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Like any hardwood, Ipe is a natural wood product that can vary in consistency in grain pattern, color and sapwood. When it comes to Ipe, we have an in-depth grading system to ensure that you have exactly what you need. Once the Ipe arrives at OHC, we hand sort Ipe surface decking in two distinct grades: #1 and #2 Grade Number 1 Grade, also known as FEQ or First European Quality, is the highest grade of Ipe. In order to be considered a number 1 grade, the Ipe board must be free of sapwood with no defects, splits, holes, or rough faces. The board must also be clear on 4 sides with a straight grain, that means no tiger stripes or reverse grain Like any hardwood, Ipe is a natural wood product that can vary in consistency in grain pattern, color, and sapwood. I can't speak for every importer, but TimberTown's source for Ipe is Overseas Hardwoods Company and they hand sort their Ipe surface decking in two distinct grades: Number 1 and Number 2 Grade. Number 1 Grade, also known as FEQ or. Random Lengths and Lumber Grades. Random Lengths are just that random length boards that add up to whatever total linear foot you ordered. We do random orders in any size we select from 6′-22′ (although 6′ and 22′ would be very rare). If you need specific lengths for a project, you should buy specific length boards

Mill Grade; Inspected by Unit Sampling Grading Face, Back Face and Edges: Include - Mix of COM/SEL and FEQ Grades. GRADE NOTES AD - Lumber is air dried on sticks to allow for ventilation during transport and storage . Lumber will typically have moisture content of 18% and higher. KD - Lumber will be dried to have moisture content of 18% or lower Ipe Decking Grade Differences. At Advantage Trim and Lumber, we sell only two grades of Ipe decking, Grade A (Premium Grade) and Grade B (Rustic Grade). GRADE A: This clear grade is considered to be the highest grade. Our premium grade Ipe has the most uniform colors and the longest length of planks. Many of our customers request our premium.

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Rustic Grade Decking from AdvantageLumber.com. Building a Dock With Character - Rustic Ipe Wood as a Dock Discover what one homeowner was able to accomplish with Rustic (2nd grade) Ipe decking. The character / b-grade Ipe that he purchased gave him a significant price savings. and a safe surface for his children to walk on Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood is one of the world's most unique woods, but many architects, designers and builders have been refusing to use it. It is a stunning exotic wood that's ideal for decking, but ipe presents many environmental issues that shouldn't be overlooked

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  1. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives! Our Ipe Decking is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource
  2. Premium Grade lumber is our best grade. 99% of the boards that are premium grade are clear. Meaning, that the boards are free of defects and show amazing grain pattern without any holes or knots on the boards themselves. There is no higher quality wood than our premium grade. We try to offer different woods to fit every one of your needs
  3. Ipe Wood. When purchasing from us you can buy with confidence. Ipe wood is the gold standard of hardwoods. There is no other wood better than Ipe for outdoor use. Actually so dense that it is 8X harder than domestic woods like California Redwood. Typically people that have chosen Ipe have done their research and that's why they are here
  4. 1 x 6 Ipe Wood Decking - B-Grade. $3.86 | $5.14. Advantage Lumber. Details. Save $0.43 5/4 x 4 Ipe Shiplap Siding. From $3.91 | $4.34. Advantage Lumber. Details Quick Shop. Page 1 of 2 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE We are proud partners with: CUSTOMER INFORMATION. Everything You Need To Kno
  5. Ipe Wood is the King of Tropical Decking. Beautiful color, high durability, and stability that will outlast your home. Ipe has earned a world class great reputation by being one of the only hardwood decking products that will last as long as you own your house. It has a 40 plus year lifespan, and this Brazilian tropical hardwood will add value.
  6. Ipe is known as the pinnacle of hardwood decking materials, but not all Ipe is created equal. Perhaps you have purchased an Ipe deck and the material that sh..
  7. Each pack comes with high-grade 305 stainless steel screws with painted heads and a T15 torx drive. These are the best screws available for decking and are great for salt water applications! Learn more about the Ipe Clip ® system. Standard: $ 96.00 per box. Extreme®: $ 119.00 per box. ExtremeKD®: $ 119.00 per box

