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Curls can be curtains for a party look. Love your Hair Easy Hairstyles with Dove from hairstyles for 8 years old girl. 1 Year Old Black Baby Girl Hairstyles All American Parents Magazine from hairstyles for 8 years old girl. Here you are at our website, article above (hairstyles for 8 years old girl) published by girlatastartup.com cute hairstyles for 8 year old girls sample: Love your Hair Easy Hairstyles with Dove from cute hairstyles for 8 year old girls. Hair Styles Girls Unique 29 Terrific Hairstyles for 8 Years Old Girl from cute hairstyles for 8 year old girls. There are many endearing hairstyles for both teenager and adolescent girls Cutting hair with an emphasis to one side is another very trendy option to leave a little length on a short haircut for 9 to 10 year old girls. With the extra length, you can curl, tousle and tease to get the look that you, and your little girl, like. 11. Twist Slide your fingers through the hair, moving it away from baby's head. When you reach the desired length, carefully cut right underneath, always keeping your fingers between the scissors and your baby. Keep going — take small sections and trim. Take care to note how much hair you're cutting off, so it ends up all the same length. 4

Cut the hair short, like a bob cut style. Then run the comb and cut small sections of hair that run through the bristles. When it comes to the hair around the ears, cut them around and do not leave any on the ears. Also, the side locks should be short and tapering. Keep cutting till you achieve the desired length Jul 16, 2021 - Explore Lyanna Moore's board Baby girl hairstyles , followed by 279 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about baby girl hairstyles, girl hairstyles, kids hairstyles All you need is a clean hair cut and you can style them any way you want or who knows you cna make your own style. To help you we have here hand picked some of the best little girl hair style ideas. Some of the most popular hairstyle among little girls are bob hairstyle, braided hairstyle and long hairstyle When it comes to little girl haircuts, you have so many cool options available and probably the best one among them is the layered hairstyle. The hair is cut into layers forming sort of sections to create a perfect look overall. The hair is swept to a side to create a cuter vibe. 43. Short Bob With Bangs 8 Beautiful Cute Hairstyles for girls | Hair Style Girl | Trendy Hairstyles | Tuto coiffures simples pour tous les joursDans ce tuto coiffure je vous montre..

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1 Pretty hairstyles for baby girls -2-year-old. 1.1 1 - Baby hairstyle with bow clip. 1.2 2 - Double clip baby hairstyle. 1.3 3 - Baby hairstyle with flower. 1.4 4 - Double braid with bow. 1.5 5 - Two pigtails with bows. 1.6 6 - Two onion style pigtails. 1.7 7 - Two natural pigtails. 1.8 8 - Cute & funny pointed ponytail #25: Mid Back Cut for Girls with Thick Hair. Girls with long hair often face a battle with dry ends and damaged hair cuticles. Sometimes, the only solution of bringing long locks back to their original healthy state is cutting them a little bit shorter. The mid-back haircut with slightly curled ends is sleek and bouncy

5. A Spiky Updo Haircut. A spiky hairdo is one of the most appealing Indian baby hair cutting styles for toddlers. If well cut, this is a haircut that can surely make your baby look groomed and elegant. And then, you can be sure, that your mischief-loving boy toddler will surely love this adorable style. 6 Tousled styles are great for baby girls who have thinner hair. A short little girls bob look is a beautiful choice which has been chosen by many celebrities for their baby girls. Tousling a style will help her hair to look thicker until her hair grows longer. 42. Lightly Curled Bo Most of the time, little girls have fine hair which is not very long. That's why you need to spend some time coming up with a new hairstyle. We considered all the pros and cons of each hairstyle we researched and came up with a shortlist of 45 best haircuts and hairstyles for toddler girls to make your search for the next hairdo easier

