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Go to your Facebook Page, open your Admin panel. Click Edit Page, then select Use Activity Log from the dropdown menu On the right side of the page, click All and select Spam from the dropdown menu Find any posts or comments that you don't want hidden - then select the little circle at the right of the pos 1st you go your setting and go on yellow mark your profile information Then go to Access your information Then open comments which are yellow mark you will got your all comments on facebook. Wish you a happy day From the blog post Facebook Clarifies That They Don't Censor Comments at AccuraCast News: [box] On enquiry it was found that it was not so much the blocking of the comment, but the wording of the message that created confusion How do you know they are missing? Logout and check if you see them. Or ask someone to check from their account. Possible problems: 1. You are blocked by comment author 2. The comment author deleted their account. 3. Your friend deleted the comme..

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Dad had a few public post that he wanted to comment on but was denied. He saw where my sister Melissa posted on one of her friends public post but when he wa.. NPR is the latest to announce the shutdown of its own story-page section. After eight years spent experimenting with comments on its articles, the American public media decided it was not.. How Does a Facebook Page Just Disappear Without a Trace. Considering the amount of time and energy that goes into maintaining a company's Facebook page, it can be deeply troubling when it suddenly disappears. There are a variety of reasons why a page might disappear without a trace -- some of which are more. #shortEMAIL Lauralalabruno1982@gmail The comment section for all videos I watch has disappeared. I cannot view comments nor can I make a comment. Yes I am logged in with my account. The first time this happened it started working again after about a week, no idea why. Now it has happened again and its very frustrating

If you wish to, you can leave your thoughts as comments under the post, either using the web version or the Facebook app. In fact, comments form the backbone of Facebook as a social network. In the absence of comments, the platform will lose its sole purpose to be honest. All comments are recorded in a separate user log. Let's understand how. When there is too much files data in Facebook applications, if we don't clean it up in time, it may cause you to be unable to watch Facebook comments normally. Therefore, you can solve the problem by cleaning the cache. Open the Facebook app and choose the More option. Then, Click on Settings and select Account Settings Comments section not appearing in MSN.com articles using Firefox. Uploading pictures in Facebook. Why won't Firefox bring up the facebook comments section on Politico articles? Chrome has no problem bringing up facebook comments on Politico articles. Can't add, change or save bookmarks - How to fix; Firefox won't start - find solution

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  1. The comment voting text was initially rolled out to just 5% of Android users in the US, but it now being seen by more users (reportedly all users in Australia and New Zealand). There's no official word from Facebook as to a full rollout just yet. The new option is designed to encourage more creativity in feed post re-shares to Stories
  2. Some Facebook Pages are missing Reviews Filed in Social Media, Word of Mouthby Matt McGeeon October 24, 2017 • 159 Comments UPDATE, AUGUST 24, 2018:Facebook is in the process of changing from reviews to recommendations, so numbers and other reporting may be off
  3. Facebook has removed the blue Comment button from beside the comment box on its website. This appears to affect all Facebook objects that can be commented on: a story on the News Feed, a friend's..
  4. Disappeared Comments and likes: Very simple this one. The answer is almost certainly that the original poster has made a change that adversely affected your comment. Obviously if the Post is deleted then so are any comments, likes etc. related to it. Yep, the original poster has the right to delete any comments from their posts
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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I have been having problems with typing sentences in the comment section of my friends posts. It does not happen everytime which makes it all the more unpredictable. I will go to Facebook, find a friends posting of a new picture or something they have posted then click on the text box to type a comment Commenting on the Facebook posts is one way of responding towards the posts by your friends or beloved ones. In fact, life would be very tedious if Facebook didn't have a comments section. Sometimes, it's because of the comments that turn a not-so-great status or post super significant and epic

