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The lid was the most successful challenge to the Mason jar's screw cap, and it was a commercial success well into the 20th century. Although Roller (1983:438; 2011:645) claimed that Putnam's Lightning jar patent expired in 1889, that would only have been seven years after the patent was issued Lightning Seal.—The wide-mouth glass-top jar with wire clamp which is attached to the neck of the jar is a satisfactory one. A jar with this closure is known as one with a lightning seal. This seal is made by different manufacturers and put on the market under various trade names The Mason jar was patented by Landis Mason in 1858 and Ball started producing these jars in 1885. Later, the process was perfected by Ball in 1913 when his factory was able to produce both the lid and jar to ensure a perfect fit each time. frankieleon. Ball jars were made in various colors, but the blue and clear colors are the most common

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Trademark Lightning (Putnam / 714 on base) Fruit Jar in light aqua. Basically, a wire loop and levers operated to clamp down securely onto the lid and close the jar. The Putnam jars were made by at least 11 glass companies, some being made into the early 1900s. Aqua is the most commonly seen color, as was typical of utilitarian. And, because the Mason jar's value depends on several factors, the prices vary from tens of dollars to thousands. Read the list below to discover some cool facts about some of the rarest Mason jars around. Lightning Jar; Year Invented: c.1919 Unique Features: Wire bail that sealed the jar Cost Today: $20 - $250. photo source There are several reproduction Trademark Lightning fruit jars available today that are often sold as authentic. Right now, the reproductions are only known in two sizes, 1/2 pints and quarts. First, about the 1/2 pints. According to the Redbook of Fruit Jars (and several expert 1/2 pint collectors I have consulted) these were reproduced in. Jars with lightning closure use a metal bail that seats into a groove on the glass lid to seal the jar. These were common from the 1870s into the 20th Century. Lightning jars were not as popular as Mason jars, but the Ball Ideal used this type of closure

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In this case, color is king, which can make the difference between a jar being worth $40 and being worth $400. Be careful buying jars unless you know what you're doing. The Lightning fruit jar has.. HUGE CREASE in jar LIGHTNING STEEL BLUE QUART. $66.66: 11 Closed 115. Deep OLIVE AMBER Quart BALL PERFECT MASON. $90.00: 11 Closed (erased) MASON FRUIT JAR and Erased WHITNEY MASON. $17.00: 5 Closed 379. AMBER Half Gallon MASONS PATENT 1858. $236.54: 9 Closed 381. Great Color OLIVE AMBER Masons CFJCo 1858 Quart . $222.80. Vintage Pint Mason Jar Rare No. 13. $75.00. $6.65 shipping. 2Rare Clear Ball Perfect Mason Jars. # 10 On Bottom And A / On Other. Maybe 1

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  1. ated the bail wire and replaced it with dimples.(your jar) These jars were in production until about the 1960's your jar is RB#80,value:$2.00-$4.0
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  3. Authentic Atlas mason jars were made by Hazel-Atlas Glass from 1902 to 1964. The original jars had the word Atlas, rather than Hazel-Atlas, embossed across the front. However, they did have an H with an A underneath, stamped on the bottom of the jar to designate the manufacturer. Genuine Atlas mason jars came in several different designs.

Vintage Square Acme Square Small Jar Lightning Fruit /Mason Jar Small Jar. Pre-Owned. C $16.21. or Best Offer. +C $38.98 shipping estimate. from United States Pint and Quart MASON Jars with KEYSTONE Emblems. $18.00: 6 Closed 3765. TALL Early PICKLE JAR Aqua. $18.00: 3 Closed 3875. MASON in Slight Arch PINT Ground Lip PAIR HALF PINT Trade Mark LIGHTNING Jars AQUA & CLEAR . $21.00: 2 Closed 7736. ORIGINAL MILK GLASS Stopper For McCARTY JAR Patd 1899. $21.00: 2 Closed 8142. Scarce CLEAR Glass Patd. Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Firefly Light Craft Kit - Build a Play and Pretend Shrink Fun Indoor Lightning Bug Jar, Multi. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 467. $14.99. $14. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 23. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Many proved to be commercially short-lived, while others enjoyed substantial commercial success. One successful design was for the Lightning jar, invented by Henry Putnam of Bennington, Vermont, in 1882. This consisted of an all-glass lid that was clamped to the jar by means of a wire bail. The Atlas E-Z Seal was a popular brand of this type of.

