and an agency was accepted by Thomas Hill for sales and servicing. The company became Sentinel (Shrewsbury) Ltd and had developed a new range of diesel lorries. In 1958 the last two Sentinel steam locomotives were delivered marking the end of. No.6880 Betton Grange is a steam locomotive which is under construction as a new-build project, originally based on the Llangollen Railway in Denbighshire, Wales, then subsequently at Tyseley Locomotive Works.Described as building the 81st Grange, the project started in 1998, and the locomotive was earlier expected to be operational by 2013, but subsequently by Autumn 2021 Ex-LMS steam locomotives Addition of 40000, except 2xxxx series renumbered without reference to previous number into the 58xxx series 60000-69999 Ex-LNER steam locomotives Addition of 60000, except 10000 to 60700 70000-79999 BR-design tender steam locomotives New Build: 80000-89999 BR-design tank steam locomotives New Build: 90000-9999 Posted: Mar 18, 2021 @ 06:03:19 by Russell Newman Tyseley Locomotive Works is to be the new home for newbuild GWR Grange Class 4-6-0 No. 6880 Betton Grange as it was announced by its owners the 6880 Betton Grange Society Ltd. have reached an agreement in principle to relocate their assets, including new-build No. 6880 Betton Grange, to a new permanent home at Tyseley Locomotive Works NEW BUILD STEAM LOCOMOTIVES : 2900 'Saint' class (under construction) 4 - 6 - 0 : 2999 Lady of Legend Rebuilt from 'Hall' class, number 4942 Maindy Hall: Didcot Railway Centre: Great Western Steam Railmotor Built 1908 : Steam Railmotor number 93, rebuilt 2011: Didcot Railway Centre: 4300 class, Built 2006 2 - 6 - 0 : 935

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LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado is a 4-6-2 steam locomotive built by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust.Completed in 2008 at the cost of around £3 million, it is the first newly built main line steam locomotive in the UK since Evening Star in 1960. It is the only example of an LNER Peppercorn Class A1 locomotive in existence, the entirety of the original production batch having been. New Build UK. 2,441 likes. News and information about standard gauge steam locomotives in the UK - the main website is www.newbuildsteam.com The prototype locomotive and the first engine to be built at Swindon, Great Western, was built as a 2-2-2 locomotive in April 1846 and June of that year it achieved a speed of 74½mph. It was designed to show how the 2-2-2 express engines could be improved; its 8-foot-diameter driving wheels were a foot larger than those of the successful Fire. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom . Posts to: Europe, United States | See exclusions Delivery: Buy it now - Tornado new build. steam locomotive. Add to Watch list. More to explore: Locomotive Steam Locomotive N Gauge Model Railway Locomotives new, Steam. The Clan Project are building new build steam locomotive 72010 'Hengist', a BR Standard Class 6 locomotive which will run on the UK mainline and preserved railways when completed

New build P2 proposals. No original members of the class were preserved, as all were rebuilt into LNER A2/2 Pacifics by 1944. However, two new engines are now being built: one by the P2 Steam Locomotive Company in the original shape (LNER P2 Class 2007 Prince of Wales), to be. New Items - Last uploaded: 23rd July Show: 6 Products 12 Products 24 Products Sort By: A - Z Z - A Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) 5 inch gauge Ajax 0-4-0 Northern Type Steam Locomotive - History, rosters, specifications, and photos of the 4-8-4 steam locomotives built by ALCO, Baldwin, and Lima. P2 Steam Locomotive Company - Project to develop, build, and operate an improved Gresley class P2 Mikado steam locomotive for mainline and preserved railway use in the UK Well in the UK, new build steam locos like this do work and are used on railtours all over the country and are often used on heritage lines as well so they do work hard, although not as hard as when they would have been in BR service. It has historical value in the sense that most if not all new build locomotives are based on locomotive. The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust. Yesterday at 3:37 AM ·. Elliot Powick CME and Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works under the leadership of Alistair Meanly CME have further progressed the build of GER 789 as the frames near completion. Work undertaken to date includes hot riveting of the front buffer beam to the stiffener and frames.

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Steam locomotive 80150 is a remarkable survivor. She nearly did not make it into the world. 80150 was part of the last batch of five Standard 4 Tanks ever built. British Railways tried to cancel this build due to the impending dieselisation. However, the construction was so far advanced that this final batch had to be completed Mountaineer New Build, York. 1,511 likes · 2 talking about this. Follow the building of a new 2' gauge George England Locomotive As you may be aware, the V499 Project is twinned with another new-build project: the UK based Claud Hamilton Locomotive Group who are building 8783 'Phoenix'. They have recently been featured in a Q&A on the new build steam website. Spare a few minutes to have a read and check them out online too. Claud Hamilton Locomotive Group.. THE A 1 Steam Locomotive Trust's (A 1SLT) new-build Gresley 'P2' No. 2007 Prince of Wales project is aiming to raise at least £50,000 with its new Injectors Club from 50 supporters each donating £1000 plus Gift Aid (in up to four payments of £250). This will fund the acquisition and manufacture of the live and exhaust steam injectors