1 x 6 B-Grade Ipe Wood Decking. Rustic Decking (aka 2nd Grade, B-Grade, & Character Grade decking) is an excellent choice because it provides a low maintenance decking surface. You also receive significant cost savings over clear grade decking. Below you'll find a video that highlights the advantages of choosing this specialty decking solution. Ipe Depot is the manufacturer of premium grade Ipe wood decking, lumber, fencing and siding. We import direct from our factories in Brazil to ensure the highest quality Ipe wood and that your are getting sustainably harvested Ipe wood delivered direct to your home or job site

IPE Decking Cons. Having a hard deck that can last 50 years is never a bad thing, but IPE has a few serious cons. The biggest issues are the fact it can be expensive, and it's harder to work with than other forms of decking. Due to its hardness, the overall cost of installation can be high on this already pricey product The minute Mahogany, Ipe, or Teak becomes part of the equation, a different set of standards has to be observed that is usually much more specific to the species. At the turn of the last century when NHLA standards were set up, the furniture industry was still leading the pack in hardwood lumber consumption ABS Wood carries a full line of Ipe woods including decking, lumber and handrails. Visit us for the best Ipe hardwood decking at great prices. Call us at 352-508-4990 or 404-549-4840 today Ipe Woods USA was founded to provide the lowest cost, highest quality Ipe wood to customers. Having integrity in our dealings and offering not just Ipe but high grade. With multiple shipping locations in the U.S.A., we can provide the least expensive Ipe and shipping to customers

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The difference is in the grade. Ipe, like any other species of wood, is produced to different gradeband quality standards. In the absence of official grading rules for hardwood decking, Iron Woods® set its own standards over 50 years ago. Consumers, Architects and Building professionals recognize the Iron Woods Premium Select Architectural. Northwest Hardwoods - Headquarters 1313 Broadway, Suite 300 Tacoma, WA 98402 253-568-6800. For All Sales Inquires: 800-553-534 In Canada, all the Ipe I've seen has no grading. Same for certain oaks, walnut, mahogany and other exotic woods that all come rough or quarter sawn and have to be planed. The National Lumber Grades Authority, AFAIK, has no involvement. Ipe, again. Ipe is one of the finest natural wood decking materials on the market today. Thompson Mahogany Company has been a leading importer of Ipe decking for 20 years. We maintain one of the largest inventories of Ipe in the United States and have a wholesale customer base throughout the US and Canada. Pronounced e-pay, Ipe is widely recognized. Ipe deck tiles are an ideal solution for rooftop decks, events, or projects requiring access below the decking surface. Available in a standard 2'x2' square, deck tiles combined with a pedestal system allow for pipes, wires, and other equipment to remain under the deck with easy access to these elements if necessary. Dimensions: 2'x2'

Within ipe wood are natural oils that preserve it; combined with the wood's exceptional density, you can expect an ipe deck or fence to last up to 50 years without replacement. 4. For longevity, ipe requires maintenance. Above: Left unfinished, a water-resistant ipe deck has turned a silvery gray color High-grade ipe wood is renowned for durability and resiliency. Tested by the US Navy and US Forest Laboratory, ipe is proven to have a natural life span in all climates of over 75 years. Are you ready to build a wood fence made of ipe? Contact us to buy ipe wood fencing. Main. About Us. Gallery Welcome to Ipe Decking USA Lowest Ipe Decking Prices Online. Not only do we sell the highest quality FAS grade! But also at the lowest prices. Ipe fluctuates in price based on import, market demand, and availability we sell Ipe however as low as $1.80/lf for 1×6 material (3′-7′) Our premium quality wood decks are second to none. Our low overhead allows us to pass on savings to our customers. We offer top quality premium grade hardwood decking with minimal imperfection or bowing. We offer premium quality Brazilian hardwood deck choices in Virginia such as Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru Jatoba and Tigerwood and Massaranduba Decking Ipe in application, Ipe raw lumber Available Grades. Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description. If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know. We can email you pictures and grade rules. Clear - Among the top quality grades available, BCL only procures clears gardes of Ipe lumber. Please note that the color.