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Hair Bun Shaper Set, Include 3 Pieces Hair Bun Donut, 2 Pieces Bun Marker, 4 Pieces Ponytail Hair Tool, 10 Pieces Bobby Pins and 2 Pieces Elastic Bands for Women Kids Hair Bun Maker Kit (Brown) 3.9 out of 5 stars. 1,886. $7.99. $7 Pick mild shampoos that are specifically formulated for the soft baby hair to keep your baby's mane shiny and smooth. Styling baby hair. You won't have much hair care if your baby doesn't have much hair at all. Trimming and keeping it short is a smart shortcut! If you decide to let your baby's hair grow, you'll have to multiply the. Little Girl Asymmetrical Bob Hair Cut. The sassy hairstyle which promises your baby girl a stunningly gorgeous look. It is a bob cut with longer hair on the sides giving the old retro style a contemporary touch. The back is shorter and the front is longer

Long Straightened Hair - A natural haircut for a 7 year old girl Braiding Hair - Lovely haircuts for 7 year old girl. We can say that twin side braiding is one of the simplest and loveliest hairstyle for a 7 year old girl. In spite of its simplicity, this hairstyle is still able to draw attention to your baby's innocent face It is best to cut your baby's hair dry to avoid any nasty surprises (it will seem longer when damp). Start at the nape of the neck because that is the area where the hair grows most quickly. Hold the locks in the air and between your fingers (as shown in the photo) for maximum safety Frizzy hair in little black girls is challenging to style. With this updo, your daughter will feel amazing. And she'll be able to play and dance all night long; feeling beautiful and energized. 3. Twisted Updo. via Pinterest/mrs c. A twisted updo will make little girls get a taste of adulthood Hapgo Girls Beauty Salon Set Pretend Play Stylist Hair Cutting Kit Hairdresser Toys with Hair Dryer, Scissors, Barber Apron and Styling Accessories 4.3 out of 5 stars 283 $17.99 $ 17 . 9

Run a fine-tooth comb through bottom section to make sure all the hair is going in the same direction and divide into a left and a right section. Cut right section first. Hold hair, with slight. The plain bob cut hair with a light fringe is cute and cool all at the same time. It looks good with the school uniform as well as the pretty and colourful frocks and jeans. It is very versatile and clears off from the face. Different ways to style this Hairdo: Braiding the hair in 2 parts will add zing to the style Cutting your baby's hair can even be a fun experience (after a bit of practice) and something you can do together to bond throughout the upcoming years. salon-style scissors (or those used.

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  1. Like all of my babies, Wallace didn't have much hair for the first year of his life. In fact, I think he may have been the baldest of all 4. I never imagined in 3 years I'd be stressing about how to manage a full head of my kid's curly hair. I mean, I don't have to stress. We could just cut it all off, but also, there's no way we could
  2. The time to cut depends on the hair. While it would be nice if there were a set magical time frame of when to cut the hair, it is simply based on the hair of the child. If the heartburn during the pregnancy produced a baby born with long, luscious curls, they will need a cut sooner than a balder baby
  3. Inside: Looking for mixed girl hairstyles? This cute and easy style for biracial curly hair can easily be turned into several different ones! When you have a child with biracial hair, you're going to need to get acquainted with protective hairstyles.. Now that my daughter is getting older, much of the time her hair is in protective hairstyles.She's so active that if we left it down all the.
  4. Honestly don't freak out. It's so common now. The average age for girls to get their period is 10 now. My daughter started getting pubic hair at 10 but had armpit hair at 9. She 11 this summer and still doesn't have her period (thank God.) She has quite a few friends that have pubic hair and periods (according to their moms.) It's ok
  5. Curious which baby names stole the show last year? From new classics like Levi to tried-and-true faves like Charlotte, here are the top boy and girl names of 2020, according to the Social Security.