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The steam business will form a new company called Dampflokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik AG DLM (Steam Locomotive and Machine Works Ltd..) DLM will be headed by Roger Waller and its aim is to develop and to market modern steam locomotives and steam engines for naval purposes In addition we have promoted the idea of legacy giving (including coverage in 'The Daily Telegraph' ) and are approaching corporates. The proposition on which the new build is based is not just that we are building a locomotive but that we are recreating a world which no longer exists for the benefit of current and future generations Welcome to the Official Website for Mamod, the home of British Engineering. We have been manufacturing Mamod live steam models since 1936. Based in Birmingham, Mamod continues to produce high-quality steam engines as it did when it was first established by Geoffrey Malins, right here in the West Midlands Back in October 2000 the Bluebell Railway announced its intention to reconstruct a Brighton H2 Atlantic based on SR/BR period 'Beachy Head', the loco that was cut up at Eastleigh just before the Bluebell was formed. This project was no pipe dream. The Bluebell already had a boiler and tender frame and wheels, plus many of the smaller parts Following the success of the new 4-6-2 Tornado in the UK, numerous other projects have popped up to build new steam locomotives. The site was recently updated (November 2016) to a new format and it looks as if updates will be made more regularly

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Thanks to Ron's very generous gift to The Holden F5 Steam Locomotive Trust Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works were in the position to proceed with the construction of GER 789's frames. Within a few days our CME Elliot Powick was having detailed talks with Alistair Meanley, CME of Tyseley Steam Locomotive Works resulting in a Schedule of Works. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has announced a new £40,000 appeal - The Turbogen Club - to fund the first of the two turbo-generators required to power the modern electrical system necessary for No. 2007 Prince of Wales to operate on the Network Rail main line. To find out more and to join the club follow this link

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The Tornado, the first brand-new steam engine to be built in Britain since 1960, leaves the Great Central Railway station in Loughborough, Leicestershire, today, for the first time with paying. Mid-Norfolk Base for B17 New-Build Project. The project to construct a new-build LNER B17 4-6-0 is now based at the Mid-Norfolk Railway. The concept was launched by the North British Locomotive Preservation Group in 2008 and is now being progressed by the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust which was formed earlier this year

One of the five standard model gauges recommended by a subcommittee of the Society of Model Engineers on 1st February 1899 5 gauge is now the favoured choice of enthusiasts who want to experience the exhilaration of driving their own live steam locomotive. There is something quintessentially British about the innate enthusiasm we seem to have. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT) is recruiting again and is seeking an Engineering Technician (Steam Locomotive & Coach Fitter). A1SLT is the UK's premier organisation for the building of brand new full-size steam locomotives and is now seeking a further Engineering Technician to join the team. We require an additional locomotive fitter. The new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 is being built at The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust's Darlington Locomotive Works. The Works are open to the public on the first and third Saturday of each month, the latter a day that coincides with NELPG also opening their doors to visitors - 11:00hrs to 16:00hrs

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The builder of Corris locomotives 1, 2 & 3 delivered in November 1878, was the Hughes' Locomotive & Tramway Engine Works, Loughborough. It eventually became part of the Brush Electrical Machines Ltd, Falcon Works, Loughborough and still exists today. The researcher George Toms assured the Society that no plans exist of the locomotive Too many projects on going already, including a newly arrived B1!... 5 Gauge Live Steam Achilles 0-6-0 Tank Loco. 5 gauge locomotives and parts - Coventry (West Midlands) -. June 1, 2021 Pound £3,750. 5 Gauge Achilles 0-6-0 tank loco. Hydraulic test has 2 years remaining. Steam test has 12 months remaining

This being a new build project, they estimate the cost to be $10 million with an expected completion date of 2030. Odd Fact: The T-1's were not well liked despite being considered free steaming locomotives. Most were scrapped before the much older K4 class of Pennsy steam locomotives were taken out of service. Links: The T1 Trust YouTub Published Wednesday, March 3, 2010. 'Tornado' has passed its first annual maintenance exams. E&T looks at the revived skills and the modern techniques that have brought the UK's newest steam locomotive onto the mainline, after 20 years of determination to make the dream a reality. Amongst 2009's gloomy stories about the state of the.

An old engraving of a Victorian 'road steamer' carrying a coal wagon, made by Robert T, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. It is from a mechanical engineering book of the 1880s. This steam locomotive featured rubber tyres on its three wheels and, unusually for the time, the driver sat at the front of the vehicle Locomotive Builders are listed below, ordered by the number of their locomotives in our database. Click on the 'List' link next to a builder to see all locomotives built by that company. List. Baldwin Locomotive Works. 1466 The 21-ton steel frames for the new-build locomotive being constructed by The P2 Steam Locomotive Company were rolled at Tata Steel in Scunthorpe on April 23. Traditionally, a locomotive is identified by its frames hence the project to construct Prince of Wales took physical form on St. George's Day 2014

