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Learn how to wrap text around a sphere using the Revolve and Map Art function.Here is a link to the graph_surface_1 of 1.png file I used in this video. The second way you can wrap text in Photoshop is by wrapping it along the edge of a shape. Rather than lines of text fitting around a shape, this method shapes the text to the shape's edge. This text wrap method is best for shorter sentences and won't work well for paragraphs. Regardless, it's another useful way to consider The wrap your text around the inside of the circle, grab the Path Selection Tool again, then click and drag the node on the edge of the circle and bring it inside of the circle. This will lead the text within the circle as well. While you're at it, you can use the same tool to adjust the placement of the text inside of the circle Select the text and resize the text with the Scale tool (r key) Download this video in very high-quality:http://adf.ly/76802/spheretextDownload 100% LEGAL Photoshop 7.00 Portable Version:http://adf.ly/76802/photoshopporta..

Select the Path Selection Tool from the Tools panel. Drag the mouse pointer over the text to move it along the path AWAY from the END POINT. Drag the text along the path of the shape. Drag the mouse pointer ACROSS the path of the shape to flip the text and reverse it Create the number in a circle, drag it into the symbols panel- to create a new symbol, Draw a big circle, with just a coloured fill, no stroke. With the direct selection tool, delete the left anchor point - to leave a half circle I'm looking for a way to wrap text around sphere in babylon or threejs. And i'm open-minded for changing javascript technology. javascript three.js 3d babylonjs. Share. Follow edited Jun 25 '19 at 8:03. gman. 84.4k 25 25 gold badges 199 199 silver badges 307 307 bronze badges This is the technique that will wrap your art around objects and (seemingly) magically make it hug every contour. I also have a variation of this tutorial here where I wrap text around a photo. Step 1. Begin with a texture, you must be in RGB mode. I have another tutorial under textures that shows you how to create this rock surface In this Photoshop Text Effects tutorial, we're going to learn how to easily wrap text around a 3D object in Photoshop, without the need for any 3D software. We're going to be wrapping our text around a planet, but you can use this same basic technique to wrap text around just about anything

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wrapping extruded text and polygons around a sphere. 2. I want to wrap some 3d text around a sphere, and also put a star that conforms to the sphere on the top. Similar to the following image, except that both will be sticking out some. I've found several videos that claim to do this but what they're really showing is how to wrap text around a. 0:00. 0:00 / 2:02. Live. •. How to wrap text around a cylinder, using Smart Objects and Image Warp. Download the Photoshop file. Barrel image: Meggar at English Wikipedia Photoshop uses the active path to contain the text, causing the text to wrap around the baseball on the left. To accept the text and exit out of text editing mode, I'll click the checkmark up in the Options Bar: Click the checkmark in the Options Bar to accept the text Place your cursor on the circle and between the first two letters and click once to get the flashing text insertion icon. Use the spacebar on your keyboard to add a space between those two letters. Then press the right-facing arrow key on your keyboard to move the text insertion icon between the next two letters and add a space there Create a new document and select the Type Tool. Click on the artboard to activate the type box and now type the text which you want to wrap around the sphere. To make your text attractive you may change its font size and font type. Arrange the text as shown in the image below

Use the Control Points to Align, and Rotate the Text Around a Circle On the Toolbar, select the Path Selection tool and hover over your text until you see the cursor switches to a Text cursor with a right-pointing black arrow. Then, you can click anywhere on the path to set your new starting point Oct 29, 2018 - Learn how to wrap text around a sphere using the Revolve and Map Art function.Here is a link to the graph_surface_1 of 1.png file I used in this video. Warping items in Photoshop allows you to wrap an image or text around an object without making the image look distorted. There are two ways that you can warp an image. First, you can use a shape in the warp style menu. Second, you can change the path of individual control points on an image The Warp command lets you drag control points to manipulate the shape of images, shapes, or paths, and so on. You can also warp using a shape in the Warp pop‑up menu in the options bar. Shapes in the Warp pop‑up menu are also malleable; you can drag their control points

