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Grid Wall Calculator. Now that you have an idea of how many squares you want, use my grid wall calculator to figure out the spacing. As you can see, this wall ended up with 4 squares for the height. The calculator will give you the square dimensions to the closest 16th of an inch. It'll also give you a cut list Grid Calculator. Directions: First enter the total square footage of the room. Next, enter the combined length of all walls in the room in feet. Then select the submit button to get the approximate number of materials needed for your project. *Use 4 pieces of ceiling wire per the main runner Wainscoting Layout Calculator. Provide the number of panels you want and we'll calculate how wide the panels should be so they can be evenly spaced on the wall and we'll layout the stiles for the calculated panel dimensions. Provide an approximate width of a panel and we'll calculate the closest exact panel size that can be evenly spaced on the.

Want to install a grid wall in your home? I've put together a detailed tutorial for you to follow to create a perfect grid wall in your home Sizing Calculator. This sizing calculator is designed to make your calculation easier. Just enter the measurement in either Imperial or Metric unit and we will let you know how many boxes you need, taking into account the cuttings, mistakes, wastage, and spares (typically 10-15%). The final number is round up to the whole box. Step 1 : Please. The first thing you have to do is measure your wall height and width. Then divide each by the number of rows/columns you want in your grid. I ended up doing 5 columns across and 4 rows down with each box being approximately 27 1/4 square. To get the math to work out each of the outside column of boxes are an 1/8th of an inch larger than the rest How to install a diy grid accent wall . materials needed. 1×3 MDF boards (I used 22 for a 17'x9′ wall) 18-gauge nail gun + nails (read more about how to use a nail gun here) Caulk; you can calculate how much wood you'll need based on how many boxes you're making. For example, I knew that for my horizontal boards I'd need 9 strips. Grid & Suspension Systems Grid & Suspension Systems. Acoustical Suspension Systems; Calculate. Dimensions. 0 sq. ft. Ceiling Area. 0 ° Wall Angle. Materials. 0. Main Tees. 0. 2' Cross Tees. 0. 4' Cross Tees. 0. 2' x 2' Panels. 0. 2' x 4' Panels. Notes: This estimate doesn't include an allowance for waste. It's based on the manufacturer's.

Learn how to create a beautiful grid board and batten wall in your home. This custom accent wall will have such an impact on your home design. I can't even explain how excited I am to share this post with you today! This project has probably made more of an impact in our house than any of our other projects to date Yes or No There are three options for a wall that you apply the Board and Batten Siding to. If the sheathing is 3/4 thick you can nail the B&B directly to the wall. If the sheathing is less than 3/4 you can either strap the wall with 1 x 4's or you can install solid blocking for backing in between the studs at the heights the B&B needs to be.

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Are you looking for inexpensive wall accent ideas? In this video, I'm sharing how I made a board and batten grid wood accent wall. You'll love it!Grid Formul.. We used 1×2's on our grid wall, and I wouldn't go larger than 1×3's, purely based on aesthetics. We held up scrap wood we had and found that 1×4's can tend to look too wide. Ours is a small accent wall, but if you're doing a large wall, I would recommend sizing up to a 1×3 How we put up this gorgeous accent wall with no prior experience! If you want less gap space in your wall (make the grid smaller), you just have to add more boards! We wanted a large grid with less boxes. Finishing Touches: You should now have a full grid! *Insert sigh of relief here*. Now time for the fun part, paint Admire your beautiful accent wall! 5. Finish it Off! When the grid is complete, you can prime the wood, caulk all the edges and apply the finish paint to wrap up the project. Watch the video above to see the entire process! Further Reading. Behind the DIY: Accent Walls Enhance North Carolina Home; How to Build a Floating Decorative Wall Shel