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Ipe 1x6 Standard - B Grade. Learn more about B-Grade (Rustic) Decking. ¾″ x 5 ½″. 19mm x 140mm. $ 3.86. $3.19 Ipe is a hardwood from Brazilian rainforests that has received lots of attention in the past couple of decades. Why? For one thing, it's as hard—or harder—than nails (it's been known to bend nails).Ipe is so dense that it often needs to be pre-drilled before pieces are connected. Some compare its strength to that of steel Ipe wood is rated 3 times harder than cedar which can cause complications especially when you are working with Ipe, however there are some benefits to it as well. Ipe can withstand a lot of high traffic and occurrences like high wind, frigid temperatures, high temperatures, insect damage, and potential rot and mold 1st grade Ipe wood is perfect for wood decks, porches, docks, furniture, fencing and more. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, Ipe wood is an exceptional alternative to pressure treated pine and composite decking. Ipe wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is eight times harder than California Redwood, and has the highest. IpeDepot.com is one of the top authorities in Ipe in the country, so you can rest assured that the Ipe you receive is of the finest quality. Since we work closely with many mills to ensure that the decking you receive is of the highest quality, and that the logs are procured in a legal and environmentally responsible manner

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Generally speaking, the harder the wood the easier it is to finish and polish. Harder woods create good, solid long-lasting joinery in furniture. The hardness of wood varies with the direction of the wood grain, and varies from piece to piece. So a Janka rating is an average of numerous tests performed on all directions and numerous pieces Iroko Wood Lumber, also known as African teak Lumber is a dense African timber with the properties of genuine teak. It is lighter in color than teak and finishes to a golden brown. Iroko wood is tan to golden brown, very durable in the outdoors, used in the boating industry, and does blunts tools because of its hardness Ipe Decking Bundles WILLNELLA is a stocking direct importer of Brazilian lumber & decking. We DO NOT broker lumber that is drop shipped from another supplier. Use caution when making inquiries and purchases from businesses that broker decking which is drop shipped from a remote location as issues can arise from quality and packaging 1 x 4 Ipe Wood Decking Ipe wood decking from AdvantageLumber.com is all premium grade decking material... Don't be fooled by lower grade, cheap alternatives that our competition offers! We service a broad range of customers from homeowners and residential contractors to large commercial developers. Ipe Wood Decking of BAGASSA WOOD DECKING/SIDING : Bagassa wood originates from Brasil and shares the same insect and moisture resistant properties to Ipe. Lesser known species, such as Bagassa, are not in the high demand category to that of Ipe and are offered at a lower cost. Bagassa performs best in covered applications such as screened and covered porches

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  1. Ipe Decking from Advantage Trim & Lumber. We only offer the highest grade clear Ipe Wood Decking. Be wary of lower priced competitors decking because many of them sell lower grade decking and try to pass it off as equal decking. Unfortunately our competition does not have the same standards when it comes to offering only the best decking to.
  2. e to a large extent the value and potential use possible for each board of sawn lumber. Worldwide, hardwood lumber producers grade their lumber, assuring downstream consumers of the lumber of the lumber's quality for the intended use
  3. 1. Cheapest Price = Cheaper Grade Wood. Drop-shippers sometimes offer slightly lower prices per linear foot for Ipe wood to suck customers in and get their money. As with anything you purchase in life, the cheapest is never the best. Don't expect your Ipe wood order to be the one thing that defies this rule