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  1. Re: How do you wrap text around a circle or oval? by Alan Fraser » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:16 am If you do actually need fancy text effects like this in geometry, rather than as an imported images, then the best way of doing it would probably be to use CorelDraw or Illustrator, convert that text into segmented curves, then import into SU via dwg.
  2. 1. Launch Photoshop and load the file containing the object you want to wrap an image around. For example, load a PSD file of a sphere. Choose simple objects for your first wrapping attempts, as.
  3. Wrap around a circle To create text that completely circles your shape, choose Circle under Follow Path, and then drag any of the sizing handles until your WordArt is the size and shape you want. Wrap around straight edges To wrap text around a shape that has straight edges, such as a rectangle, insert WordArt objects for each edge
  4. How to Make an Image Wrap. graphic design. How to Create an Underwater Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. Free portrait frame template. How to Make a Print Mockup in Adobe Photoshop. How to deconstruct type in Adobe Illustrator. How to Design a Logo. illustration. How to Make an Embossed Effect in Adobe Photoshop
  5. Copied. 1) Use the cc sphere effect in after effects, it will wrap an image around a sphere if you can use a sphere instead of a hexagon. 2) If you must use a hexagon or other type shape than a sphere, then open cinema 4d (or 4D lite) where you can use an image as a new texture. Create a new shape, then open an image file and drag the new.

In this Quick Tip, you'll create a Symbol, which you will then map to a 3D globe. The result looks like a ribbon wrapped around a hollow sphere. Let's get started! Step 1. Click once with the Rectangle tool (M) and draw a thin rectangle, about 300px x 20px From the 3D panel on the Panel Dock, click on Sphere Material. Next, go to the Properties panel, click the Diffuse menu, and select Replace Texture. In the directory that opens, select your desired image. To rotate the image around the 3D wireframe, go back to the 3D panel and click on Sphere. The 3D Axes tool will appear in the image window. Step 2// WARPING THE HEAD. Let's warp the dinosaur (called Dino from now on) and make it fiercer. To split the mesh Alt/Option+ click and drag on the mesh. 1. Click near the vertical line to create a new horizontal guide. Alt/Option + Click on the top of the grid to create a new vertical guide to frame Dino's head. 2 To wrap text around any Adobe Illustrator object, bring the object to the front of the document, then navigate to the Text Wrap option in the Object menu. Text-wrapping is often used in graphic design to create integrated, professional-looking images that stand out. Learn how to use the Text Wrap tools in Illustrator to wrap your text.

Choose a soft edged brush, approximately half of the radius of your gray circle you have created. Set the Range to Midtones and the Exposure to 50% (unless you are using a pressure sensitive tablet). Draw around the sides of the sphere, as seen in the screenshot. Do this a few times, until you get a nice strong shade I am trying to create an effect, in illustrator, (or photoshop) that has a globe/ sphere undernieth text. The text will then, ideally, be wrapped around the shpere in perspective with the vanishing points. I am unsure how to do this with multiple words, but i do have an idea of how to do this with one Use the Spherize filter to wrap images and text around a sphere. Grab the Elliptical Marquee Tool, hold Shift and create a selection. Apply the filter to create the distortion

So, you don't have to have Photoshop to bend text.You can do it online. Use MockoFun curved font generator if you need a a circular text generator.. If you want to write text in circle, double click on the curved text and type your text.Then, adjust the Curve radius setting to make the text circle smaller or bigger, until you get the circular text you want The process is very simple where the x axis of the image will be mapped on sphere longitudes and the y axis of the image will be mapped on sphere latitudes. The process of mapping is similar to proportion equations x-x0/y-y0 = px-x0/py-y0. C#. Copy Code. public static double MapCoordinate ( double i1, double i2, double w1, double w2, double p. Discover one of the new 3D features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. In this tutorial you will learn how to wrap an image around the inside of a sphere, to create a 3D panorama in Photoshop CS4 Extended. Then, simply step into this digital space and use some of the new Photoshop CS4 tools to look around your newly created world I am using Photoshop 7.0 and cannot get the text to wrap to another line. I have tried creating a text paragraph box as well as using regular text, but when I get to the end of the line, the cursor goes back to the middle or beginning of the current line automatically In this video, I explore how to wrap a 2D image onto a 3D cylinder that has been created as a mesh preset (there are a couple of ways to do it), and also how to add the same layer onto a cylinder that has been created as an extrusion. YouTube. Michael Hoffman. 10.1K subscribers