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New Build Steam Locomotive 'Tornado' at Darlington Locomotive Works, Darlington. Steam locomotive, old locomotive, old steam, Skarżysko-Kamienna UK: steam locomotive 73096 BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0 No.3 at Alresford Station. Close-up of the driving wheels. Black and white film photograph, circa 1996 Mulwala, New South Wales / Australia. Define 'commercial'. This is 60163 Tornado - built in 2008 as a brand new steam locomotive. Tornado hauls railtours on the UK's mainlines, sharing the rails with high speed diesel and electric trains. Services hauled by Tornado are run by a privat.. Posted: Jul 28, 2018 @ 11:07:25 by Russell Newman. Edgar is a new build narrow gauge steam locomotive that was built by North Bay Railway Engineering Co. at their workshop in Darlington and entered service this year. The locomotive is a replica of a Decauville 0-4-0T and is owned by John Sutton and is now part of the Moseley Railway Trust fleet A major landmark in the progress of the new build Corris Railway steam locomotive, Falcon No. 10, was reached in the week ending June 25th when the wheels and motion moved for the first time. This significant event took place courtesy of compressed air, and some temporary pipework fittings, at the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd near Ross-on-Wye

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Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads; Board index Manufacturers: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Equipment New Build Steam by Pensyfan19 - Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:01 pm. 5 Replies 908 Views 90mph steam run in UK by Chafford1 - Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:14 pm. 5 Replies 9075 View New-Build Central at the Llangollen Railway. Published 18th May 2012. Three new-build steam locomotive projects. Visitors to the 6880 Betton Grange Society's April 21-29 'Steel, Steam & Stars III' gala were able to view progress on no less than three new-build steam locomotive projects at Llangollen New LNER P2 2-8-2. A surprise came as the manufacturer unveiled plans to re-tool its Railroad P2 2-8-2 locomotive Cock 'o The North - a less than seven-year-old model. This all-new model will cater for variants among the class, from new-build No. 2007 Prince of Wales, to No. 2002 Earl Marischal or streamlined No. 2003 Lord President The Bluebell Railway has the UK's largest and most comprehensive collection of locomotives from the former Southern Railway and its three main constituents. It also, surprisingly, has the largest collection of BR standard design steam locomotives. This is the finest collection outside of the National Railway Museum in York

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The A1 steam locomotive Trust has set about putting this right by building a new one - the first new LNER pacific since the 1940's. They are doing this at the steam centre in the former carriage works at Hopetown, Darlington, which they've styled as 'Darlington Locomotive Works' Currently the frames, cylinders, motion, wheels, leading truck and. Victorian Steam Locomotive Company. 31 August 2018 ·. As you may be aware, the V499 Project is twinned with another new-build project: the UK based Claud Hamilton Locomotive Group who are building 8783 'Phoenix'. They have recently been featured in a Q&A on the new build steam website

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The new build steam locomotive Tornado may look like something from a bygone age but it was, in fact, completed in 2008, built from scratch by a dedicated team of volunteers. In the last decade the engine has found fame on large and small screen, appearing in the PADDINGTON 2 movie and starring in Top Gear's 'Race to the North' The Corris Railway has released an update on their new build steam locomotive 0-4-2ST Falcon No.10 and upgrades to Corris Station. Following a similar design to No.3, the Falcon will gain a few changes to improve working conditions for crews and give passengers a better experience. A taller cab with..

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Select a Locomotives Steam category: 0-4-0T. 101 Class. 21 Class Pug. 2MT Ivatt Class Tank. 2MT Standard Class. 3200 Earl Class. 3MT BR Standard Class Tank. 4000 Star Class I have always wanted to visit the Llangollen Railway but had never been. As part of the trip, we had organized a visit to the workshop and saw working being done on the LMS Patriot project locomotive 5551 The Unknown Warrior. There was also partial new build steam locomotive 6880 Breton Grange, LNER locomotives and GWR Pannier 6430

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Statfold Engineering To Construct Traverser For Corris Station As Cab Parts Are Delivered For New Steam Locomotive 9th April 2021 9th April 2021 John Simms 0 Comment Press Releases Following successful ongoing fund raising and planning there are significant landmarks with progress for two major projects in the revival of the Corris Railway 1,037. 253. 2 Nov 2019. #1. Just to give a heads up about the recently announced Regner Heisler available ready to run or in kit form from: Jason Kovac at 'The Train Department'. The Train Department is pleased to announce the first joint project with Regner and The Train Department. It has been a project in development since 2018 and happy to.

Live Steam Locomotive I bought my Stirling Single as part built rolling chassis from Station Road Steam. I have completed this engine to what many people tell me is 'Museum' standard, the difference being that this one actually works Revell BR01 1/87th scale steam locomotive model kit build and review 3,110,450 views Lightning McQueen and Bellsouth Racing vs Thomas - Slot Cars and Bachmann Train 60163 Tornado on the turntable at York shed. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta 1956. Headquarters. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom. Products. agriculture machinery lorry, railway locomotives. Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd was a British company based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England that made steam powered lorries (road locomotives), railway locomotives and later diesel engined lorries and locomotives