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  1. g calculator is extremely easy to use! You only need two values: The stud OC (on-center) spacing; and. The length of the wall. Remember: The regular OC stud spacing is 16, 19.2 or 24 inches. (OC spacing means measuring the distance between the centers of two adjacent studs .) If you would like to use the price section of our 2x4.
  2. To paint this grid accent wall in my new home, I only needed a few supplies: Craft paint (I used DecoArt Multi-Surface paint in Cactus) Artist's brush. Bowl of water. Pencil. Laser level (note: you could use a regular level if you don't have a laser level) Junk cardboard, foam, cardstock, poster board - anything with a little heft will do
  3. Part 1: Woven Wood Accent Wall. Part 2: Woven Wood Accent Wall. How to Clean Your Paint Brush. What do I Need to Paint a Room? Wire Grid Wall: Nerf Gun Storage. Color Basics 101. 10 Tape Hacks and How to Best Use Painters Tape. Change the Look of the Lamp Base in Minutes. Painting a Straight Edge on a Round Corner (video) Calculating How Much.
  4. And out of it was born this accent wall in my entryway! So let's get down to this simple board and batten tutorial. This project is something I'm proud of since it was 80% done all by myself! My dad helped me get that first wonky ceiling angle out of the way and then showed me a few cutting tips. And after that, I finished it all solo
  5. Wainscotting, beadboard, paint an accent wall, wallpaper, board and batten.there are so many different options on how to dress up a room. When we were in the early stages of planning for our master bedroom, I knew I wanted to do some sort of feature on the main wall. I loved the idea of doing a board and batten wall to give a subtle grid.

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  1. Floor Tile Calculator: Multiply the length times the width, then divide by the area of the tile.Since most come in inch measurements, you'll need to divide square inches by 144 to find square feet.; Shower Tile Calculator: Calculate each wall, ceiling and floor individually, then add together.For multiple sizes or murals, consult a shower tile professional near you
  2. Step 2 - Grid Kits 30 ÷ 8.37 : 3.58 (4 Grid Kits) Tandem® Modular Grid Use Tandem Modular Grid to build privacy walls, outdoor benches and kitchens and many other applications. Easily construct outdoor living elements with the steel grids to add an aesthetic touch to your home and outdoor living space
  3. g Calculator - Stud Spacing and Sheeting Fit. Running measurements are and on - From start of wall to near side of each stud. Make the mark, then put an X on the far side to denote stud placement: Start of Wall →
  4. You can choose from two colors: Black or White. Don't want to calculate parts and pieces for the system? Prelude grid kits for 24 x 24 and 24 x 48 ceiling tiles contain everything you need to cover 64 sq. ft. of ceiling space. Inside the Prelude all-in-one kit are main beams, cross tees, and wall moldings, along with accessories
  5. May 21, 2021 - Explore Jeff Naffziger's board Board & Batten Accent Wall Ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about wall paneling, accent wall, home

Wallpaper accent wall is a new trend and we at Designer Wallpaper have a solution - modern and stylish non-woven wallpaper from leading European designers for any taste and styles to choose from - from traditional to contemporary and futuristic, plain and textured, colorful or paintable. Here you always can choose a wallcovering that will brighten your room even on the darkest, coldest day Calculate Grid Spacing on iPhone and Android™ Now you can compute wall spacing while at your desk or while on the road with the Y+ Calculator for iPhone, iPad, or Android. This free app is a handy tool for calculating the grid spacing at a wall to achieve a target y+ value for viscous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computations The Y+ Grid Spacing Calculator allows to estimate the required size of the first mesh cell near the wall in order to reach the correct y+ value. Input Values Ref. Length L Ref. velocity U∞ Kinematic viscosity ν Desired Y+ Output Values Reynolds number Re First Mesh cell size Δs How to Use Fill in the required parameters in the orange area. The parameters are unit-agnostic, check that all. Step 2 - Grid Kits 30 ÷ 8.37 : 3.58 (4 Grid Kits) EXPO-BELGARD-CG-TANDEM-07.16 Step 1 - Determine SqFt of wall face (Length x Height of wall) SqFt of wall face: Step 2 - Multiply wall face SqFt by 2 to account for face and back of wall for total SqFt coverage. Total SqFt (face & back): Step 3 - Determine how many connectors you require Step 2 - Grid Kits 30 ÷ 8.37 : 3.58 (4 Grid Kits) Tandem® Modular Grid Use Tandem Modular Grid to build privacy walls, outdoor benches and kitchens and many other applications. Easily construct outdoor living elements with the steel grids to add an aesthetic touch to your home and outdoor living space

