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Beautiful Bird Of Paradise Flower Live Plant - Strelitzia Reginae Flower 6. FruitThaiSweet. 4 out of 5 stars. (312) $19.99. Add to Favorites. Seeds Beautiful Strelitzia reginae DWARF Variety of bird of paradise Can Be Grown Indoor and/or Outdoor. SEEDS 8-14 high pyramidal clusters of up to 40 pinkish-red ball-like buds open to yellow butterfly-like blooms, then fade to a deep orange and gold, and finally turning to a deep reddish-orange to red. The Pride of Barbados, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, is a large growing tropical to subtropical shrub to tende Caesalpinia pulcherrima (formerly Poinciana pulcherrima) - Red Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Poinciana, Pride of Barbados. Red Bird of Paradise is a rapid growing mounding deciduous broadleaf shrub to about 8-10 feet tall and wide. It likes full sun and is heat and drought tolerant. Flowers bloom in warm months in shades of red-orange or yellow Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale Online. The Bird of paradise family of plants is a dazzling tropical plant that is commonly grown as an indoor plant throughout the northern parts of the United States. In the frost-free areas of the country, they are grown outdoors as a landscape plant. When used as a houseplant, they add elegance and texture.

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You can find dward Bird of Paradise and more at Houston Plants and Garden World. Open 7 days a week. Call 281-830-208 Highly valued for its large, exotic, colorful blooms in a bold blend of orange, blue, and white. Lends a tropical look to any landscape. A long-lasting flower for cut arrangements. Crowns of long stalks with large grey-green leaves provide year-round interest. Very useful as a specimen planting, especially on a patio or near a pool. Evergreen This is the first yellow Bird of Paradise! It's exotic and unique, but carefree. It's heat and drought tolerant, good in containers and a great houseplant, too. Live Help. 812 260-2148 | X. Search. $0.00 0 0 $0.00 Sun Plants. Close X. Enjoy big, beautiful blooms year after year..

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  1. Nearly Natural Indoor 38 in. Large Bird of Paradise Artificial Flower (Set of 4) Model# 2206-S4 Nearly Natural 62 in. Bird of Paradise Artificial Plant in Decorative Plante
  2. Botanical Name: Strelitzia Reginae 200mm Pot. Common Name: Bird of Paradise. Current Height (from the top of the pot) 450mm. This striking plant is most commonly known for its unique shaping and colours. They are vibrant and eye-catching in a garden and are ideal for adding colour and dimension to a simple garden. Features
  3. Positive. On Nov 8, 2014, Streliziapete from Mel, Australia wrote: This is dwarf form of the common Strelitzia reginae which is very hard to find. It is said to reach only 30 to 90cm in height. It is very compact and is already flowering at a small stage. Iris. Peppers. Hydrangeas
  4. gbird attractor and can soften any arid landscape. This bird of paradise is versatile too, it also works great in any tropical landscape
  5. Birds of Paradise Plant Bird of Paradise Artificial Plant Banana Leaf Plant Faux Floor Plant Fake with 10 Realistic Green Leaves and Durable Tree Pot for Indoor Office Tropical Modern Decor 5 Ft Tall. 4.3 out of 5 stars 108. $69.97 $ 69. 97. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28. FREE Shipping by Amazon

Famous for unique, tropical flowers The Bird Of Paradise, or 'Crane Flower' plant is known for its stunning flowers that resemble the shape of a tropical bird. The flowers sit among thick green leaves and look as if cranes are perched in the foliage. The flowers sit on top of green canes with horizontal blue-grey bracts that sit horizontally. At the end of the bracts orange petals shoot. Beautiful Hawaiian Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) Seeds and Starter Plants. from 33.79. & FREE FedEx 1 or 2 business day shipping! More info. Type: Select Type Potted - 2 inch pot - Set of 2 Potted - 4 inch Pot 3 Pack - Seeds 5 Pack - Seeds. Potted - 2 inch pot - Set of 2 Potted - 4 inch Pot 3 Pack - Seeds 5 Pack - Seeds Bird of paradise flowering shrub is ideal for garden and landscape beds and borders or container plantings. Tropical perennial produces multicolor blooms that bring an exotic look to your outdoor space. Thrives in hot, dry areas that receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per da When grown indoors, Dwarf Orange Bird Of Paradise can be expected to grow to be about 30 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 24 inches. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 20 years White Bird Of Paradise (L20980hp) Costa Farms 10-in White Bird Of Paradise in Plastic (Wb11) National Plant Network 1-in White Bird Of Paradise in Plastic. National Plant Network 1-Flat White Bird Of Paradise in Plastic