Bubinga wood is commonly used in fine furniture and cabinetwork, decorative veneers, fancy turnery, inlay work, joinery, flooring, and decorative panelling. Bubinga Wood Lumber is valuable, durable and moderately resistant to wood-boring insects including termites. Bubinga Lumber is sourced from Western Africa Below is a picture of our SMR® Ipe deck tiles. They are very beautiful and just as durable as our premium Ipe wood decking. If the cost of Ipe decking has really got you sweating we took it one step further. We also offer B Grade Ipe decking which offers you a significant cost savings on your Ipe. Our B grade Ipe exceeds most of our customers. This grade is measured in numbers 1-5, with number 1 being the highest quality. Appearance Grade: Cedar is also graded based on Appearance, which is called appearance grade or Select Lumber. Appearance grade is primarily for non-structural lumber under 2 thick. Appearance grades use letters A through D, with A being the highest grade

  1. Ipe is an extremely economical and eco-friendly alternative to other types of wood, especially when life cycle is considered. When the cost of materials and labour are compared to alternative decking materials, Ipe's lifespan puts it far in the lead. Compared to other decking materials like redwood cedar, composites and torrefied woods, Ipe.
  2. Our Ipe Decking is harvested from the Northern region of Brasil which produces the dark and extremely dense lumber that is sought after in the market. Ipe originating from Mato Grosso and Rondonia states in Brasil tend to be much lighter in colour, less dense, and much wider in color variation. If you're seeking top grade, deep rich coloured.
  3. Ipe is an exotic hardwood with a natural resistance to rotting, decay, and certain insect infestations. Ipe wood also has the highest rating for termite resistance. Ipe wood decking is many times harder than other wood species and is an eco-friendly renewable resource. Due to its incredible strength, it can actually break certain saw blades
  4. Ipe Wood. Ipe (spelled ipe and pronounced ee-pay), also called Brazilian walnut, is a beautiful exotic wood from South America. Ipe Lumber is used for Ipe wood decking, Ipe wood decking tiles, and other outdoor applications, Ipe wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather
  5. With centuries of experience we are a powerful supplier of both domestic and imported, exotic hardwood lumber such as Teak, Sapele, Genuine Mahogany, Black Walnut, and Ipe. We partner with the finest boat builders to supply Genuine Teak and top quality Marine plywood in Okoume, Douglas Fir, and Meranti in many popular grades and sizes

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With Ipé, the extreme density of the wood means the Hardwood Oil won't soak into the wood, so be sure to back wipe excess oil within 15 minutes of application. Kebony will require some back wiping, but the oil will also soak into the wood. Winner: Tie. Environmental Impact. This area is where Kebony and Ipé differ the most DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Semi-Transparent 250 VOC Natural Finish 1/4 Pint Sample (Sample) 4.1 out of 5 stars 15. Ipe - Grade 316 - #8 x 2-1/2 $189.99 $ 189. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 15. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Related searches. ipe teak lumber hardwood lumber ebony wood

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  1. Incidentally, if you ask your Ipe builder to use my competive Ipe bidding service, you can rest assured that my network of Ipe suppliers harvest from South America (not Central America where the Ipe trees are smaller) and sell Clear All Heart (CAH) which is the highest quality Ipe wood unless otherwise specified
  2. s to absorb and wipe off excess oil with old soft rag
  3. Feb 16, 2017 - Explore American Walnut Flooring's board Ipe Flooring on Pinterest. See more ideas about flooring, hardwood floors, hardwood
  4. IPE WOOD DECK TILES National Distribution 888-380-5575 MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Appearance & Odor: Light to dark colored granular solid. Color and odor are dependent on species. Extinguishing Media: Water, CO2, Sand Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Use water to wet down wood dust to reduce the likelihood of ignition.
  5. Application - IPÊ Wood Tile IPE Wood Tiles, also known as Ironwood are an incredibly durable Brazilian hardwood rated by the US Forest Lab for 25 years plus. Naturally resistant to fire, insects, moisture, and movement, this air dried hardwood (16-20%) is perfect for exterior commer-cial and residential applications such as roof decks