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  1. e the size and spacing for all of your boxes - see my blog post, linked below, for a detailed tutorial on how to do this math
  2. Grid Accent Wall - Bedroom. The client is interested in Grid wall for master bedroom and living. Follow along to see how we transformed both of these spaces. This post is particular about Master bedroom. Here is a before photo of the transformation. This picture is half way through the upgrade process
  3. Step 8. Caulk all of the edges: the inner corners of each rectangle, the ceiling, the wall corner, the baseboards. This is honestly the best part! It makes everything look polished. There are smoothing tools that you can buy but you can also just use your finger and a baby wipe
  4. DIY Accent Wall Idea: Gold Sharpie Paint Pens. This accent wall couldn't be any simpler, or more cost-effective to create! All you need is some gold sharpie pens and a steady hand to create a wall that looks super sophisticated. Gold Sharpie Paint Pen Wall by Landeesee Landeedo

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These charts should be used for estimating grid quantities for projects which match the site and soil descriptions provided, and only for projects which use grid strengths of 700 lbs/ft. (10,200 N/m) or higher.. No provision or analysis for global stability or seismic activity are included. The charts below assume for geogrid reinforced walls, that the reinforcement starts on the first course. Paneled Grid. Transform a wall with paneling. This look translates well to wainscoting with a cap as well. Featuring WindsorONE S4SSE trim boards.. Credit: Soruco Structures. Read more about this project here

The key to every great accent wall is a little planning. Start by gathering all the measurements: the height, the width, the location of any outlets or other obstacles. If you're not removing your baseboards, make sure that your height measurements start from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling rather than the ground to the ceiling We are so excited to share the full step-by-step of how we did this shaker panel accent wall in our client's master bedroom.. Wallpaper, shiplap, wainscoting, board & batten, or paintwe're all about the accent walls, and whatever you choose to do they are sure to make a statement.. This is a twist on a board and batten, which basically means putting wood strips on your wall in a pattern. Frequently Bought Together. + +. Price: Add to cart. This item: 7/8 in. x 12 ft. Ceiling Grid Wall Molding. SUSPEND-IT 18-Gauge 300 ft. Hanger Wire for Drop Suspended Ceiling Grids. $8.25. SUSPEND-IT 400 sq. ft. Drop Suspended Ceiling Grid Installation Kit 2 Select Drywall Panel. Measure the distance from floor to ceiling for height and corner to corner for width. Do not subtract for openings like doors, windows or outlets. Round up if necessary. Panel Size: Select Panel 4' x 8' 4' x 9' 4' x 10' 4' x 12'

Paint Calculator. Paint. Input the dimensions of the room to be painted. Click the button to calculate the amount of paint and man-hours needed for this job. Interior paint coverage depends on the brand of paint used. The coverage amount is listed on the label of the paint can. Use this to adjust the values in the Paint Coverage section below Modern wood Accent wall from Within the grove Herringbone wall from honey built home DIY modern moulding accent wall from love create celebrate entry wall from styled to sparkle DIY Board and Batten wall from angela rose home DIY Trim Wall from young house envy wood accent wall from angela rose home wood accent wall from hannah trickett DIY Wood accent wall from love create celebrate wood.