These jars were still in use through the mid-1900s, and can still be found in basements and barns. Sadly, Mason sold off his patents to variety of other folks and died a pauper in 1900. The Lightning Jar . The Lightning jar was invented in 1882 by Henry Putnam of Bennington, Vermont Original lids were mostly made from zinc and included a milk glass lining. You might also find Lightning Jars--these have hinged glass lids attached with a wire bale and were named for the lightning speed with which they could be opened. 4. Keywords Some keywords on the jar can provide a clue about the approximate age. Improved: 1890s, 1900-193 Lightning Cobalt Putnam 451 Trade Mark Lightning Putnam 451 Henry W. Putnam, Bennington, Vermont and New York, N.Y. Medium Cobalt Blue Pint Provenance: Darrell Plank Collection Trade Mark Lightning jars are popular with collectors for a number of reasons such as availability, glass color range, history, design, and name. Th Skip jars marked Atlas Mason which are likely produced by a new Atlas company and not of value to collectors. Don't rely on dates printed on the jar. Many reproduction companies list the same date or model number on jars that have been produced over several decades. Vivid or unusual colors, bright wire on the bails, oddly wrapped wire and a. The value of antique Ball, Mason and Kerr canning jars varies greatly. Typical prics range from $8 to $25 a jar. Look at the books listed above on this page for more details about how to value a jar. How to Sell Your Jars. Ebay is one of the most common ways to sell jars for their value

Harry Potter Lightning Glass Mason Jar Mug. by Chloe and Madison. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. Price: $9.99 + $8.99 shipping. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Measures 5.25H x 3W x 4L (with handle) Old Fashioned Mason Jar - Capacity 16 oz The company started making mason jars back in 1880, and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a hobby. There are many ways to date old Ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to look at the logo. Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar

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Beautiful Yellow Amber antique glass Old style Lightning seal fruit jar lid. Displays a light grainy orange peel type texture and a few scattered small seed bubbles. Red Book - The Collectors Guide to Old Fruit Jars # 1489 - 1506 [ regular mouth size ] These are much scarcer than the jars with MASON embossed under Ball. This one was made on the E.B. Ball machine. Note the disconnected underscore on this jar, a varient long recognized as the sperm jar, a term coined by the NC collector that first noted this varient and brought it to the attention of the collecting world, via Granny Kath Lamb Mason jars were made ca. 1930's to 1940's by Lamb Glass Co. Mt. Vernon Ohio. It is noted that the earlier round jars may have a pinkish tint. The jars take a glass insert marked Lamb and metal screw band to make them complete. Welcome newbies, now your next purchase should be a Redbook (#10 is the newest), then if you have an opportunity. There were some nice jars, like four midgets - one Hero cross, the others CFJCo monogram. - a couple Mason's Patent jars with the Ball added, two half-gallon Ball Perfect Masons from the 1920's, a sun-colored Mason (loop underline) - all things that had been given to him over the years, as Mr. Ball explained to me Apr 18, 2018 - This is a price guide. Learn about values with this vintage canning jar price guide, including manufacturers, dates, and prices