12-09-2016 12:49 PM. Well, best plane for starting a sketch for the text is a tangent plane at the conical surface. After that engraving the text to a separate body, 2 bends, another split body and rotate it, combine again, delete unnecessary faces, and a boolean cut at the end. Walter Holzwarth. Dipl.-Ing Choose a soft edged brush, approximately half of the radius of your gray circle you have created. Set the Range to Midtones and the Exposure to 50% (unless you are using a pressure sensitive tablet). Draw around the sides of the sphere, as seen in the screenshot. Do this a few times, until you get a nice strong shade Convert 2D layers into 3D postcards (planes with 3D properties). If your starting layer is a text layer, any transparency is retained. Wrap a 2D layer around a 3D object, such as a cone, cube, or cylinder. Create a 3D mesh from the grayscale information in a 2D image Wrap Text Around A Circle. The first thing we're going to do is create a new document sized at 1,280 x 1,280 pixels and add vertical and horizontal guides halfway through the document. Then we're going to create a perfectly symmetrical circle in the center of the document and convert it to a path. Next, we'll create two separate lines of.

Photoshop 3D: Text orients incorrectly on import of opacity map. am trying now to get the to wrap around a 3D object in Photoshop Extended. 8 y ago. 2. 16. 1. 2. Like. Comment. Follow. Responses. Official Solution. daniel_presedo. 43 Messages • 844 Points. 8 y ago. You can use the Photoshop Sphere Preset and get better results: How. I want it to appear that green smoke is swirling around inside, so I chose to just turn the photo of the green smoke into a 3D polygon. The problem is that I can only figure out how to make either just a bevelled polygon, or just another cube or sphere with the image mapped onto it New Wraparound Tool! Krita 2.8 will have some really awesome features! Today we are going to show you the new Wraparound Tool that will be available in the next release. This cool feature is for creating infinitely tilable textures, just press the W key and start to enjoy: Thanks to Paul Geraskin (Mifth) for this video Wrapping text in Adobe Illustrator CC isn't quite the same as wrapping a present — it's easier! A text wrap forces text to wrap around a graphic, as shown in this figure. This feature can add a bit of creativity to any piece. The graphic is forcing the text to wrap around it. First, create [ An alternative way is to select all the shapes and Press Shift + Ctrl + ] to bring the selected layers on the top.. Step 5. After arranging the layers, select a shape and the text (press and hold the Shift key for multiple selections) and click on Object in the Menu Bar.Place the cursor on Envelope Distort and select Make with Top Object

To wrap your text around a circle in Illustrator, simply grab the Type on a Path Tool and click on the circle that you'd like the text place around. This will place text around the perimeter of the circle that you can edit to your liking. The first thing we're going to do is grab the Ellipse tool, create a perfectly wrap circle, and align. How to Warp Anything on a 3D Sphere in Illustrator. But today, I will show you a super-easy way to make a stamp effect in Photoshop where the text can be edited after you apply the effect (and the texture we'll use can be scaled or moved to achieve a whole new texture effect).Read more. April 09, 2021

Use GIMP's build-in sphere designer to easily generate 3D spheres which you can then utilize to create incredible 3D logos! This tutorial shows you the basics of generating a 3D sphere in GIMP, while also showing you how to add text and wrap that text around the sphere Use the drop-down menus in the upper-left and center of the window to select a font, style, and size. Click on ☑️. It's at the top of the window, toward the right side. Click on the Warp Text Tool. It's the button at the top of the window that looks like a T with a curved line beneath it. Select an effect Angie Taylor posted a quick tip on Wrapping text around a circle in After Effects.. There's another intro tutorial on the newer way to do path text here at AEtuts, Animating Text Along A Path In After Effects - AE Basix, and some addition details at the AE Help page Creating and animating text on a path.And Eran Stern posted a more complicated video tutorial, Tornado Text, that shows how. Now select Create Outlines . This will make the text an editable text. Now select letter N and then select the Scissor Tool from the Tool Panel. With the help of Scissor Tool, we will slice the letter and arrange the slices to create the Interlaced Text Effect. With the help of Selection Tool, select the part sliced and sends it backward Adobe InDesign is the clear leader in typographic sophistication, object handling, multilingual publishing, and transparency effects for text and graphics. In this InDesign CS video tutorial you will learn to use text wrap. Learn how to import an image, use the pen tool to make a box, apply text wrap, and then make the text flow around box. Add an image and wrap text around it with InDesign CS2