Ipe Wood Deck Boards. Ipe wood is a premium though and used very often for beautiful decks, boat docks and other outdoor projects where you want a beautiful wood that'll last a very long time. You are going to pay more for Ipe wood though so if cost is a factor we would recommend Apitong trailer decking Ipe. Ipe is known throughout its indigenous Central & South American regions as an extremely dense, durable wood, but also one that is quite difficult to work. The wood encompasses a variety of different species of the... Grains can be straight, irregular or interlocked; straight-grained pieces plane and turn well, although cutting tools and.

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  1. Wholesale Ipe lumber in stock at Thompson Mahogany Co. FAS/Select grades in 4/4 and 5/4, flat-sawn and quarter-sawn available. Minimum 2,000 board feet
  2. 5/4 x 4 Ipe Wood Decking. Sale. $3.23. Regular price. $3.59. Shipping calculated at checkout. 5/4 x 4 Ipe Wood Decking. Ipe wood decking from IpeDepot.com is all premium-grade premium decking material... Don't be fooled by lower grade, cheap alternatives that our competition offers
  3. Ipe FSC® Certificated Hardwood Decking (Brazilian Walnut). Pronounced e-pay, Ipe is widely recognized as one of the hardest and most durable timber species in the world. The color ranges from dark brown to olive-brown and sometimes almost blackish tones, with wide variation in grains. It is one of the South American ironwoods
  4. When it comes to choosing the right type of lumber for your marine building project, there's a lot to consider. Harsh coastal conditions require materials that are strong, durable, and water-resistant — materials like Ipe lumber.If you need high-grade Ipe wood to complete your next marine construction project, the experts at Decks & Docks have you covered

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Ipe decking is the The Decking Superstore's flagship hardwood decking product. Ipe (also known as Ironwood™, Pau Lope™ or Brazilian Walnut) is the hardest wood you'll find. Cumaru Decking Explore our wide selection of softwood decking in a variety of species and grades Ipe Decking is commonly used in the following applications: private residences, large bridge building projects, city and township boardwalks, private and public clubhouses, restaurant construction, trellis work, bench building, planter construction, and much more. Purchase Ipe Lumber. The J. Gibson McIlvain Company works closely with our. Ipe Plugs. 3/8″ Tapered. $ 15.00 /100 pack. $ 130.00 /1000 pack. Buy Online. *Tongue & Groove is for use under covered porches only. Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 18'. We can pull your order to specific lengths. Add an additional upcharge of $0.10 per lineal foot for 8-14 foot lengths Our Ipe wood and Cumaru decking are grade A and can be used for outdoor construction as well as for luxury interiors. We have many other species of exotic hardwoods as well. Our tropical wood can be used for flooring, decking, docks, siding, cladding, for building pergolas and just about any other exterior construction project

Ipe is a very dense, very hard wood. Use of some specialized or higher grade tools may be necessary for good results. This page will give you an overview of handling and building suggestions that will help you achieve excellent results when building your Ipe deck. IPE DECKING INSTALLATION Prior to Installatio A naturally fire resistant heavy grade lumber. • Preservation: IPE can be left untreated if a weathered gray or silver appearance is desired. IPE can also be maintained with periodic and careful power washing and/or sanding. This product can also be enhancing by utilizing a wood brightening product. To preserve the wood utilize a. Profile Dimensions, mm Weight Section area h b s t kg/m cm2 IPE 80 80 46 3,8 5,2 6,0 7,64 IPE 100 100 55 4,1 5,7 8,1 10,3 IPE 120 120 64 4,4 6,3 10,4 13,2 IPE 140 140 73 4,7 6,9 12,9 16,4 IPE 160 160 82 5 7,4 15,8 20,1 IPE 180 180 91 5,3 8 18,8 23,9 IPE 200 200 100 5,6 8,5 22,4 28,5 IPE 220 220 110 5,9 9,2 26,2 33,4 IPE 240 240 120 6,2 9,8 30,7 39,1 IPE 270 270 135 6,6 10,2 36,1 45,9 IPE 300. Does Ipe Come in Different Grades? Did you know Ipe comes in different grades? Ipe is known as the pinnacle of hardwood decking materials, but not all Ipe is created equal. Perhaps you have purchased an Ipe deck and the material that showed up looked very different than what you've seen in photos. Like any hardwood