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  1. This is a quick tutorial on how to create lightning in a jar. Very basic items (household items) that will have you creating your very own lightning show!.
  2. Apr 13, 2017 - lightning jars history | Canning Jar; Trademark Lightning, Registered US Patent Office, Blue Pinterest. Today. Explore. Canning Jars Mason Jars Us Patent Office Ball Jars Antique Bottles Bottles And Jars Apothecary Cobalt Blue Lightning. More information... More like thi
  3. You can estimate the Ball Mason jar's value by considering four main criteria: age, color, rarity and condition. A Buffalo jar from 1885, for example, will be worth more than a mass-produced jar from the 1940s. A rare Christmas Mason marked jar from the 1890s or an unusual dark green jar will be worth more than a clear, modern jar
  4. The Mason jar company has differentiated itself by producing commercial canning jars and lids for food fermentation at home. This company also makes specialized, long-lasting lids that enable the Mason jars to be used for short and long-term food storage. Ball and Mason jar sizes available. Ball and Mason jars are available in both wide-mouth.
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Trade Mark Lightning TEAL Quart Fruit CANNING MASON Jar PUTNAM No. 201. Pre-Owned. C $31.78. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price. C $35.32 10% off. or Best Offer It used a glass lid with a metal clamp. The clamp solved the problem of vacuum sealing—finally, a jar whose lid was easy to remove. Soon thereafter, the Ball brothers introduced their Ball jar, which was so popular among consumers—and collectors today—that it became synonymous with fruit jar or Mason jar. Limit 2 of each size per customer. (Enough for a 60mm and 64mm flat set up) Comes packaged in a plastic mason jar with Silver lid and Aluminum Gray Comfort Colors tee with the Moonshine White Lightning Graphic on the back. NOTE: Leave your size in the notes at checkout. www.rollerwarehouse.com. www.intutionskate.com Atlas E-Z Lightning Style Quart Mason Jar Cornflower Blue. Pre-Owned. C $75.68. or Best Offer. from United States. S 9 3 I E p W o 4 B n s o r I 2 7 7 e d. Atlas E-Z Lightning Style Quart Mason Jar Sky Blue. Pre-Owned. C $50.45. or Best Offer. from United States. P 4 6 M S p o n s o U r Y e L d P J J P. Atlas E-Z Lightning Style Quart Mason Jar. Clamped glass jars. Vermont's Henry Putnam produced lightning jars in the 1880s-glass canning jars with a metal clamp and a glass lid which could be opened quickly. Lustre, Swayzee, Climax, Atlas, and other companies made lightning jars, too. Ball jars. Ball jars were the product of William Ball and his family

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Aug 2, 2016 - :: Set of two antique mason jars -- one rare clear raised Beaver mason and one smaller blue Lightning mason with what appears to be the original lids on both. Make a nice little pair and are perfect for decoration, utility, or collecting! Clear Beaver mason measures 7 tall with lid and blue Lightning measures 6 ta Four Vintage/Antique Aqua Blue Ball Mason & Lightning Jars. Pre-Owned. C $60.22. From United States. or Best Offer. Customs services and international tracking provided. Trademark Lightning Pale Blue Mason Jar Wire Bail Glass Lid 16oz Putnam 688. Pre-Owned. C $10.50. Time left 8h 50m left. 0 bids Lightning Mason Jar Green Hue Putnam 241 8 Tall x 4 diameter Lightning Mason Jar - antiques - by owner - collectibles sale We've detected that JavaScript is not enabled in your browser antique Ball mason jar storage canisters, vintage aqua blue Ball Ideal Mason jars 1908 patent Lot of 6 antique blue Ball Ideal mason jars with lightning lids. These are the 1 pint size in nice condition and great for storage!. Values. As with any antique collectible, condition plays a major role in the value of an antique Ball jar. Cracks, chips and stains will lower the value. Clear Ball jars which are the most readily available can range from $1 to $20; jars with original lids may be valued in the $15-$20 range. Buffalo jars, jars with unusual closures and colored.

How to Find the Value of Old Vintage Mason Jars Another element that affects the value of a jar would be the color. Though a jar may bear the exact same embossing, right down the apostrophe in Pat'd, color can make what would otherwise be a ten dollar jar, a $1000 jar. This is the case with the Ball Mason Red Book number 234. Mason Jar Water Pipe. The Lightning Jug is a quart mason jar based water pipe for loose leaf smoking. The product features all food grade parts including food grade high temp silicone seals, 304 stainless lid, borosilicate mouthpiece/downstem/bowl and a classic American flint glass quart mason jar Only 10 60MM Private Stock packs will be available on 7/21. Limit 2 of each size per customer. (Enough for a 60mm and 64mm flat set up) Comes packaged in a plastic mason jar with Silver lid and Aluminum Gray Comfort Colors tee with the Moonshine White Lightning Graphic on the back. NOTE: Leave your size in the notes at checkout To make lightning bug catching jars of your own, you'll need my free Lightning Bug Catcher printables (linked below), along with a Mason jar for each child. You'll also need a hammer and large nail, heavy duty adhesive (I like E-6000), some twine and a hole punch. Using the hammer and large nail, make 5-6 holes in the top of each lid for. 8. Draw the mason jar. I used a white sheet of graphite paper to transfer the template of the mason jar. This can be printed out on a standard size computer paper. Then I used a piece of chalk to draw over the jar so it showed up better. I also drew spiral lines for the lightning bugs