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  1. 1. Log in to your Facebook (laptop or personal computer). 2. Click the gear icon at the right part of your screen where you have chat contacts. 3. Click on hide Sidebar. Once you have clicked this option the sidebar automatically disappears and you have a blank space on that part of your screen. Maybe if you were getting distracted by the.
  2. Comment section missing. My space Home pages have no Comment section on them. When we create a new space, we replace the default Home page with a blank one and then apply a custom template. As far as I can see, there is no macro to add to a page for comments. When I look at existing pages that have comments sections, there's nothing in Edit.
  3. Moving on. Should this happen to you, I suggest you remain calm, let the process play out, engage with folks, leverage the cumulative power of your networks everywhere and encourage your team to do the same. Our frustrations with Facebook are ongoing. During this recording, our Facebook page disappeared again
  4. You may find the popout much easier to use as opposed to the relevance list Facebook displays for you! UPDATE: 7/17/11 3:00PM PST: Since I published this post yesterday, Facebook seems to have removed the Chat Sidebar and reverted back to the old chat. For now, anyway!! Let me know in the comments below if you still have the new Sidebar

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1.) Click on SETTINGS >> DISCUSSION. 2.) Next, be sure that you have a check in the box that says Allow people to post comments on new articles. 3.) Also be sure you do not have a check in the box that says Automatically close comments on articles older than. Unless, you want to use this setting F acebook is a huge social media platform and hence it isn't surprising to see spam, hateful and disrespectful comments on public posts. In an attempt to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has started ranking comments since past few months. The company has incorporated a number of signals to show comments that are most relevant to users Missing comment section - Stack Overflow. Facebook test users unable to comment/reply on page posts. Missing comment section. I have created 2 test users and using 1 test user (Bob), I created a Facebook page, I'm able to use the other test user (Sally) to post on this created page that Bob made and I can reply to the post using the created.

Hi Ryan! Most likely well no. You have been blocked from posting and commenting in groups for 7 days. A notification should of appeared, if not. go to settings top right arrow pointing down click on it. now on the left click on the one before last on the list that says support inbox click and should show you the type of block for how long and to appeal it. which if you ask me is a waste. Facebook has removed the blue Comment button from beside the comment box on its website. This appears to affect all Facebook objects that can be commented on: a story on the News Feed, a friend's. I would estimate 90% of the posts I put up on Facebook, whether directly on my page or comments on other pages, disappear within 24 hours of being put up. This had been the casefor years. Not just happened, or on occasion, but All. The. Time. Facebook offers zero help. ZERO. Only their do-it-yourself, if-this-try-that option Did the facebook dating tab disappear for anyone else? I know lots of people have been hating on facebook dating, but I've gotten more matches in the last month than any other app. I have a theory of why, but that's not the point of this post. I'm having a good conversation with a woman but last night the dating tab section on the app disappeared

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Well, I Solved my problem with the disappearing Comments Section. I had to search outside the Microsoft Community to find the fix. Apparently, as least with my desktop, the Comments Section will reappear if, and only if, I'm in Private Browsing Mode. Crtl, Shift, P. This makes No sense as the whole point of Comments is to be Public While The Federalist plans to bring back its comments section in due course, it's easy to see how others could make a different choice. If these incidents were to continue, many websites might decide that user comments aren't worth the trouble. Especially if some group goes hunting for comments that violate Google's rules (or even posts. All of a sudden the comments section on MSN articles is gone or just doesn't download. I have tried IE, Firefox, and Chrome and no luck. (Actually, it was working for a bit on Chrome but now it is starting to not show as well.

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  1. Of course Section 230 showed up in the Oversight Board's public comments. The Facebook Oversight Board announced its much-anticipated decision regarding the social media giant's ban of former.
  2. Some FB pages have disabled this feature so you will not able to post it. But it is strange you cannot do it at least somewhere... Sometimes posting the link of the picture might work, but not always. Try to clean your browsers cache and try wit..
  3. YouTube starts collapsing comment section on video pages by defaultComments now appear right beneath the video description. YouTube's comment section has always felt like an afterthought on mobile.
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Facebook has introduced another new feature to its service, one that reaffirms the company's commitment to video. The ability to add a photo in a FB post's comments section has been around. Once you start the Facebook Live broadcast and realize you are NOT seeing the comments, let's try hitting a few buttons. First hit the home button on your phone, this will pause the broadcast for a second but it will reset the framework. Once you have done that click the Facebook APP icon to restart the app and resume the broadcast NOTE: Well, here is a fact - even when the members are not able to post comments with images, the Page itself can post images on the posts and even on the comments. To verify this, try posting a comment and include a photo. Make sure you have selected Posting as <Page name> [Bugfix] Facebook Comments were not being saved in the Recent Facebook Comments section in some cases; 1.1.5 [11-11-2019] [Improvement] fbclid parameter in the url was causing comments to disappear; 1.1.4 [20-10-2019] [New] Added option to not load Facebook SDK [New] Added option to recover Facebook Comments lost after moving website to HTTP