Based on our room size and shape (140″ x 149″), and the size of our boxes we decided to have the first vertical board on the north and south wall of the room start in the center of the wall. On the east and west walls of room, we placed the grid space as the center of the room AB Garden Accent is the ideal choice for beautiful beds and borders. This product currently has limited availability. Please check with your local manufacturer to see if the AB Garden Accent is available in your area.. At about 14 pounds per block (6.3 kg), AB Garden Accent stacks fast and locks together great A range of architectural products from crown moulding to faux wood mantels, to decorative wall panels and shelves, everything you need to make a house a home

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RP Surface Mount Grid: 30 per box for 8' Mains. 30 per box for 8' Top Hangers, 24 per box for 8' Wall Mold, 60 per box of 2' Cross T's. RP does not have a 4' Cross T, just 2'. RP Grid Covers: 50 per box for Mains. 50 per box for Wall Mold, 50 per box of 2' Cross T's. 50 per box for 4' Cross T 2. Adjust the base and height measurements entered into the Calculator to account for the area of the measured triangle (s). Type this into the Cartons Calculator under the tab corresponding to your product. The Calculator will display the number of cartons needed. Round up the number of cartons if there is a decimal

Accent walls don't just have to be paint, either. I myself am a little on the fence about the headboard wall accent treatment because frankly, I think most rooms don't need it (I say go all-in in terms of paint in a bedroom, or let the bed and art tell the aesthetic story) but this is where you're likely to spot it most often on the. Formations accent clouds give you unique looks and excellent acoustics in a wide variety of standard and custom configurations - eliminating the hassle, cost, and risk associated with custom cloud installations. Our kitted options, featuring Axiom trim, make installing ceiling clouds fast and easy! You may only compare 4 products at a time

The red areas on the wall are the areas I touched up after priming. I sanded one more time and the wall was ready for paint. Step 9) Using a good quality wall paint and a paint sprayer, apply a coat of paint to the entire wall. Let dry. I chose to paint the accent wall the same color as the other walls in the room, Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere. This week I'm excited to share our board and batten accent wall that was installed this past weekend! It adds so much character, and gives our dining room a high end look. You can create an accent wall on your own if you like DIY projects! We hired a friend to do ours, but I will share a few links to tutorials that helped me in the planning. Unit 1d Cambrian Business Park, Derby Street, Bolton BL3 6JF 01204 526435 info@ceilingdirect.co.u

To add extra walls and their measurements, press the plus sign next to add wall. To remove walls, press the trash can icon. Starting over: To get a new estimate, select your desired room shape, and enter the new measurements. Then press calculate again The Perfect Retaining Wall System VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems are cost-effective, easy-to-install, and give you endless design options. VERSA-LOK segmental retaining walls are made from high-strength concrete units, dry-stacked, interlocked with pins, and set on granular leveling pads

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It's also common to add DIY board and batten to the bottom third of a wall and use a small trim piece to finish the top edge, with paint or wallpaper on the top two-thirds of the wall. You can use a basic 1×2 piece sticking out from the wall the wide way to create a little ledge a the top The last option is to do an accent wall and replace the trim with something simple like a 1x4 or 1x6 on just that wall. Gena Lipscomb. Saturday 20th of March 2021. I did it. I think I figured it out. Using your calculations it came out to exactly 84 with 17.5 space. Thanks. Gena Lipscomb 6348 Hwy. 36 Blvd, Suite 1 Oakdale, MN 55128. (651) 770-3166 phone (651) 770-4089 fax versalok@versa-lok.com Email. Construction Detail

How To Calculate Wallpaper Without a Wallpaper Calculator. Determine the square footage you wish to cover. To do this, first measure the height of your walls. Use the tallest wall as your wall height. Now measure the width of each wall you wish to cover and add them together. Multiply the total height in feet and the total width in feet of your. STEP 4: Put liquid nails on backer board, place on wall, and nail on outside edges (so that nails will be hidden by the batten trim pieces). STEP 5: Now it's time to add the trim batten pieces! Start with the whole wall framing trim pieces on the very top, then bottom, then left and right. Make sure they are level, and attach with liquid. Interior accent walls are a familiar design element in many homes today. Instead of using paint or wallpaper, opt for high-end wood paneling to create sophistication and elegance in various rooms. In your master bedroom, select square wood panels as an alternative to the typical horizontal or vertical wooden slats regularly used to create an. A colorful accent wall is a great way to create a fresh new look for a room. An accent wall establishes a focal point in your space, so the wall you choose is important. If you have a fireplace, built-in bookshelves, or some other feature you want to spotlight, use the accent wall to draw eyes straight to it