The Spherize filter gives objects a 3D effect by wrapping a selection around or inside a spherical shape, distorting and stretching the image. Apply the Spherize filter In the Edit workspace, select an image, layer, or a specific area We see a lot of questions about how to wrap text around a picture or a shape in PowerPoint. And it isn't easy (though we do have articles for PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2007 that discuss admittedly complicated workarounds to achieve the wrapping effect).. Since it's hard and awkward to do, we see more comments from people who are unhappy about it than from people who say they find it. Wrap a Ribbon Around a Sphere, Using 3D Revolve In this Quick Tip, you'll create a Symbol, which you will then map to a 3D globe. The result looks like a ribbon wrapped around a hollow sphere How to Wrap Text Around a Transparent Sp... Learn how to wrap text around a sphere using the Revolve and Map Art function.Here is a link to the graph_surface_1 of 1.png file I used in this video. Step 1. Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and type the text. Now select the text and click on Edit in the Menu Bar. Click on Copy to copy the text. Again click on Edit in the Menu Bar and select Paste in Back. The text will get paste at the back. Step 2

Feb 8, 2020 - In today's tutorial, we will create a Background with Art Brush in Adobe Illustrator. We will use the Ellipse Tool, Direct Section Tool, Brushes Panel Let's start the tutorial by launching Adobe Illustrator and creating a new document. Now follow the below steps: Step 1. Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and type the letter D. Then choose a bold font style for the letter and increase the font size also. Step 2. Select the letter D and click on Effect in the Menu Bar In Photoshop CS6 apply simple Smart Filter stacking to create a detailed ‘bump' texture to simulate the same texture found on a golf ball. Step One: Create New Document Preset. With Photoshop CS6 open, go to the ‘File > New' and create a 500×500, 72 Resolution with Background Contents of White. Click OK to commit the document creation How to Wrap Text Around a Transparent Sphere in Adobe Illustrator Learn how to wrap text around a sphere using the Revolve and Map Art function.Here is a link to the graph_surface_1 of 1.png file I used in this video. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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Hi Steve and Daniel, I am at the next phase of my project and have extruded a shape (bisected cylinder) for which to map my text and graphics to. My problem is that I cannot exceed 2500 pixels when I try and increase my extrusion depth By the way, mapping is literally what we'll explore in this article, but it's a generic term for wrapping any artwork around a generated 3D effect. So, for example, in the project that is the focus of this article, a semicircle will be generated using 3D effects, and a map of the world will be the mapped object May 2, 2020 - — finally! i fixed the problem i had omg i've been wanting to share these for sooo long • sidewalk shop signs: 35 swatches! • open/closed shop signs: 10 swatches download my cool store.. To create a text box that automatically wraps words, select one of the Type tools, depending on the text orientation you prefer. When you click inside the working document, the text box displays.

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  1. wrap a layer around a sphere - howto? - Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, CS2 & CS3. Hello all I have a simple problem. I want to wrap a layer around a sphere (or any other 3D looking object). I've used the perspective and distort tools under free transform. But that's not gonna do it. The filter->3D transform isn't what I'm looking for either
  2. In this Photoshop Type tutorial, we'll look at Photoshop's built-in Warp Text options and how they make it easy to twist, stretch and distort type into all kinds of interesting shapes, all while keeping our type, as well as the warping effect itself, completely editable!. The Warp Text options have been around for quite a while now, first introduced way back in Photoshop 6, and while the.
  3. imal warp upwards for the top edge and one just a tab bit more for the bottom. To accomplish the warp, I'll click right on top of the top horizontal edge line, at the center, and drag upward. I'll do the same for the bottom edge, but I'll drag downward
  4. The following steps show how to make it appear as if the image was taken from a more level angle. Go to Edit > Perspective Warp. You may see a pop-up message with tips for using the filter. Read it and click the close button. Click anywhere in the image to create a perspective grid plane. Click and drag at each of the corners of the grid plane.
  5. It works on pushing and pulling the pixels around, similar to a smear effect. 4 Ways of using the Warp Command 1. Wrapping. The Warp Command is great for wrapping text, logos, or even textures around cylindrical objects such as bottles to give it that 3-D look. For example, a bike has a lot of cylindrical shapes on it, the front forks, frame, etc
  6. Text on Sphere-MATLAB CODE We can see how to wrap a text around a sphere. First obtain the x,y and z co-ordinates of the sphere.These co-ordinates can be used as an input for surface object