F acebook is a huge social media platform and hence it isn't surprising to see spam, hateful and disrespectful comments on public posts. In an attempt to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has started ranking comments since past few months. The company has incorporated a number of signals to show comments that are most relevant to users Hiding comments on Facebook will simply make the comment disappear from your point of view—the person who posted it as well as any common friends you share with them will still be able to view. How to Fix Missing Blog Post Image When Sharing on Facebook (in only 30 seconds!) It will take you longer to read this blog post than it will to fix this pesky little Facebook glitch. Imagine spending time brainstorming ideas for your upcoming blog posts, and maybe even lining up the headlines as part of your overall marketing strategy

Comment Notes Have Disappeared. Received a pdf document which is a proof for my book. I opened it in Acrobat 11. I then used the Comment tool to strike out what I needed to change, typed in the correction in the little box and then clicked on the tiny wee little box in the upper right hand corner to close the comment note box In this post, we talk about the best Facebook comment tricks and tips that you can use in your daily Facebook-ing (if that's a word). 1. Add Text Effects. You might have noticed that Facebook. Mistake #6 - Leaving Your Preferred Page Audience Blank. Please take five minutes to update this section of your Facebook page. Facebook will show a percentage of your posts to random people. Unless you tell Facebook the type of person who would be your ideal audience then you will be missing out on a golden opportunity

New bill strips Facebook, Twitter of Section 230 immunity for spreading vaccine falsehoods Senators target algorithmic curation to limit spread of health misinformation. Tim De Chant - Jul 23. Learn how to post photo comments on Facebook using the Facebook app on your Android device.To post a photo comment on Facebook for Android, the photo has to..

Facebook hides not-so-popular posts from your Timeline. This gives an illusion that some of your FB posts have either been deleted or disappeared! NOTE: However, mind you, sometimes this may not be a matter of illusion. If you post anything that several people find offensive and if they mark it as spam -Facebook will really remove your post Facebook is rolling out a new feature that makes messages disappear in Messenger and Instagram. Vanish mode makes messages disappear after they are seen by the recipient and they leave the chat. Users can turn on the new feature by swiping up on their mobile device in and existing chat thread. To return to the original messaging mode, users can.

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A Facebook official said that the White House is looking for scapegoats after the Biden administration missed its COVID-19 vaccination goal in response to criticism from President Joe Biden

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Author: Kimberly Castleberry Follow @AskKim. Whether it's WP tutorials, affiliate sales tips, how to manage your Facebook page, optimizing G+ or simply staying safe and secure online, Just Ask Kim. Despite the popularity of the Facebook smartphone app, many people still access Facebook on a desktop. Follow the steps below to remove/delete all FB likes on a desktop: Access Your Facebook Account I am looking for the same answer. I want my default setting to be ALL COMMENTS. Tired of having to change it every time on every single post. Did you ever find out how to change it

Speed grader-- comment section disappeared In desperate need of assistance and my university's tech support is busy. I was in the middle of reading a paper in speed grader and I must have clicked on something because the entire right section, where we write comments and enter a grade, is missing As a Facebook client, you more likely to have seen GIFs in any of your friend's comments section. Utilizing a GIF can even make your comment uncommon. Posting a comment with GIF is dependably observed to have high association level. Returning to the theme, how about we perceive how to post a GIF on the Facebook comment section Based on your YouTube comment settings, you'll either see public comments in the Published tab or unpublished comments in the Held for Review tab. If you want to reply to comments in the latter section, you'll have to give your stamp of approval first. Note that comments that are held or under review can only await approval for 60 days