There are also C. mexicana Mexican Bird of Paradise, and C. pulcherrima Dwarf Poinciana or Pride of Barbados. All are quite drought tolerant but only C. gilliessii and C. mexicana can take the harsh heat of the Southwestern deserts. Can take most any type of soil as long as it drains well and does not hold too much moisture A soil pH of 6. AMERIQUE Unique & Gorgeous Large Bird of Paradise Flower Real Touch Technology, Orange/Green, 6 Feet with Giant Leaves and Sturdy Stems Artificial Tree Plant, 6'. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 23. Nearly Natural 20in. Bird of Paradise and Musa Leaf Artificial Stoneware Bowl Silk Arrangements, Multicolored. 4.5 out of 5 stars Shop great deals on Bird Of Paradise Plant. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Buy 1 get 1 FREE HELICONIA Bird of paradise Psittacorum Orange (Ave de paraíso) DWARF Orange Bird of Paradise PLANT Strelitzia reginea. $29.99. 0 bids. $8.88 shipping. Ending Jul 13 at 6:46AM PDT 5d 8h. or Best Offer. Bird Orange of. Features. This very popular 'Bird of Paradise' is the smaller growing type. Nice lush tropical leaves which can be used for floral art along with the stunning flower that is produced mainly in winter/spring but do sporadically flower through the year if they are in the right spot. A great addition to any garden White Bird of Paradise Plants for Sale Online. Native to South Africa, White Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia nicolai is a tropical house plant known for its regal, white bird-shaped flower. Its dramatic, glossy, banana-shaped leaves make White Bird one of the most popular indoor plants for interior designers and plant enthusiasts

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We suggest that between 80cm and 1m is a realistic expectation. These dwarf cultivars are around 1/2 the size of a full sized plant, and are an excellent choose for the front of the border or for growing in containers. Species and varieties. Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise Plant, as it is widely known is indigenous to South Africa Buy Bird Of Paradise Online at Bestseedsonline.com. Different Species & Colors. Shop Now. Check out all Bestselling Seeds & Garden Tools Paintings for Affordable Prices This Dwarf hybrid of 'Mandela's Gold' is a stemless, evergreen clump-forming perennial. Greyish green, banana-like leaves grow to a height of about 2-2.5' and during winter and spring the large bird-like flowers are held above the foliage on the tips of long, sturdy stalks. Mandela's Gold' is an easy plant to grow and will thrive in most soils Bird of paradise is, without a doubt, a showstopper specimen plant. Its grey-green foliage is similar to that of a banana plant, and its spectacular flower resembles tropical birds. Blossoms appear in spring and fall and are more profuse in cooler weather. It is also quite drought tolerant, and will thrive in most soils. Long-lasting flowers reside on the plant for at least a week and can even.