2. Select the layer that you would like to warp. Click the layer that you want to warp in the Layers panel. If the layer is locked, as it usually is on JPG and PNG images, click the Lock icon to unlock it. Alternatively, drag the layer onto the New Layer icon to create a duplicate, editable layer. The Warp tool does not work on the background In inventor 2013, how do I engrave and wrap some text onto a surface that is neither on a cylinder, a cone, or a sphere? I created the part by first drawing a cross section made up with the spline tool, then revolved it around an axis. I need to imprint two words on the part's curved surface New URL Notice. The URL you are using is an old format. By clicking Okay, it will automatically be updated. Please use the new URL instead. Oka

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  1. In this video, I'll show you how to make your 2D artwork look like it has been printed on a three-dimensional gallery wrapped canvas using the 3D Extrusion f..
  2. Wrap Text Around Images, Shapes and Objects in Adobe InDesign Tutorial Watch. Photoshop Tutorial: Surreal Glass Sphere Floating Within a Landscape Watch. Photoshop Full Tutorial in Hindi for Beginners (हिंदी )- Every computer user should learn Photoshop Watch
  3. When the cursor changes, just click to turn the curve into a text area. Step 9. You're now free to write the text just as you usually would. Step 10. When you've finished, hold Control and press Enter to deselect the text. 2. How to Curve Text Around a Shape in Photoshop Step 1. But this was a very simple curve. Photoshop is capable of much more
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When transforming any layer type, dragging a corner handle now scales the layer proportionally by default, indicated by the Maintain Aspect Ratio button (Link icon) in the ON state in the Options bar. To change the default transform behavior to non-proportional scaling, simply turn OFF the Maintain Aspect Ratio (Link icon) button. The Shift key, while pressed, now acts as a toggle for the. Changing the appearance of 3D text. You'll change the shape of the text, extrude it, and then apply materials to each surface of the 3D text. In the 3D panel, expand the HI-WHEEL_Layer folder, and select the HI-WHEEL text. Press V to change panes in the Properties panel, cycling through the Mesh, Deform, Cap, and Coordinates panels Step 6. The edges of the sphere look aliased at the moment. First we're going to fix it. Go to the Layers palette and double-click the little cube icon in the Earth layer to bring up the 3D Palette. Here you can make several adjustments to the 3D layer. Make sure the Scene is selected in the upper list and set Anti-Alias to Best Wrap Text to Shapes Illustrator Tutorial. In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create a text envelope distort effect in Adobe Illustrator. Water Droplet Icon Tutorial: Revolving text around a sphere after effects tu Nabil. Video. Easy way to add SUBTITLES in Adobe Premiere Pro Ankit Bhatia

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Then, select both the text object and the blue shape and go to Text > Flow Into Frame. This will flow the text into the blue object. Now you can go ahead and edit the text however you'd like. You can change the font, color, justification, line spacing, kerning, or anything else that you would normally edit on a text object 11. To make the shadow softer, Change the Softness amount in the Properties panel. And here is your Final cube. Press Cmd+Shift+Option+R (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R -windows) to render. Photoshop will create a higher quality purview when you render the 3D model and Lighting, this can take a while Achieve one-of-a-kind effects with built-in text paths, jitter, and randomization. Add powerful, realistic 3D extrusions with reflections, bump maps, and lights or wrap text around a 3D sphere. Create your own custom looks or tap into Graffiti's vast library of presets and styles Photoshop 7.0 tutorials include A Quick Vignette, Backlit Text, Glamour Portrait, Glass Sphere, Glass Text Effect, Gold Bevel Text, Metal Mesh, Mirrored Image Ball, Neon Text, Neon Glow, Patch Tool, Starburst Text, Steel Text Effect As you can see, the default is to wrap the layer over the section of the wine bottle that would normally have a label. Each built-in geometric shape has its own default as to how the 2D layer is warped. On the sphere, the 2D layer wraps around the entire sphere but on the cube it wraps over just one side

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But you can use shapes, check this page: Using CSSTextWrapper you can easily generate HTML text wraps for any imaginable shape. It can be circles, zig-zags, triangles or whatever you want. Quick and simple-to-use, just load the logo (optional) on the provided dashboard and drag sidelines to define your text wrap. Quite impressive 4 Answers4. The vertical space seems very large, but it's an effect of the review option. and, quite likely, the copy editors would remove the redefinition of \arraystretch to 1.2, leading to. Here's a possible way out: note that I removed the review option in order to be sure the header fits in the ultimate printout