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PENOFIN ARCHITECTURAL GRADE TMF HARDWOOD GALLON - MATTE IPE. Departments. Finish Products. TOPCOATS. PENOFIN ARCHITECTURAL GRADE TMF HARDWOOD GALLON - MATTE IPE. « Return to Product Listing Ipe wood is often clustered with other woods that share similar characteristics. Distribution: Ipe wood (or bois ipe if you are French) typically grows in tropical South-central America, in a wide variety of sites, in marshes and riverbanks as well as ridge tops. Ipe trees may grow to 140 feet in height with trunk diameter of up to 6' Iron Woods® Ipe Decking. Iron Woods Ipe Decking is our original naturally durable hardwood decking product from which we developed and set grade, quality and consistency standards that pioneered the super durable hardwood decking market. We set the standards against which all hardwood decking products are measured Clear Grade will be free of natural imperfections and include pleasing, natural color variations. Our 3/4 thick unfinished solid wood flooring is precision milled but we find that all 5 Brazilian Walnut has some width variation that professional installers know how to handle

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Grades of Brazilian Walnut Flooring: Clear grade Brazilian Walnut flooring is color-sorted for a rich consistent deep reddish brown color. Ipe is a dark-colored wood and is most popular in the Clear grade. Ipe gets its nickname (Brazilian Walnut) from its resemblance in color to true American Walnut, to which it is no 2 x 4 Ipe Wood from IpeDepot.com is all premium grade decking material... Don't be fooled by lower grade, cheap alternatives that our competition offers! We service a broad range of customers from homeowners and residential contractors to large commercial developers. Ipe Wood Decking offers benefits such as: Low maint Nova USA Wood Products LLC. 3821 24th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116. P:503-419-6407 F:216-373-493 Rot Resistance: Ipe is among the most durable lumbers on earth, with exceptional resistance to decay, rot, and insect attack.Ipe was reportedly used for the boardwalk along the beach of New York City's Coney Island, and was said to have lasted 25 years before it needed to be replaced: an amazing lifespan given the amount of traffic and environmental stresses put upon the wood

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Ipe for Decking, Flooring, and Siding In stock for shipping from Austin, Texas. Ipe wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is the most interesting type of lumber that is known to man.It is a long-lasting hardwood and those who purchase Ipe for their construction projects will appreciate its many benefits Element Lumber is your everything under the sun decking and lumber company. Every day, we ship only premium grade wood decking, siding, and hardwood lumber from around the country to your door. Browse our store to find the finest hardwoods such as Teak, Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Massaranduba, and Mahogany You can add them to the cart for the total cost including shipping for your new Ipe deck. While we offer some Ipe as low as 1.75/lf there are things that affect the price. Such as board length, width, grade, quantity and current inventory. The most popular sizes of Ipe are 12′ and 16′ boards, of course there is a premium for these lengths Ipe's strength and durability also has a natural resistance to decay, all varieties of wood boring insects and wet conditions. Ipe has a Class A fire rating, the same rating as concrete or steel. Ipe Decking is the strongest untreated decking available, which makes it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications Cumaru Lumber. Cumaru Wood Lumber is a very hard, dense South American hardwood known for Cumaru exterior decking and interior hardwood flooring, where it is typically referred to as Brazilian Teak, Golden Teak or Southern Chestnut. Cumaru Wood Lumber is often used as a less expensive hardwood alternative in decking, Cumaru also comes in dimensional lumber stock for use in heavy construction.