Speaking of trends—hair cutting style trends keep on changing every year and there is almost always a new rage for you to go gaga on. It's 2020 now and the hair trend universe is already buzzing with brand new trends, so get ready to go crazy with your haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours To cut your baby's hair, start by making sure they're fed and well-rested so they're not cranky during the haircut. Then, set up a bath with some fun toys to keep them calm and distracted. Next, put your baby in the bath, dampen their hair, and divide it into 2-inch sections Your baby's first haircut isn't a medical procedure, and contrary to popular belief, cutting a child's hair will not make it grow faster. It's up to the parents to decide when to cut their baby's hair for the first time. Babies are usually born with a little hair. Some have a full head of hair, while others are born with just a few. This is the hairstyle if you would like to style your little girl's hair in a way that gives off the illusion the hair is longer than it is. All you ought to do is pull the hair strands back into an updo with twists or braids and a bun. Also, feel free to add in a larger bow or flower in order to secure the loose locks that might try falling out 6Shirley Temple curls - Cute little girl hairstyles. In this adorable retro style, hair is flat twisted in the front, and spiral curled in the back. A style with variety, this look can be worn out as pictured, in a ponytail, or even two pigtails. Because twists are not as tight and long-lasting as braids, have your daughter wear a satin.

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FKA twigs. If your baby hairs are on the longer side, let singer FKA twigs be your muse. Slick them down with a flake-free holding gel, like Eco Professional Styling Gel Olive Oil, and then shape. Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme. I started using Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme. My four-month-old baby girl has thick curly locks and it was becoming somewhat of a chore to comb out her hair. I use a small amount of the Buttercreme at night (I either wash or wet her hair during bath time) and comb out her hair Fancy Short Mohawk Hairstyle. Party Hairstyle Of Baby Girl. Pig Tail Hairstyle Of Cute Baby. Pink Ribbon Hairstyle. Pretty Baby Short Bob Hairstyle. Short Hair Of Baby Girl. Tiara Hairstyle For Baby Girl. Baby Short Blonde Chin Length Hair. Baby Girl Bangs Hairstyle

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Hair elastics. How To Style. Tie your baby girl's hair into a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into 2 sections. Individually twist both the sections in a clockwise direction right till the ends. Intertwine both the twisted sections with each other in an anticlockwise direction till the end. Secure the end with a hair elastic. 17. Bumped Up. To cut a girl's hair, start by washing her hair and then lightly drying it so it's still damp but not soaked. Then, use a comb to gently brush out her hair and part it the way she usually parts it. Next, starting at the back, take a section of hair between your forefinger and middle finger and use sharp scissors to cut off 1/2-2 inches 2. Short yet Wavy Shag. This haircut is one of the trendy haircuts for teenage girls. Heavily layers, as seen in this haircut, are perfect for the girls with thick hair. The cut is longer from the front and rest cut in the straight shape. The layer around the cheekbone gives movement and way to the style '70s-style bangs are a small tweak that can make any existing haircut feel fresh for the new year. The retro look can be adapted by virtually any hair texture, including natural hair like Yara. Things are getting really chaotic down at this kid-friendly salon today. Can you help each one of the salon's young customers and create a perfect hairstyle for each one? You'll need to wash their hair before you grab the scissors and collect their money before they head off on their way. Girlsgogames.com. Girls Games

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  1. Like many mullets, the style seen at Thebe Magugu's fall 2021 show has a ton of texture, but it is brought out through the actual cut of the hair, as opposed to a natural pattern. Here, the hair.
  2. Including new designs, some old and classic hairstyles are also back with the new look in trending hairstyles this year. We also get inspired by some popular media personality's hairstyles. Every man has a different type of hairs such as thick hair, rare hair, straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair etc
  3. A too-brisk scalp massage can stress hair follicles and speed up hair loss or breakage. Comb your baby's hair with a soft-bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb that won't snag on tangles or pull your baby's hair. Avoid headbands or ponytails that pull your baby's hair back too tightly, which can damage it