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The #1 Mason Jar Marketplace. The best selection of Mason jar accessories on the market today! Organize, store and dispense natural, home-made food, beauty, and cleaning products with your Mason jars. This Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Natural Living Products. Make natural cleaners, learn how to ferment, infuse oils and vinegars Kerr Group, Inc. (1992-1996) Businessman and entrepreneur Alexander Hewitt Kerr (September 4, 1862 - February 9, 1925) organized this company in Portland, Oregon in 1903 under the name Hermetic Fruit Jar Company. The official name was changed in 1904 to Kerr Glass Manufacturing Company. Kerr did not actually manufacture glass during the. Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights, 6 Pack 30 Led String Fairy Star Firefly Jar Lids Lights,6 Hangers Included(Jars Not Included), Best for Mason Jar Decor,Patio Garden Decor Solar Laterns Table Lights 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,08 Gotta get a jar!!! We're catching lightning bugs! Make sure you get a mayonnaise jar! Don't use my good jars! We would fish out a jar, find an old mayonnaise lid, grab a knife and punch holes in the top so the bugs could breathe... and off we'd go, stalking the flickering insects til they landed in the cool damp grass and we could catch 'em.

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  1. Ball Mason Jars 32 oz Regular Mouth Aqua Vintage Colored Glass Bundle with BHL Jars Non Slip Jar Opener- Set of 4 Quart Size Mason Jars - Canning Glass Jars with Lids. 4.7 out of 5 stars 133. $26.85 $ 26. 85. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 29. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Canning Jar Aqua Vint4pk
  2. Hazel Atlas produced huge quantities of Depression glass tableware in the 1920s, 1930s and '40s, most commonly in the typical Depression era transparent glass colors of light green, clear (crystal), pink and yellow (actually a light yellow leaning toward yellow-amber). Some patterns were also made in cobalt blue and, in a few.
  3. antique Ball mason jar canisters, 6 vintage aqua blue fruit jars w/ lightning lids Lot of 6 antique vintage Ball Sure Seal mason jars. These are the blue glass with the glass lightning lids in the half quart (1 pint).
  4. 100 Pcs Wide Mouth Canning Lids - Mason Jars Canning Lids for Ball, Kerr Jars, Split-Type Metal Mason Jar Lids for Canning - Food Grade Material, 100% Fit & Airtight for Jars (86mm Gold) $22.99. $22. . 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 29. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
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Quart round aqua glass Mason's Patent 1858 fruit jar. The word Ball is on the reverse. The neck has a subtle textured appearance. The jar has a zinc cap with a milk glass liner. Size: quart Shape: round Jar color: aqua Closure: Mason shoulder seal smooth lip Jar opening: regular Embossing - front: Mason's / Patent / 1858 The jar has a glass lid with a metal band and that's what the patent is for and why this is an Improved jar over the earlier Mason's Patent Nov 30, 1858 jars with the zinc lids. We have another embossed 'MASON'S IMPROVED' pint jar in emerald green in our gallery from Australia that is a different form and shape Collecting old mason jars has become a popular pastime. Whether it be the memories that are conjured up of our Grandmothers canning apple butter, or the many uses of these vintage pieces in.. Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights, 6 Pack 30 Led String Fairy Star Firefly Jar Lids Lights,6 Hangers Included(Jars Not Included), Best for Mason Jar Decor,Patio Garden Decor Solar Laterns Table Lights. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,052. $24.98 $ 24. 98. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7