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B. IPE Wood Deck Tiles and Pedestal System during shipment, storage and construction against damage. Store a minimum of 4 inches off the ground in a dry location and cover with polyethylene to protect from contact with materi als which would cause staining or discoloration. 1.7 PROJECT CONDITION Product: Wood type : Solid wood: Solid wood type: South American Hardwood: Specie/material : Ipe (Lapacho) Origin: Brazil: Type: Decking (E4E) Specifications: Volum Appearance-grade pressure treated wood usually costs extra. Ipe Wood Deck Boards . Ipe is a hard exotic premium deck board that goes under names such as Brazilian Walnut, tabebuia serratifolia, pau d'arco, ipe tabaco, or bethabara. Ipe is a gorgeous dark-brown wood that maintains its appearance with only minimal maintenance

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Ipe Wood Fencing Prices. Below are the most up-to-the-minute prices on Ipe fencing.We also have the shiplap siding profile which makes for easier installs. With many sizes and lengths available, you can count on us to provide the exotic wood fencing you need to start building your personal garden or privacy fence.. Contact us to buy Ipe wood fencing Grades. Through rigorous testing and research, Kebony has created distinct product grades to ensure your project has the look you want plus the strength and stability you need. Kebony Clear is a neat, sophisticated wood with a subtle grain that is free of knots. It is the perfect balance of refined taste and natural authenticity that.

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Description. Penofin Architectural Grade Transparent Hardwood Coating delivers the highest level of quality, protection and beauty. Designed to provide a protective yet breathable water and UV resistant barrier that enhances and preserves the rich exotic look of hardwoods All Types of wood siding patterns. tongue & groove, shiplap, channel, bevel lap, 105 drop siding, board & batten, log siding in smooth and hewn finish, hewn 2x10 and 2x12, cedar decking, douglas fir flooring in clear and select tight knot grades. kiln dried posts, beams, cedar sidewall and shingle panels.Clear face Cedar Plywoo Wood Decking Grades and Terminology. Wood is affected by environmental elements, insects, and fungus. When building a deck, it's important to choose a wood grade durable enough to withstand damage from these influences over time. But decks are more than something to stand on; they are an addition to your home

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Ipe' is primarily available as 1X4 thru 1X10 eased four edges (E4E) boards, 5/4X4 and 5/4X6 E4E deck boards, 2X4 thru 2X10 dimensional stock, and 4X4 posts. It is commonly available in First European Quality (FEQ) and Common/Select grades Ipe. ExteriorHardwood. Durable South American hardwood rated by the US Forest Products Lab for a 25 year life. Resistant to fire, having a NFPA Class A rating and a UBC Class 1 rating. Naturally resists insects, rot and mildew, and can be used in ground contact without preservatives or additional treatments

<p>Ipe Hardwood Cubes by Bison integrate seamlessly with the Bison Deck System as a planter, seating or storage. These commercial grade cubes are constructed from high grade Ipe; a Brazilian hardwood that has been environmentally responsibly harvested. Ipe can be treated with oil such as Penofin Hardwood Oil, to preserve and enhance its original color, or it can be left untreated to develop a. 5/4 x 6 Ipe Wood One Sided Pregrooved Decking. From $7.92 View. 5/4 x 6 Ipe Wood T&G Decking. From $8.17 View. 5/4 x 6 Ipe Shiplap Siding. From $8.17 View. Ipe Small Handrail. From $8.27 View. 5/4 x 6 Ipe Rainscreen Siding. From $8.42 View. 2 x 6 Ipe Wood. From $10.02. Retail Brazilian Hardwood Decking at Wholesale Prices. ABS WOOD has a vast collection of environmentally certified Brazilian hardwood decking available in the United States. Brazilian wood such as Brazilian teak (Cumaru), API tong, cedar wood, cypress garapa, massaranduba, and tiger wood provides unsurpassed beauty, durability, and strength that no other decking options can match