Yellow Bird of Paradise. Caesalpinia gilliesii. SKU. 02528. Large, exotic, yellow flowers with striking long red stamens adorn this open, fine-textured shrub. Wonderful for use as an informal specimen, or to plant in groups as a textural hedge or screen. This high-heat tolerant shrub adds superb color to minimal care, waterwise gardens Dwarf Scheffleras Gardenias Aloe Bottle Plant Jatropha Bridal Veil Plumeria Desert Rose Kalanchoes Madagascar Palms Thai Crown of Thorns Ponytail Palms Screw Pine Yucca Orange Bird of Paradise Selloum Philodendron Ti Plants Var Gingers White Bird of Paradise Xanadu Philodendron Yuccas Bleeding Hearts (white) Bougainvilleas (6 or more colors MEXICAN BIRD OF PARADISE [PRIDE OF BARBADOS] A Texas Superstar™ Tropical looking tree with electric orange blooms. Extremely heat and drought tolerant once established. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. 1# regularly $9.99 Sale $8.88 or two for $15.0 Selecting shrubs with different blooming colors and seasons will give you an attractive landscape you can enjoy all year. There are many varieties and colors of Bougainvillea shrubs. The foliage is bright to deep green and most are 3 - 5 feet tall by 4 - 5 feet wide. Colors come in LaJolla Red, Raspberry Ice, Gold, Rosenka Peach, Royal. The Bird of Paradise plant can be grown out-of-doors in the deep South, zones 9 and 10 or grown as a containerized plant in Northern States. When grown out-of-doors, the Bird of Paradise sometimes grows into a huge tree with large banana-like leaves. The flowers are pointed like a tropical bird's head -with a brilliant mixture of bazaar colors

Orange Bird of Paradise can be grown as a drought tolerant accent outdoors in warmer climates—and the blooms can still be brought in to decorate the home as intricate cut flowers. In northern zones, this plant is often grown as a patio plant during the summer months and brought indoors during cooler weather. Zone 10-11. Height 36 - 48 inches The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise is a medium to large growing shrub with bright orange/red flowers that show from late spring through the fall. Often seen in desert landscapes, semi-tropical yards and open commercial areas this shrub is one of the brightest flowering plants for any use in the Valley. Prune hard in winter to maintain medium to. Bird of Paradise Orange (Dwarf) Bird of Paradise is an evergreen plant of the legume family. It is a striking ornamental plant that has long lasting large flowers that can be used for floral arrangements. Its large leaves maker it very useful as a screening plant or as a wind break. The Bird of Paradise is a very hardy plant for Australian. Product Description. Orange bird of paradise flowers have always been the standard, but we're proud to carry the first-ever stable yellow variety: Mandela's Gold Bird of Paradise. With a stem height of 4-5' and large, banana-like leaves, this striking flower rises above other perennials like the bird it's named for (and resembles)

This is the Dwarf variety of the Allamanda Bush that blooms from May to November. It is great for trimming... starting at $7.95. more info. Bird of Paradise, White. The White Bird of Paradise is a tropical clumping plant that has large banana-like leaves. It can be used as... starting at $59.95. more info 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon; Cassia Artemisiodes: 5.75: 17.50 Cassia Outback 17.50 Golden Medallion 30.00: 47.50: Calla Lily-White: 5.75: 15.00 Calla Lily-Color Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise is a subtropical ornamental plant, native to southern Africa. They grow from rhizomes (underground stems) to a height of 1 to 1.5 metres (about 3 to 5 feet) and have stiff, erect, leathery, concave, and oblong leaves. The leaves are bluish green and may have a red midrib Cordyline Red Sister. Red Sister Cordyline known as Hawaiian Ti or Red Ti. You'll find this tropical perennial shrub commonly used for ornamental purposes achieving a height of about 6' feet. It is best known for its distinctive bronze-green and burgundy pink foliage. Does best in full shade to filtered sun Screaming out for attention with its extraordinarily pretty flowers, award-winning Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) brings a sensational tropical accent in the garden or in a sunny interior room. This evergreen perennial forms a clump of large, broad oval, long-stalked, gray-green leaves, which arise from an underground stem (rhizome)

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The Orange Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is an exceptionally attractive landscape plant with highly ornamental, thick, glossy green leaves. The plant is stunning when it is in bloom. It is a member of the banana family (Musaceae) and comes from South Africa Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae) - These Strelitzia Reginae seeds produce a very unusual yet prized flower. This seed grows into a long-lasting 4 foot plant, and the Bird of Paradise flower is similar in appearance to a bird's head. The center bloom stalk is 3 feet long and the multicolored bloom is 6 - 8 inches in length Bird of Paradise plants can be grown in containers or outdoors as a remarkable landscape plant. Indoors plants thrive at temperatures between 65°- 85°F and in higher light conditions than other house plants. In the ground Bird of Paradise get big and are often unrecognizable from their potted juvenile state