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  2. Antique fruit jars, canning jars, Ball jars, Mason jars, Lightning Jars, Wax Sealers, unusual closures, midgets, 1858 patents. Sold Out. Mason's Improved Jar Lid. Regular price $ 4.00 Sold Out. Mason's Patent Jar in Ball Blue. Regular price $ 15.00 Sold Out. Mason's SGCo Patent Nov 30th 1858 Jar.
  3. Lightning Jug. $ 49.99. The Lightning Jug is a quart mason jar based water pipe for loose leaf smoking. The product features all food grade parts including food grade high temp silicone seals, 304 stainless lid, borosilicate mouthpiece/downstem/bowl and a classic american flint glass quart mason jar. The product is Made in U.S.A
  4. Very Early Green Putnam Lightning Fruit Jar used for canning. Picked this awesome jar up at an estate auction, it's the only green one I've ever seen, most of them were amber and clear. Rare Red Wing Stoneware Mason Fruit... $1,900. See all
  5. mason beaded old lightning style lightning beaded style lightning dimple style here are just a few odd fruit jar closures. schram jar.. woodbury jar. globe jar.....lafayette jar. sun jar.....safety value jar
  6. Lot 008 - THE MASON JAR of 1872 Whitney Glass Works HG. Sold $ 252.00 Ended. Lot 009 Lot 072 - Trade Mark LIGHTNING Registered CORNFLOWER BLUE Pint. Sold $ 140.00 Ended. Lot 073.

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  1. The teal blue half-gallon jar has a market value today somewhere above $5,000; the amber 1858 quart, about $125-$150; and the midget keystone 1858 pint, about $35. Aqua Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 quarts, ground or smooth lip, are valued at only about $5. jonima, 9 years ago. pack-rat, thanks for the info! Mine seems to be a half.
  2. The Mountains. Lightning-style glass lid and wire clamp arrangement patented by Henry W. Putnam on April 25, 1882. This closure was actually adapted from a bottle patent issued to Charles de Quillfeldt in 1875. Putnam acquired rights to de Quillfeldt’s patent and adapted it for use on fruit jars. The jars he produced, embossed â.
  3. t condition with only a few
  4. In terms of canning jars, Mason, Lightning, Ball, Kerr, Atlas and Kilner represent some of the most common brand names in the industry, and they're often boldly embossed in full on the side of the.
  5. John Landis Mason. Mason jars were patented on November 30, 1858 by John Landis Mason, a Philadelphia tinsmith. He invented a machine that could cut screw threads in the lip of a glass jar. A metal lid with a rubber ring inside could be screwed securely on the jar and food could then be safely preserved. This was a major breakthrough because it.
  6. g quote You light up my life at the bottom. I think ALL moms would love to recieve one of these! You will need a printer, paper, yellow paint, a black sharpie, ribbon, and glue to.
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According to the 1877 card, Southwick, Reed & Co. made fruit jars, and it is highly likely that those were Mason jars. Based on the Mason jars that followed (see below), it seems probable that these were the firm's earliest fruit jar attempts. S&R (ca. 1865-1868) Creswick (1987a:138) noted a jar embossed MASON'S (slight arch) / PATENT / NO Some MASON'S PATENT NOV 30th 1858-type jars are marked with a Maltese Cross symbol (which indicates the Hero Glass Works / Hero Fruit Jar Company, of Philadelphia, PA) either above or below the word MASON'S. On most examples, the letters H, F, J and Co can be faintly seen within each arm of the cross The value of old canning jars, including Mason, Kerr and Ball jars, is determined by the jar's embossing, closure, color, size, age and condition, according to Collectors Weekly. A jar in good condition that has its original lid is typically worth much more than a jar without a lid The name Mason is still synonymous with canning jars , i.e., a mason jar. Like the Lightning closure discussed earlier on this page (and below more briefly) the Mason's closure has a long and fascinating history which is beyond the scope of this website. For more background information consult Lief (1965), Toulouse (1969), and/or Creswick. Dec 29, 2014 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Antique Canning Fruit Jar Lightning Putman Number 3 Cornflower Blue, CK04201415 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products