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This Moonbeam Series Random Sized Porcelain Grid Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile features a unique mosaic composition as well as a beautiful multi-tonal glaze. With a glossy finish in varying tones, this tile is suitable for any wall or backsplash installation, or light-traffic residential floors. Use it in its natural format as a field tile, or cut it into strips or square decor pieces to accent. Batten is one of the frame and board and batten grid wall calculator single end stud did this project my. Useful tools for finishing your house or apartment: to makeover a room a. You can keep it up jan 26, 2019 - hello board and batten grid wall calculator sorry! The frame and a single end stud out of wood, or steel it

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If you want to put trim on the sides of an accent wall that measures 10x20 feet, add 10 feet for one wall and 10 feet for the other wall, equaling 20 linear feet. To determine how many trim kits are needed, select Trim Board Kit under Select your product and input your linear feet, then click calculate This calculator is designed to give an approximate quantity for all materials needed for a drop Room Linear Wall Footage Feet Quantity 12 Foot Main Support Sections above what the worst possible case requirements are including sizes that do not exactly fit on a 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 grid and require cuts with centering. Regular areas are very. Indoor Lighting Layout Tool. Model a fixture's light output in a custom-sized room. Calculate the number & layout of fixtures needed to reach a target level of illumination. Generate a clean, detailed & printable summary. Indoor Overview Video >. Indoor Calculator The retaining wall should have 12″ of gravel immediately behind the entire wall to allow for proper drainage. The calculator above will estimate this or, you can use our cubic yards calculator to calculate this separately. Don't forget that you'll also want to consider adding a layer of landscape fabric between the stone backfill and the. Submit the form to download Mortarless Grid Walls Brochure. Fields marked with an * are required. Name

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Our DIY Board and Batten Grid Wall. June 12, 2020 June 12, 2020 by Nicole Robin Jenkins. Instead of working on a blog post last weekend, I decided to tackle a home project that we've been meaning to do for weeks. Ever since moving into this house, I've hated the 19 foot long boring wall across from our kitchen. Because our house is tall and. A wallpaper calculator is a user-oriented tool that does the budgeting and math for you so you can concentrate on creating a beautiful space. When you enter the prices of your chosen wall coverings, trim, and borders, the wallpaper calculator will tell you exactly how much you'll be spending, helping you stay within your budget Wallpaper Calculator. Please round wall measurements up to the nearest foot. Make no deductions for windows or doors. This will ensure that you have enough wallcovering to complete your job. You may calculate roll quantity by entering your room's dimensions, your individual wall dimensions or total square footage

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Calculator. Estimates the energy production and cost of energy of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems throughout the world. It allows homeowners, small building owners, installers and manufacturers to easily develop estimates of the performance of potential PV installations. Welcome to the updated PVWatts Calculator To add wall dimensions, click and drag the lettered labels to edit wall lengths, or enter measurements in the corresponding boxes below. Create a custom ceiling shape in the empty box below. Click at the start of your first wall and then again at the end of that and each successive wall Wallpaper calculator. Measure your room wall by wall. Enter your measurements below to estimate how many rolls of our wallpaper you'll need. We have allowed for trimming and 10% extra for pattern matching, based on a standard room layout. For larger pattern repeats and complex room shapes, we suggest asking your decorator

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Don't let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises - understand what the average Cost to Install Wall Paneling is in your zip code by using our easy to use calculator. If you're looking for 2021 breakdown Cost to Install Wall Paneling with materials, and how much a contractor might be, you've come to the right place For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 square feet, the cost to Install Wall Paneling starts at $6.24 - $9.39 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased Drywall Screws. Additional Materials. USG Sheetrock® Brand Joint Tape. USG Sheetrock® Brand First Coat™ Primer. Drywall Adhesive. (29 oz.) tubes. Notes: This estimate doesn't include an allowance for waste. It's based on the manufacturer's recommended installation practices. Other methods of installation may use more or less material Powerwall reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy for use when the sun isn't shining. Use Powerwall alone or combine it with other Tesla products to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your home for power outages. With the Tesla app, you can monitor your home's energy production and consumption in.