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This action will isolate your comment thread and give a shareable link in the address bar. Delete comments. Go to Comment History. Click or tap the video link. Next to the comment in YouTube, select More . Select Edit or Delete . Give feedback about this article. Choose a section to give feedback on For over three years, Facebook users have been able to clog up their Facebook chats with little pictures of smiley faces and red hearts, but now it has finally gone a step further.... In a recent update, Facebook added a new feature that lets users add emoji icons to their friend's comments using emoticons The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office on Wednesday called off the active underwater search for Ellis Baudean, the 4-year-old boy believed to have disappeared six days ago in a swampy cana However, in some situations, hiding a comment on Facebook may turn out to be a losing game. It doesn't matter if it's a customer having a bad day or the business being at fault for doing something wrong, no one is happy to see a poor review or complaint posted to their public social media accounts.Negative content can harm the business, so it naturally immediately triggers hide reflexes Can I disable the Facebook comment section on my event page? It's possible to disable the Facebook comment section on the bottom of your event page. After publishing your event page, please access the Promote tab of your event. Please access the Social Media section on the bottom of the promote tab, and click Share via Twitter

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Everytime I post a comment on a local News website, it looks like my comment disappeared, so I try to go back to my facebook page, and get the Something went wrong message with the wrench Let's get to the point. Turning off comments in a group requires only a few steps: Find the group with the post under which you want the comments to be turned off.; Look up the post in question (you can use the search bar to speed up the process).; In the corner of the post, there are three dots - click on them.; A small window will pop up with a few actions you can perform Definitely. Sometimes the comments are a mess (just look at that one psycho on SFist), but, like Reddit, you can pick up some decent info there. 4. level 1. Binthair_Dunthat. 25 days ago. The comments were sometimes amusing, but many just emphasized stereotypes and were often racist, sexist and vulgar I have reached out to Facebook for comment on how their 'People You May Know' section works and will update if I get a response. Gallery: 10 Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your. The Reason you are not seeing the Comments Section on FOX in your browser anymore probably is that they (Fox gatekeepers) have banned your computer's I.P. address most likely. You probably made incendiary comments or pointed out the Hoax that it is the Left/Right paradigm. They don't like that

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3 Answers3. You do have the Reviews tab in your page. Since there can only be about 4 tabs visible at a time, it is placed inside the More section. Click on More and then Manage Tabs. There you can rearrange your tabs and bring the Reviews tab towards the top. The previous answer is incorrect. The reviews tab seems to be not visible to the OP. Facebook has recently made a change in their commenting system. Now, they are giving a permanent and direct link to each individual comment on a status update, photo, video, whatever posted on Facebook. If you click on the timestamp of a Facebook comment -you'll be taken to a new page showing the post and all the comments associated with. Facebook is once again trying to address the dumpster fire that is public comments on its site. As anyone who has moderated or even just browsed a Facebook page knows, the comments section on. Open the comments section. In some cases, the comments section will open on its own; if not, click the # comments link below the post. The # refers to the number of comments on the post. For example, a post with 10 comments would have a 10 comments link here

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  1. OK, this started a couple days ago On posts that have many comments and replies, when I found a comment that had something like 100 replies to it, I two finger double tapped, to bring up the list that you can select like, look at profile, reply, report, and cancel I tapped on reply, and it would bring up all the replies to that comment, so I could read them al
  2. Although the Facebook Notes feature was discontinued in October of 2020, you can still access your old notes. Log in to Facebook on the web, click the menu, select Settings & privacy', and then select Activity log. Click the Filter link in the upper-left corner of the page, select Notes, and then click Save Changes to view your notes
  3. As soon as you click on your reaction, the reaction will disappear. This works for both posts as well as comments on the Facebook website. On mobile app. The Facebook mobile app employs the same approach when it comes to deleting reactions. All you have to do is locate the post or comment that you reacted on, and then tap on the reaction
  4. istrating things up!.
  5. Recover Deleted Facebook Messages On Android With File Explorer. Many people aren't aware of the fact that Facebook stores a copy of your data in the phone's memory. So, if the above-listed methods don't work for you, then you can retrieve your deleted Facebook texts with the help of your Android file manager app
  6. This option was not previously enabled in the reviews section. Now, if you tag the business in the comments section when a friend asks for a recommendation, you have the option to also post gifs or photos. The cool thing is, that all these posts will be displayed in the Recommendations section of the business's Facebook Page as customer reviews