8. Youthful Hair Is Shiny. Frizzy hair is an issue that becomes inevitable as you age, so it's essential to tame your frizz. Always remember to blow dry your hair, and use a spray if necessary. Shiny and healthy hair can help you pass for 10 years younger than you really are 37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls Whether it's a walk down the aisle as flower girl or just the first day of school, these adorable hairdos have got your little one's locks covered. by. Once you have fishtail braided right till the end, secure it with a hair elastic. Loosen the braid to give it some dimension and cut off the hair elastic at the top of your braid to finish off the look. 9. Ideal Rope Braid. source. Rope braid is the latest hairstyles for girls with long hair Farano and rocktation you can move to the appropriate section. 4 Likes. Re: 30+ Hairstyles To Make Your Baby Girl Beautifully Cute. Who's the cutest?? by Dandsome: 3:51pm On Jun 21, 2016

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your daughter is beautiful. i have many of the same problems doing my 6 yr olds hair. she is a little older but she has very fine slick hair and it can be a pain. i have the rubberband comb as well and would love to buy a backup if you can tell me how to go about that. instead of traditional gel i use the got to be yellow spike hair glue. i always have to wet her hair to do it so I spray. 20 Cute Natural Hairstyles for Little Girls. 265,702 Views. 2 min read. From pony puffs to decked out cornrow designs to braided styles, natural hairstyles for little girls can be the cutest added bonus to their precious little faces. When it comes to our little girls, as mothers, we want them to step out in style and hair on fleek 4. Long Bob With Side Bangs. This one is a classic cut for medium length hair and fortunately, is as easy as it looks - all you need to do is get a fringe with equal length hair for a simplistic look.If you wish to keep things minimalistic but refuse to compromise on the style quotient, then this new haircut for girls should definitely be on your priority list

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It's Nature's Baby Organics Conditioner & Detangler in the Vanilla-Tangerine scent. Tip #4: Learn about curly-hair. This sounds basic, but it's so important, especially if your child's hair is different than your own. One of the most awesome books that I'd recommend for curly hair is Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Tip #5: Buy hair. Product Title Kids Dolls Styling Head Makeup Comb Hair Toy Doll Se Average rating: 1.8 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews 5 ratings Current Price $38.91 $ 38 . 91 - $50.99 $ 50 . 9 Get an account and. Save your favorite games. Interact with other gamers. Play Massive Multiplayer Online Games! Compete and win award Hairstyles for Girls and Women: You should select the best hairstyle with beautiful and Cute style that will keep an awesome feeling.If you are searching a beautiful hairstyles for girls or new latest hairstyles for women that look wonderful just see our Best hairstyles images and Pictures collection that provide Modern and Easy styles for an elegant appearance 8. Sleek and Straight. Blow-dry hair straight, and then go over it with a flat-iron. Finish with a smoothing serum for ultra-silky frizz-free strands. Michael Tran/Getty Images. 9. Loose Curly Afro. You can  do an afro even if you don't have super-coily hair. Pick it out and apply a little gel so it holds its shape

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  1. A serious compulsion to pick at split ends can be a sign of trichotillomania, according to this We Women article.. Desperate to even out my haircut (and clearly, my life), I sent an SOS email to Cervando Maldonado.The co-founder of 454 North Salon, who's also known for the coveted cuts and styles of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, and more was game for giving my.
  2. This hair is known as lanugo and it grows on babies in the womb. It usually falls off before the baby is born but some that are born early will still have it. This hair should gradually rub off over time, though it is common for this hair to remain present up to 4-5 months of age. 12
  3. Depending on the lunar calendar, boys receive their first hair cut in their odd year and girls in even year. The ritual of cutting the first hair is called Daah' Urgeeh. It is a big occasion for a whole family when guests are invited. Each guest cuts a strand of hair, saying his wishes to the child, and gives a gift
  4. Bangs are the conclusion an 8-year-old would come to if asked to get their hair out of their face. It's like if you wanted more light in your room, so you cut a hole in the curtain, wrote Diana Tourjee for Vice in a piece called Bangs Are Not An OK Hairstyle For Adults . Bangs very rarely look good on people, and never, ever.