How To: Create a text on a rotating sphere in Flash Create an engraved text effect in Photoshop How To: Create basic 3D text in After Effects Be the First to Comment Share Your Thoughts. You Login to Comment. Click to share your thoughts Wrap text around an image in Apple iWork Page photoshop wrap image around sphere. 4.32%. eye friendly wallpaper. 4.21%. how to wrap an image around an object in photoshop cs6. 3.46%. Top Keywords . wrap text around bottle photoshop. 16 Avg. Traffic to Competitors . 7 Search Popularity. photoshop cylinder warp. 16 Avg. Traffic to Competitors Discover one of the new 3D features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. In this tutorial you will learn how to wrap an image around the inside of a sphere, to create a 3D panorama in Photoshop CS4 Extended Get a FREE MockoFun account. You can register or sign in for free using your email address or Google account with just a few clicks 3. Hold down the Alt/Option key and now you should see the Type on a Path cursor. Click at the top of the circle to create the start point and the end point and add your text. 4. Switch to the.

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  1. imum.
  2. Kursus online ini akan mengajarkan kamu cara membuat desain yang bagus, baik itu secara visual maupun proses pembuatannya. Kursus ini ditujukan untuk kamu pemula yang baru mulai masuk ke dunia desain grafis. Oleh karena itu materi di kelas ini disusun dari dasar agar mudah dipahami dan dipraktekkan. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dalam penggunaan software, kamu akan diajarkan menggunakan Adobe.
  3. For this example I'm using a satellite image of Earth that I'm going to wrap around a sphere to make a semi-transparent globe: If I didn't do anything to make parts of that image see-through, we'd just end up with that map wrapped around the entire globe, with no way of seeing that the interior of the globe was clear
  4. Create the Photo Sphere. Export the panorama at 6000 pixels on the long side. Then use your web browser to navigate to the Google Photo Sphere app. Click on Choose File and select your panorama stored on your computer. Once your image uploads, you will presented with a screen where you can fill in some meta data to help locate the photo sphere.
  5. Apr 5, 2018 - More Tutorials: https://www.bit.ly/omopopsHello world, In this video, I've shown you how to change the spacing between blend shapes done with Adobe.
  6. Just by experimenting with the Type tool and the 3D effect Revolve in Illustrator, you can use the alphabet to create a whole series of 3D objects. Create 3D shapes from text and revolve in Illustrator

In the top menu, click the Stickers icon. From the sidebar, select the folder icon on the far right. Click Add sticker from the sidebar. Find the photo you'd like to use as a texture and click. When you want to distort text, make sure to have the pathfinder tab open. This tutorial will show you how to manipulate text by moving around the letters and parts of each word, and using different effects that are pre-built into Illustrator. Simple, but well explained, this tutorial is a great Illustrator basic. Distort text in Illustrator Master the Paths Tool in GIMP 2.10. GIMP 2.10.6: Tribute Graphic Design Tutorial (Long Shadow Filter) GIMP 2.10's Answer to Photoshop's Liquify Tool (Caricature Tutorial) GIMP 2.10 Tutorial: Restore and Repair Old Photos with Severe Damage. GIMP 2.10 Tutorial: Resynthesizer is Better Than Photoshop's Content Aware Fill

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Probably one of these two: I did this a number of years back for a series of ads for the NCAA Final 4 hosted in Tampa, Florida. The client said wrap photos of Florida life around a basketball. I wanted to keep the texture of the basketball, so I.. Compound paths consists of two or more paths that interact with each other. In this video tutorial you will learn about compound paths in Illustrator. Learn how they work and how they could possibly make you life easier by improving your daily workflow. Create compound paths in Illustrator

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  1. Formatting text can be tedious. In the print world we use Paragraph and Character styles. In the web world we use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In this video we'll take the wraps off GoLive's new CSS interface and learn how to transform those standard H1, H2, etc. tags into something a lot more customized to your taste
  2. wrapping extruded text and polygons around a spher
  3. How to wrap text around a cylinder - 2 minute Photosho
Design with Depth: Adobe Illustrator “Map Art” TutorialHow to Create a photo realistic mesh shape in IllustratorTranslated version of http://derjulian