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There is no Saved Drafts section on Facebook for personal profiles. Facebook used to allow you to save drafts to a folder for personal profiles, but not anymore. You will also notice that there is no Save to drafts option while on Facebook from a computer. However, if you run a Facebook page, you can still save drafts to your Facebook Page Sometimes Facebook gets wonky in that way. I post there daily, mulitple times per day, and it almost never happens but it does happen. If you can save the text of the comment in a quick Notepad file (less volatile than the Clipboard, but the same idea), just close out of Facebook and re-open Facebook is also enabling a video-only mode that hides viewer comments and reactions. Swiping right will clear the screen for a distraction-free broadcast, temporarily removing viewer. Embedded comments are a simple way to put public post comments - by a Page or a person on Facebook - into the content of your web site or web page. Only public comments from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded. Settings Layout. Step-by-Step 1. Choose Comment Link

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First go to to the Settings section on your Facebook Page and select Edit Page from the left sidebar. Next scroll down to the Reviews section and make sure the Tab is set to On. You may have to add a tab if you don't see the Reviews tab there. Note that you can also get the direct URL address of your Reviews tab here to send to your customers On the Meeting tab under the In Meeting (Advanced) section, locate the Allow livestreaming of meetings setting, verify that is enabled, check the Facebook option, and click Save to save the changes. (Optional) If you want to make this setting mandatory for all users in your account, click the lock icon, and then click Lock to confirm the setting Facebook Timeline gives our profile a new graphical look. It also launches many new features. Activity log is one of them where we will find all of our recent activities on profile, example: Any Like on own or others post, comments, status update, add new photos, invites someone to add group, add albums, send friend request etc Notice the comment section is added below the post content and above a three column footer section. However, the Comment Module could have been added anywhere. Using the Visual Builder, add Standard Section with a fullwidth (1 column) row under the modules containing your post content. Then add the Comments Module to the row Method 1of 4:Adding Interests on Mobile. Open Facebook. The Facebook app icon looks like a white f on a dark-blue background. Facebook will open to your News Feed if you're already logged in. If you aren't already logged in, enter your email address (or phone number) and password, then tap Log in

How to Unhide a Post on Facebook Using a Desktop/Laptop. It takes less than a minute to unhide a Facebook post with your browser. If you're using a laptop or a desktop computer, follow the four steps below to reveal a hidden post. 1. Log in to our Facebook account. First, open a browser or a new tab and navigate to Facebook. Enter your email. Also, I have told you how you can check who is active on Facebook and Messenger app. Thus it easy to do so on every device and each device indicates that green dots when someone is online on FB and Messenger. If there is something in your mind, let me know in the comment section below

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The best comments for girl's photos on Facebook are enlisted here for such boys and men. Choose a good comment as per the situation from the following list to impress the girls on Facebook. Best comments for a girl photo on Facebook & Instagram: I like your dress, it is amazing. You look different and cute Here's a brief history of major publications pulling the plug on comments. Feel free to suggest additions to the timeline in, well, the comments. September 24, 2012: The Atlantic launches the. 31,027. Facebook has quietly started rolling out an option to save links, videos, events, places, music, books, movies, and tv shows that your friends have posted, so that you can go back and review and refer to them at your leisure, in your Saved section. While some people report seeing the Save option as long ago as Decemeber. You can't leave your comments on Yahoo articles anymore. Yahoo said that it has disabled the comment section below their articles because they don't feel comments are safe anymore. However, many people do not agree with this change. Lots of people are complaining around the internet that such changes on Yahoo block their free speech [ Step 1: Open the Facebook website and Log in. Step 2: Now Facebook opens showing various posts shared by your friends and you. Step 3: Now click on your name appearing on the top left corner as you do to see your profile. Step 4: Now click on the option Photos. Step 5: Now click on the option Create Album Hover over the comments menu on the left-hand site of your WordPress admin area. Click on Disqus. Select the plugin settings option on the far right. Make sure that under appearance, Disqus comments will be used on All blog posts. If it's set to another option, change it to All blog posts then click the.