Chop your hair in style. Here are 8 trendy haircuts for girls with shoulder length hair if you are looking for a change. TRENDING; Go for this hair cut if you want to look sexy and edgy Barbie Deluxe 20pc Glitter and Go Styling Head, Black Hair. Barbie. 4.8 out of 5 stars with 39 ratings. 39. $24.99. Shipping not available. Not at your store FOK 5 Pieces Floral Flower Elastic Head Hair Bands For Babies Kids Girls. by FOK. 69. ₹320.00. ₹320. . 00. ₹761.00. ₹761.00 (₹64.00/count) Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹499.00

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  1. One way that we have saved a LOT of money over the years is by cutting hair at home. I have been cutting my husband's hair since we got married (13 years ago!) and all of the boys' hair from about age 2 1/2 and up. (I like to hang on to the baby hair as long as possible, so when they were babies they would get a trim when I got my hair cut!
  2. The Buzz Cut is a classic 1-year-old baby boy hairstyles for black hair that is my personal favorite. It doesn't need any introductions. Personally, when I was a young boy, this is the haircut I got. A straight-up buzz cut with no questions asked. It's perfect in hot weather, easy to maintain, easy to wash off and clean
  3. Breeching was the occasion when a small boy was first dressed in breeches or trousers. From the mid-16th century until the late 19th or early 20th century, young boys in the Western world were unbreeched and wore gowns or dresses until an age that varied between two and eight. Various forms of relatively subtle differences usually enabled others to tell little boys from little girls, in codes.
  4. hair, hair styles, short hairstyles, short hair, short haircuts, hair styles 2011, hair cuts, short hairstyles pictures. Pull off the cool short haircut ideas below with ease, especially if you're eager to put your sculpting skills to a fab test. It's time for a new look that wows all hair fans around you. Match the perfect length and style to.

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Plus, it's a hair style that can help keep knots at bay. What it looks like: The hair is cut straight across the bottom slightly above the shoulders and below the chin. Bobs can be layered, wavy, or cut in a French style, where the hair sits just above the chin and the bangs are close to the eyebrows Kids' Haircuts. Clipper Cut with blending. Short Layers. Short Layers with medium bangs. Textured Undercut. Style Tip. Kids need conditioner, too. It enhances body and volume, makes styling easier, and helps hair look smooth and healthy. Style Tip Her hair is still a disaster zone. Having 3 boys and a girl, I've never previously worried about how to brush hair. I've simply cut it short and that's it. I'm not sure that technique is going to cut the mustard with my little princess and her snowy white baby hair. She has really fine hair and brushing it is a nightmare

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But the question of when you should take your baby to get their first hair cut is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.. Because of course all babies are different: one of the mums in our team says all her little ones were born with full heads of hair so they went for the chop after a few months, while another says her little girl only needed her first haircut aged 6 - and even. Keep the curling iron for 5 to 10 seconds and then unfold the curlers. This cut is ideal for all the girls with long to medium length of hair. You would definitely rock the party with this very easy and regular hairstyle. { 8 } Deep Parted Wavy Hair For Medium Length Hair With Side Bangs. Ideal for oval, square and diamond faces Thankfully, NYC's top children's hair salons pull out all the stops to turn haircuts into a fun experience for families, plying young clients with balloons, bubbles, cartoons, toys, funky chairs, and lots of coddling. Here are 8 kid-friendly salons where you can take your tot for (hopefully tear-free) haircuts in Manhattan And don't forget to let your tot know that only a hairdresser, Mom or Dad is allowed to cut your hair. Anna Guglielmo, a hairstylist in Oshawa, Ont., has seen her share of wee clients—boys and girls—who've chopped their own locks. She recommends parents head to a professional to fix an unsupervised trim

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The short pixie hair cut looks pretty and cute with for young girls. You can style the long front layers into side bangs to frame your face better. Braids are still being deeply beloved by girls this year. But they tend to be more and more casual yet still look very chic December 2010. DD's mullet was seriously down to her shoulderblades before I finally bit the bullet and cut it at about 10 months. Now her hair is back down to about shoulder-length but nice and even. I was very glad I did it. It was much easier to maintain and style and keep looking nice once the mullet was gone On our book tour, people wanted to know how I planned to style my unborn baby's hair. Knowing already that it was a boy, I sidestepped that question figuring his hair wouldn't require styling. Three years later, I had another baby boy and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I'd dodged a bullet with hair issues for my kids