Birds of paradise are fairly resilient, and can tolerate temperatures as low as 24 °F (−4 °C) for a short time. Prolonged exposure will kill any flower buds, however. If you live in a warm climate where temperatures stay above 40-50 °F (4-10 °C) most of the time, then you can leave the plants outside The most popular species of bird of paradise in this genus are C. pulcherrima, C. gilliesii and C. mexicana, but there are many more available for the home gardener. Most species only get 12 to 15 feet (3.5-4.5 m.) tall but, in rare instances, Mexican bird of paradise ( C. mexicana) can reach 30 feet (9 m.) in height Birds of paradise are vibrant tropical flowers that grow best outdoors in hot, humid environments, but they can thrive if kept in pots as well. Divide a bird of paradise that has grown too big for its pot or that has lots of shoots coming out of its base. Start by breaking up the rhizome clumps at the base of the plants and then repot or replant them in well-draining soil

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  1. Sometimes called red bird-of-paradise, dwarf poinciana (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) is a small evergreen tree grown for its feathery foliage and showy, reddish-orange flowers. It grows best in U.S.
  2. Bird of paradise plants grow wild among other shrubs along riverbanks in many parts of South Africa, and are important sources of nectar for birds. Propagation Growing bird of paradise plants from seed can take three to 10 years, but propagating them by division produces new plants much more quickly
  3. Related Species Bird-of-paradise is a member of the Strelitziaceae family which contains other species often seen in central and south Florida landscapes.S. nicolai (white or giant bird-of-paradise) grows to 15-30 feet and has large, paddle-like leaves arranged spirally around a distinct stem. Its large size and white flowers resemble the traveler's tree ( Ravenala madagascariensis)

Bird of Paradise. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia spp.) are an incredibly easy-to-grow and hardy ornamental plant. The stunning flower produces no pollen, so it's generally great to plant if people are worried about allergies. Tolerant of coastal conditions. Growing Tips. Position Full sun. Prefers fairly free-draining soil rich in organic matter. Bird Of Paradise 75mm Pots 75mm Pot. A strongly architectural plant, the Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae has large upright leaves and brilliant orange and deep purple flowers that resemble the head of the Bird-of-Paradise bird.. Tropical in appearance, but quite happy to reside in cooler climates, this drought tolerant plant will require protection from heavy frost

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a species of flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae, native to the tropics and subtropics of the Americas.It could be native to the West Indies, but its exact origin is unknown due to widespread cultivation. Common names for this species include poinciana, peacock flower, red bird of paradise, Mexican bird of paradise, dwarf poinciana, pride of Barbados, flos. Sadly here are no seeds remaining for giveaway.Looks like we are going to start some Bird of Paradise plants from seed :) How Fun :) Check out my Facebook. Credit: Léon & George Origins and History. The Bird of Paradise plant is native to the South African Cape Provinces and to KwaZulu-Natal. Kew Science also lists it as growing, as an introduced species, on the Juan Fernández Islands (a remote archipelago off the west coast of Chile), and throughout Mexico.. The name Strelitzia reginae, was chosen in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Bird of paradise grows 3 to 5 feet in height and blooms intermittently through the year, creating a colorful focal point in warm-climate gardens. Advertisement Step 1 Grow bird of paradise plants in well-drained, fertile soil in a sunny or partially sunny location. In warm climates, the plant grows and flowers best in partial shade

Fast-growing, Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Red Bird of Paradise) is an upright evergreen thorny shrub or small tree boasting showy clusters of up to 40 brilliant gold-to-orange flowers from spring to fall (year-round in tropical climates). Borne at the branch tips, the bowl-shaped flowers, 2 in. across (5 cm), feature long red stamens that create an exotic look What to Feed Bird of Paradise Plants. Any bird of paradise plant, when planted in your garden, will benefit from a 2 to 3 inch deep (5 to 8 cm.) layer of mulch. Use organic materials such as wood chips, bark, leaves, and pine needles. Just make sure to keep a mulch-free zone of around 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm.) from your plants