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We built this accent wall our guest bedroom so I thought I'd share how we did it along with some tips & tricks. I love accent walls and have wanted to do them ever since we first designed this house but I couldn't decide which pattern to do on this wall — a grid, herringbone, random pattern, board & batten, etc so I drew up over a dozen different design variations before deciding on this. Interactive Visual Triangle Calculators. Find Triangle Side Lengths, Angles, Area etc with animated interactive diagrams. Click and drag to edit and calculate. No Math Required! How to Lay Out a Square or Rectangle. Square Up. Enter 2 side lengths to draw diagram with Also note that this calculator does not apply to European wallpaper, which generally contains approximately 56 square feet per roll. Types of Wallpaper The wallpaper you will buy depends on a few factors, including the room you plan to put it in, your budget, and how much maintenance you're willing to do on it Calculate how much paint you will need for your walls. Calculate how much paint you will need for your ceiling project. Calculate how many wall or floor tiles you will need to cover your surface area. This heat output or 'BTU' (British thermal unit) calculator will help you work out how much radiator power you need

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Diamond Accent Wall Warning Everything was looking perfect on our diamond accent wall, until I started peeling off the tape It looked pretty good from afar, but if you stood closely (or even just looked hard enough) you could see some seepage from the colours. Because I painted in little sections, I didn't even think about the tape that. Now divide your wall into columns and rows to create a grid using that spacing dimension. We are using 6 rows and 7 columns, this means our grid sections will be 40cm x 42.8cm. Its a good idea to draw a diagram of your grid either on paper or electronically to have a visual of what your wall will look like

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Looking to make an accent wall? This DIY board & batten grid wall makes a serious statement in any room. . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make wall decor in 7 steps using paint, wood, and knife. Inspired by rooms in the house and house. How To p.. Square-Set, Stacked-Set, or Grid Pattern. The most common and easiest tile layout, laying tiles in a grid is very simple. Setting your tiles square with a corner will minimize the number of cuts needed. Unfortunately, this pattern can look boring or sterile when used with a plain, neutral tile For an estimate, use the calculator above or follow these steps: Drywall needed = total area/sheet size. Multiply the length and height of one wall. Don't worry about excluding windows and doors, they'll get trimmed later. Record the area. Repeat this process for all walls. Don't forget to measure each side of a wall that needs covering How to Calculate Wall Paneling. Paneling comes in many styles and colors, from solid wood to wood veneers and composites. Although wood paneling is a natural fit for rustic-looking homes, painted. What is an Accent Wall? An accent wall is simply a wall that has a different paint colour or decoration than the other walls in the space. It can bring depth and visual interest to the space, and can add personality to your home. Do I Even Need an Accent Wall? I have a few accent walls in my home, but accent walls aren't right for every room.

Our complete line of CertainTeed Acoustical and Drywall Suspension Systems and Accessories reflects our commitment to provide the essential systems contractors need for commercial projects. Our innovations are powered by expert knowledge, in-the-field experience and customer feedback. That real-world insight and installer focus helps us. An accent wall is the feature for you. Whether you're using slats to form a tropical rainforest, oscillating colors to create a pastel rainbow or using rough stone materials to convey the aura of the ancients, there's an accent wall to fit every sleeping space's needs Step 4. Add 60 inches to your answer from Step 3, and mark this point on the wall, measuring up from the floor. This spot marks where you will position your screw or hook to hang the picture. Ballard Style Studio: Get the Answers to Hanging Art! Jill Arens has been a journalist since 2007