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8. Feather Haircut: For busy girls out there, this haircut is a great option to go for. You do not have to do much with your hair. They are very well cut, which help to look put together even if you have not tied your hair. Only doing long beads is only to be tough. Or else, all hairstyles will look flattering in this hair cut hairstyles for 12 year old girls and also hairdos have actually been incredibly popular amongst guys for several years, and also this fad will likely rollover right into 2017 and beyond. The fade haircut has actually normally been catered to guys with short hair, however recently, guys have been integrating a high discolor with medium or long hair ahead Style your child's hair with snag-free accessories. Look for hair elastics that are covered with satin or another smooth fabric and never use rubber bands in place of hair elastics. If you braid her hair, ensure the braids are not too tight because the resulting tugging can cause hair breakage. Maintain an adequate, well-balanced diet for your. Production Year: 2019. J&J Copy Leader: Style baby or toddler hair using a wide tooth comb or brush and Johnson's® No More Tangles® detangling spray. you may want hair all one length with no bangs. If your child has very thick or wavy hair, a layered haircut can help cut back the tangles. Comb Hair When Wet

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Cut the hair in a straight line. Pull all of the girl's hair to the back. Cut a straight line, with your scissors at 11 o'clock, to create a soft textured line. Do this by holding a section of the hair with your fingers, and then snipping off the desired amount Mixed race baby hair change is not a new thing or something to be worried about these days. There are a lot of mixed race baby hair care products that will help you navigate through caring for your baby's hair. When To Expect Mixed Race Babies Hair Change. To understand this, let's first know when a baby's hair grows for it to change If this is your first time with a short cut, this is perhaps a bit edgy. This is one of the pixie cuts of 2018 that made the top of the list. Going from a long-pixie cut to this style may be less of a shock. This style will require the hair stylist to use a set of clippers to get the hair short on the shortest sides Another strategy is to make creative barriers to hair-pulling. For example, some parents cut their children's hair short, or put a hat or gloves on their child at night if that is the time the. Cutting your own hair might seem like a great way to downsize your spendings, but most of us have learned that it isn't exactly an option as early as our childhood. These smart kids probably had the best intentions, too, but after spending some time with scissors unattended, they've probably cried seeing their bad haircuts

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Yara Shahidi's Baby Hair The accentuated baby hair, center part, tight coils = everything . To style your baby hair, use a rattail comb and Hick's Edge Pomade ($14) for a long-lasting hold Of course, if your baby has a lot of hair and you feel it needs trimming before you want to take him for a real haircut, you can do the job yourself at home. Just be prepared for a less-than-perfect outcome. A good, clean pair of shears will make it easier to cut quickly and evenly - old scissors can pull hair, causing uneven cuts There's little to no need for gel, pomade or curl-enhancers. Instead, let a child's hair flourish on its own with a daily brushing (with soft-bristle brushes), combing and a small amount of hair oil or conditioner. A spritz from a water bottle can help work through tangles if necessary. To finish off the style, one or two barrettes is fine Layered cuts are the best option for baby fine thin hair, as they provide texture and give the roots more lift. If you prefer to keep your hair on the longer side, try a shoulder grazing cut with layers that enhance the bone structure of your face. The bob is a good choice for baby fine thin hair, as it creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair There are numerous hairstyles for girls with medium hair to check out in the coming year. These include some fun looks that will stand out from anyone. Recommended Posts. Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair; Side-Swept Dutch Braid; The Dutch braid can be added along the front for this style. It includes a nice border for the face. Sweeping Sid It has saved my life. OMG in the last month I have been following your hair care and my 8 year old's crazy curly mix hair is so much easier to deal with on a day to day basis. Her hair is almost to her lower back when wet and pulled straight but the curls up to her shoulder blades. I just wish I would have known about this 8 years ago