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What you need to know about bird of paradise. Name: bird of paradise, strelitzia , crane flower, bird's tongue flower (Strelitzia reginae). Plant type: clumping perennial. Height: to around 1.2m tall by 2-3m wide with age Foliage: similar to a small banana leaf but on a stem, very rigid, green to grey-blue. Climate: tropics, sub-tropics, warm temperate and sheltered areas of cold temperate The root system of bird of paradise plants is a tuberous one that can eventually reach over 2 feet in length if given proper space. Often, the Strelitzia nicolai root system ends up with a dense. Save Photo. Plant type: Evergreen perennial. Size: Bird of paradise plants range in size from around two to 3.5 metres high, to the 10-metre height of the giant S. nicolai. Find a gardener near you on Houzz for advice on which plant species will thrive in your site and climate. Edgar Rolando Rossal Buy Plants and Seeds | Rare and Unusual | Passiflora | Aristolochia | Asclepias | Bananas Strelitzia reginae Dwarf Bird of Paradise 5 Seeds - Seeds of this and rare Dwarf Strelitzia reginae or dwarf orange bird of paradise plant that is hardy in zones 9-11. It will grow in semi-shade or full sun and requires a moderate amount of water, composted soil and space to spread and reach 24 inches.

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Bird of Paradise is usually seen at about 3 feet tall and have dark orangish-red flowers shaped like a bird. Strelitzia reginae is the botanic name of the regular Bird of Paradise in Southern California. These are seen all around the streets and homes of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County, and San Diego Orange bird of paradise grows 4 feet tall and wide. White Bird of Paradise. Strelitzia nicolai. White bird of paradise is a tall houseplant that can grow 6 feet or more. Outdoors in the tropics, it can also be treated as a landscape plant that grows 20 feet tall. It features large, white flowers 5 Ft. Price. $59.95. Spectacular, bright orange and midnight-blue flowers resembling the face of a colorful crane surrounded by paddle-shaped, emerald-green leaves. They are sure to add that lush, tropical look in your garden. Qty

Bird of Paradise-Orange. The popular Birds-of-Paradise plant bears a unique flower that resembles a brightly colored bird in flight, giving it the common name, Bird of Paradise. This semi-dwarf bamboo will quickly fill in to become a beautifull dense hedge capable of reaching heights of 8-12 feet. Hibiscus Tree Bird Of Paradise White. Common name: Bird of Paradise White Botanical name: Strelitzia nicolai Flower time: Summer/fall Flower color: White Zone: 9B/11 Exposure: Part sun Drought tolerance: High Size: To 20 ft Salt tolerance: Med Growth rate: Slow Problems: Scale The large glossy blue green foliage of the Bird of Paradise is arranged in attractive symmetrical fans that provide architectural interest even when the plants are not in flower. The Bird of Paradise is an easily maintained evergreen container specimen or grow it in the ground where hardy. Item# 1214

Red Bird of Paradise Read more; Red Fountain Grass Read more; Red Yucca Read more; Regal Mist Grass Read more; Rio Bravo Texas Sage Read more; Royal Purple Smoke Bush Read more; Russian Sage Read more; Sha Bam Lantana Read more; Shark Skin Agave Read more; Sickle Leaf Cassia Read more; Sierra Apricot Bells Read more; Sierra Gold Dale

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At Cindy's Parrot Place we give our companion parrots daily attention to prepare them in our home for your home. We offer the the best in Exotic Birds; such as Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Conures, Parrotlets and more via a private network of breeders. Call for details and to special order or to check availability Bromeliad Paradise is part of Paradise Tropicals Nursery, a small family owned nursery in Naples, Florida specializing in bromeliads, plumeria, and other tropicals for landscapes, lanaiscapes, and for the more exotic collector Bird of paradise is, without a doubt, a showstopper specimen plant. Its grey-green foliage is similar to that of a banana plant, and its spectacular flower resembles tropical birds. Blossoms appear in spring and fall and are more profuse in cooler weather. It is also quite drought tolerant, and will thrive in most soils. Long-lastin

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You can find Tropical Hibiscus and more at Houston Plants and Garden World. Open 7 days a week. Call 281-830-208 Caesalpinia gilliesii aka Hardy Bird of Paradise Tree. Grows in Sun. Flower Color is Yellow/Gold and blooms in Summer. Hardiness zone 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b. Characteristics: Plants Named After Animals, Woody Perennials, --- Caesalpinia gilliesii, buy Caesalpinia gilliesii for sale from Plant Delights Nursery, award-winning mail order perennial plants on-line; buy Bird of Paradise. We have what you need to add instant curb appeal, including the Red Mexican Bird of Paradise! Also known as Dwarf Poinciana, Pride of Barbados, Red Bird of Paradise, Poinciana, Peacock Flower. Festive display of display bright orange/red flowers from late spring through fall. Attracts hummingbirds. Excellent accent plant The unusual blossoms are similar to bird of paradise - and at first glance orange varieties of this plant are often mistaken for orange bird. Flowers colors range from orange to red to yellow, and the blooms appear in warm months of the year. These plants are not necessarily a good choice for every yard. They will spread 3 feet or more and need.

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Dwarf bird of paradise. Native to South Africa. Indoor - attractive house plant/ cut flowers. Plant seed just under the soil. 60 cm height - 60 cm width. Pull off the orange tip (tuff of hairs) About the Bird of Paradise Plant . The Strelitzia, commonly known as the Bird of Paradise Plant, is the spectacular, unmistakable and unchallenged Queen of the houseplant world.One look at it when it's in flower and you know where it got its common name; the flowers look incredibly like the head of a rather exotic crested bird A massive, banana-like plant that with age, can assume gigantic proportions. Fortunately it's is easily kept under control. As a tough, reliable garden plant that offers a tropical feel this is a must have in northern New Zealand BIRD OF PARADISE WHITE 50mm Pot. Buy 11 or more and get them for $4.90 per item Dwarf Fruit Trees, Lilac Trees, Standard and/or Patio Roses, 160mm up to a 200mm pot/grow-bags, together with other products delivered at the same time will incur a $22.00 freight charge

Caesalpina pulcherrima PRIDE OF BARBADOS ~SEEDS~ | eBayAmazonMaui Red Volcano Hedge (ixora) – Urban PerennialsStrelitzia Mandela Gold |reginae | Dwarf | juncea | NarrowLgBuy Honeycrisp Apple Trees Online | Free Shipping Over $99

Bird of paradise has evolved so that in order for pollination to take place, a bird must sit on the lower bract of the bloom. Once the bird is perched there, the weight of the bird levers the pollen of the bloom. As the bird goes in for nectar, pollen is deposited on the breast of the bird. When the bird visits another flower, the same process. May 11, 2019 - Buy Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise 15 gallon in los angeles, Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise 15 gallon in riverside, Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise 15 gallon in orange, Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise 15 gallon in san diego, Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise 15 gallon in ventura, Strelitzia reginae Standard Lilly pilly in large pot $30,bird of paradise $25 ,agave plant in large pot $20,cordyline $20,Japanese maple $20,established yucca in ceramic pot $25,bird's nest fern $30. Or all $150 deliver available extra fee thx. Potted bird of paradise plants for sale $30 each (limitred stock), larger $35-42 each A male bird of paradise has a plumage which has long feathers of yellow and white shades, this bird has blue beak, brownish body feathers which have a hint of orange in them. The strelitzia group of plants have flowers which have colors which match the yellow, blue, and brown shades and hence the resemblance. However, a white bird of paradise. Strelitzia nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise - 24 Box $399.99 $299.00 Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise - 15 Gallon $89.99 $69.00 Azalea 'Red Bird' - 5 Gallon $24.9 Pride of Barbados, Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a member of the pea family (Fabaceae). It is referred to by other names including Barbados Flowerfence, Peacock Flower, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Flamboyan, Caesalpinia, and Dwarf Poinciana. The species name pulcherrima literally means very pretty and this plant definitely lives up to the name